Audio Damage plugins

just spent £120 on plugins Oops Icon_razz

really like the audio damage stuff, they did the infamous dubstation, still the first and prob best non-uad (Teef) tape delay

just had a look round their site and theyve got a load of new plugins, ended up buying 6. they all sound really nice, or grotty, as theyre all kinda grimy, old flangers and choruses and dirty reverbs etc.

they're all dirt cheap as well.


mightget that distortion plug Chin can you demo these plugs?

Liquid is theirs innit? Nice flanger that...
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No they dont do demos

They have quit a short and sweet FAQ

Quote:01. Why are there no demos? We don't offer demos of our products. We could offer all kinds of reasoning for this, based upon our lengthy experience in the music software industry, with amusing anecdotes and such, but the simple fact of the matter is that we don't, and will not for the foreseeable future.


Quote:02. What if I don't like the product, or it doesn't work for me? We offer a 100% no-questions-asked return policy for 30 days from your purchase, and you can exchange the plugin for 120 days from purchase. As far as we know, this is the most liberal return policy in the industry, and almost unheard of for software. All you have to do is drop us a line, and we'll get you sorted out.

Well worth a gamble tho, IMO

If you want, ill run a few bits thru it tonight. Loads to play with tho, 3 band distortion, series or parrallel + LP . 8 types of distortion. Has a nice warm sound iMO although only played for about half an hour last night.

Only checked it out cus i was bored at work. really into the flangers and choruses, the UAD ones dont go far enough IMO for proper manglage.

They could all do with a wet/dry mix tho if im being picky, some dont have them. Grumble

Quote: 06. I made a record, and some company pressed it. Can I get all your products for free? Not really, no. Does a carpenter get his hammer for free? Does a painter expect free paintbrushes? Our products stand or fall on their own merits, not because some celebrity DJ endorsed them.

07. I do product demos for some ridiculously large company. Can I get all your products for free? Don't you have an expense account? That's what it's for, not a three-martini lunch at a strip club.


audio damage are the roxxor Smile

the (think its) 907A moog filt plug Lovesmilie

Yeah, i bought the updated 914A filter, very nice, can get some great effects

I have all their plugins Oops apart from ronnin, which I heard great things about but got discontinued..

I am not sure about the new distortion one, though... I downloaded the demo of Ohmicide at the same time and did a side by side demo / test ... The problem with the audio damage one is that it doesnt have the same ability to wet/dry the individual bands and the overall wet/dry mix... I found that for what I wanted to do the distortion was always a bit much

I didnt really like the compressor on the AD one...

But I dont have a ring modulator so I think I will be keeping the AD one for that...

I have only spent a few hours so, my opinions will likely change after having used them a bit more. I should probably read the manual as well Wink

I really liked the distortion. Bit hard to tell from the 2/3 demos they give you tho, a bit of a gamble.

Sounded mint on a 303