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A fine collab of Switzerland's Christoph Fringeli with Vienna's DJ Pure

Music critic for the Tally Ho

answer this for i please, because i do not know, and discogs is not my cuppa.

technical itch - focused

when and where was this track released?

it's feckin' awesome. lurchy, dirty, oily, steely, mechanical, cogs turning, distorted, can smash boulders, can drill deep in life's memory bank.

technical itch - diagnostic lp track of choice - "focused" (moving shadow label, 1997)

this came on after, and it is heavy like a mountain

all tech itch dubs


Techstep as it should be.... a simple, but effective melody-hook, slow-heavy-a bit distorted drums, some reverb .... Homerdrool
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^^ nice, Technical Itch "Focused" was a nice track, haven't heard it a long time, still have the "Diagnostics" cd somewhere. Good call Muttster.

Dom & Roland "Aliens"... that's pretty fab. Love the spliced distorted amens.

I still have the Shadow100 12" with the Andy C & Ant Miles / Desired State "Distorted Dreams" remix, but I never owned the original version. Nice banger for sure.

"Drones" is good too, never owned the wax.





Mampi Swift has specific interpretations as well from back when. 


I've liked most of Centaspike's stuff that I've heard for more recent sounds over the years.

The Centaspike, Indidjinous 2015 "Primordial Resistance" lp on Tech Itch Recs is a great listen.

Track list:

1.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Vitriolic (Original Mix)
2.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Give It to Us (Original Mix)
3.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - LV 42666 (Original Mix)
4.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Lunartic (Original Mix)
5.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Minionz (Original Mix)
6.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Feel Some Pain (Original Mix)
7.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Dismantled Planet (Original Mix)
8.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Enlisted (Original Mix)
9.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Subcurrents (Original Mix)
10.) Indidjinous, Centaspike - Sparks of Burning Light (Original Mix)

From the quite underrated compilation on Penny black (see discogs link)

Decoy "Heavy Metal" Falcon
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^   yes. that's some noisy funk.  Smile

random Omega bits.  


I was/am a big fan of Dave Akuma from way back when.. I used to check dude's early soundclick page if I remember correctly (remember the original soundclick site?? lol)

for vibe & production over all. DARK ... clips & links from the forum too, remember that?? damn... i haven't thought of that in decades. ha.

for real, Akuma had it right.


Digesting these as i post.

I've been a big fan of Narratives Music over the past few years. I feel that Blocks and Escher do a very complete job on what they do.  I like that there's always this slight, direct nod to the classic techstep vibes underlying some of the label's stuff, bridging old & new, or more recent stuff over the years.  

abstract diversions of techstep in recent years, imo.  Narrative Music joints, and the Jubei, Goldie, Blocks and Escher remix.  


King Cannibal was doing some great stuff back when.  

Listened to the "Let The Night Roar" 2009 lp this past weekend. Still a great release imo.  Once again, diversions.. but definitely techstep in soul.  


I didn't buy much of the overt, dark "double kick dnb" (that's what I called it back then..heh) that was all over the place a few years back - Gein, Dylan, dj Hidden, SPL, Donny, Limewax, Obscene Recs, Tech Freak Recs, and the whole bit.  I listened to the mixes tho.  As a general Current Value fan from the early Position Chrome days,  I bought some Current Value "double kick stuff" from back then, but never dj-ed with the tunes or anything. The tunes were more for geeking out too, than going out and listening in a club or whatever. I did see Evol Intent in that era, great set on loud club speakers for sure.  Definitely MORE interesting to hear out live than the dredge of pedestrian, continuous, easy to mix 2step dnb break tunes most local dj's were playing out @ local weeklies.  

From the era and style, I like this Dj Producer tune on Killing Sheep. 


Dj Hidden, 2013.   Nice listen. 

Tracklisting for this set:

01. DJ Hidden - The Wanderer
02. DJ Hidden - Broken Seconds
03. DJ Hidden - Ghost Breath
04. DJ Hidden - The Words Below
05. DJ Hidden - The Narrators
06. DJ Hidden - The Ignorance
07. DJ Hidden - Drawn In
08. DJ Hidden - Here Lies The Confusion
09. DJ Hidden - Pareidolic
10. DJ Hidden - Scry 7734-5335-345
11. DJ Hidden - A Different Yesterday
12. DJ Hidden - Straightjacket
13. DJ Hidden - The Devil's Instant
14. DJ Hidden - The Dreamer
15. DJ Hidden - The Later After
16. DJ Hidden - The Devil's Instant (DJ Hidden's Other Side Remix)
17. Semiomime - Six Steps
18. DJ Hidden - Einstein

a sub genre its own right, but.. I'll keep it in the techstep thread.  Cool?  

Metalcast Vol.4 - DJ Hidden - 2011


01. Akira Yamaoka - Promise (Reprise / DJ Hidden Edit)
02. Limewax - Funf
03. Current Value - Mothman
04. Nanotek - Meshuggah
05. Peter Kurten - Kill Me
06. Forbidden Society - Afrika
07. Evol Intent - Cruise Control
08. Reso - War Machine
09. Eye-D & DJ Hidden - Battlefield
10. Counterstrike - Mindfuck
11. Forbidden Society & Katharsys - Redeemer
12. Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy
13. Limewax - WoOoOoOh
14. AFX - Isopropophlex
15. Drumcorps - Grist
16. Evol Intent - Raw Bass Material
17. Nanotek - Stalker
18. Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived
19. Dead Phantoms - Void Of Life
20. Drumcorps - Down
21. Igorrr - Cruciform Dachshund

yes, I'm a dj Hidden fan, earlier stuff, into the "crossbreed" joints.   Geek out tunes for me. 

this is done very well. 2010. 


This is kinda sexy.

Bong-Ra & Deformer aka. Voodoom



(7th January 2018, 16:10)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Photek - Baltimore

Digesting these as i post.

What is that stupid structure so many of those tunes from 2003-2004 seem to have had,
that sort of two bars of a big rowdy synth with a steppy beat, followed with two bars of boinging sub-bass now with a second break, most typically amen, being furiously retriggered in time

I hate it Nono
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page -

^^   I think it was just more of a dance floor thing, harder tunes that still had a purpose to get reaction on the floor right? That just so happened to be the formula then.  I do recall a specific Dillinja - esque formula  then as well..  maybe Dillinja style tunes as direct influence on harder tunes meant to be dj-ed out back then?  

Based on your comments, you'll hate this tune too Ornette Smile , Dillinja made entire tunes with that boinging  sub-bass right?  But just as a blatant example of what you pointed out:

I didn't buy much Dillinja after the "Cybotron" lp era myself. 


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