your favourite tech-step tunes

(4th June 2019, 13:19)Ornette Wrote: Anyone know what this tune is? Has the same "...frequency..." vocal sample as those Tango remixes on Creative Wax / Moving Shadow

Very nice

^^ I've definitely heard elements of that tune back when as well, hard to place specifics tho. Chin It almost sounds like a remix to my ears, extended play revision riddim. Hmm.

Classic Mark N (Bloody Fist Records, Nasenbluten, etc) retrospective mix from a few years back now, originally uploaded as a soundcloud link. Thankfully there is a youtube link.

Always a pleasure to hear the blends again. Mark N.. bigs as ever!

01) Dom & Roland - The Planets (Moving Shadow)
02) Doc Scott - Machines (Emotif)
03) Ed Rush - Killamanjaro (Prototype)
04) Raw Deal - Headless Horseman (Elementz Of Noize Steppin' On Headz Mix) (Botchit & Scarper)
05) Future Forces Inc.‎– Point Of Origin (Renegade Hardware)
06) Ed Rush - The Raven (Metalheadz)
07) Ed Rush • Trace • Nico ‎– Mad Different Methods (Nu Black)
08 ) Skyscraper - Liberty 1 (Emotif)
09) Ed Rush . Nico ‎– Comatone (No U-Turn)
10) Ed Rush . Nico ‎– Technology (Boymerang Remix) (No U-Turn)
11) Elementz Of Noize ‎– Neon (Emotif)
12) Elementz Of Noize ‎– Astral '97 (Mindswitch)
13) DJ Wyld Pitch ‎– Darb Down (Arcane)
14) Nasty Habits ‎– Shadow Boxing (The Remix) (31 Records)
15) Kapricorn ‎– The Gate (Urban Flavour)
16) Majistrate ‎– Gravity (Juice Records)
17) Mampi Swift ‎– Hi Tek (Charge)
18 ) Skynet ‎– MK Ultra (Audio Blueprint)
19) Scorpio ‎– Trouble (V Recordings)
20) Nico Featuring Makai ‎– Omen (Nu Black)
21) Vortexion ‎– This Side Down (Reinforced)
22) Ono Sendai - Fallen Angels (Precision Breakbeat Research)
23) Elementz Of Noize - Mephisto (Smokers Inc)
24) Proteus ‎– Black Note (Abstrakt)
25) Research - Research (Saigon)
26) Absolute Zero + Subphonics ‎– The Code (Renegade Hardware)
27) Origin Unknown - Sound In Motion (RAM Records)
28 ) Decoder - Dazee Age (RuffNeck Ting Records)
29) Dylan - Kombat (Renegade Hardware)
30) Dom & Roland - Isolate (Saigon)
31) Rayman ‎– Locutus (Gyration)
32) Decoder & Mark Caro ‎– Eko (Tech Itch Recordings)
33) Dylan & Facs - Long Stroke (Droppin' Science)
34) Facs & Red ‎– Fat Cap (Juice Records)
35) Panacea - Hybris (Makai Remix) (Position Chrome)

^^ A lot or o.g. techstep was hella funky huh?  Listening back there was definitely a lot of swing to many of the tunes back then. 

techstep was originally danceable. Definite hip-hop elements to it all listening back.


I never got into the early 2000's No U Turn era  - my attentions were elsewhere.

Break, Silent Witness jams. Some neuro elements for sure, but you can still hear bits of the classic, techstep inspirations creepin about.  I don't mind these tunes.   


Some quality banging here.

[Image: a4263917328_10.jpg]


Besides "Jumpgate", "Safeway", to me at least, was always the most original techstep tune by Silent Witness.


Damn what a roller!



One last one from Silent Witness for now, the machine-mash of "Tripwire"


^^  I haven't listened to much Silent Witness over the years. Good call! Nice selections.  "Trench".. beast.  "Safeway" is kickin, and the Klute collab, dope.  

Taelimb seems to have a wider range of styles, from minimal, jungly, melodic, to harder stuff. When all the darker elements from the influences come together in the tunes, great results imo! Nice finds.


recent Trace via CNVX  
"Nest" is fantastic!


Need for Mirrors

killer release.


likewise from sir Drama.  


NEW AMIT on Headz

hell yeah.


Rainforest, "Hard Times" e.p, June 2019


It is no secret I'm a Current Value fan at this point.   Dance

From a few of the ancient (lol), early Current Value bits, to recent noisy, atmospheric, melodic neuro joints posted about elsewhere.  Such a dichotomy and journey over the decades. IMO, from day, some of the most abstract interpretations of techstep & darker dnb ever produced? It has been really interesting to digest over the years for sure.  

Digging back into the 2009 era, "2012 - The Day of Silence" lp via Tech Freak.    Moments indeed. 


I've posted this in the Electronic Body Music thread a while back.  Definitely a decent listen imo.

Over the decades, there have been a handful of, notable, ebm, industrial dnb, neurobashings ( I just wanted to use a Front 242 term there, lol) that have taken a dnb production / groove influence and melded it all with general industrial leanings. On one hand, given techstep & dnb extremes, it would make sense that "industrial" influences have long fit the mold - perhaps more dancable aggressions, darkness.. attitude even. But, I had this fantasy a long time ago that Mark Caro was a Whitehouse fan, but.. I doubt Tech Itch, weed, & Whitehouse  met behind the production board as influences, ya know?  Maybe only in my head. Roll Slap

Mick Harris & Broadrick brought the industrial dnb influence to the forefront early on via Godflesh remixes, and then via their own offerings back when. As well, there has always been the direct earlier breakcore, techstep element - which was always more interesting in a straight up, dj dnb/ breakcore set, imo.

Industrial musics, dnb, breakbeats - all things that have been around for a long time now. Every now and then I'll hear an industrial dnb influenced release that might really hit the mark - blending it all quite well.   VERIN is an industrial project via Texas, and I'm a fan of dude's work, and further collabs around.  Verin "This is Not an Exit" is a good example of industrial dnb interpretations that seems natural, and might still keep the techstep element on guard amidst all the grime.  As a diversion, I like these tunes very much.



we here?   

I'm listening to Donny today.


These 3RDKND tunes are a bit crazy. 

I'm happy they exist. 

01.3RDKND - The Intro
02.3RDKND - Kill
03.3RDKND - Panger
04.3RDKND - Fire & Blood
05.3RDKND - Demons
06.3RDKND - Artifact (Audio Remix)
07.3RDKND - The Upsidedown
08.3RDKND - Purge
09.3RDKND - Remnant of a Dream
10.3RDKND - Fire & Blood (Abis Remix)
11.3RDKND - Cognitive
12.Donny & FS - Creator & Destroyer (3RDKND Remix)
13.3RDKND - The Fix
14.3RDKND - Artifact
15.ID (Heavy right? Damn, those kicks, who's remix is that?!!)
16.ID (Wow that is super duper heavy correct?)

Nice e.p, diverse enough and gives some new breath. 

Dark, light, funky, & menacing all on one release when it calls for it.  I approve.   Cool


Yes    diversity is doing it all around di Forbidden one.  initial techstep vibes intact in places, no doubt.

Some good stuff via Krytika Productions label (Hamburg, Germany)

very good.  Xyxthumbs

quality stuff here, imo.  

get your mood on.  GGRIM  


T.Mas & G-Cuttah - First Fears
T.Mas & G-Cuttah & Kije - Tachyon
G-Cuttah - 20:20
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Screwface
Bastet - Damned (feat. T.Mas)
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Motor
T.Mas - Valkyr
NU4M - Dark Energy (T.Mas Remix)
T.Mas - Machine
Bastet - Adept (feat. T.Mas)
T.Mas - Work
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Mainline
NU4M - Nonsense (T.Mas & G-Cuttah Remix)
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Hikikomori
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Lunacy
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Find You
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Decay
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Dark Prophecies
T.Mas & G-Cuttah - Method
MJ Free - 2D (T.Mas & Bastet Remix)

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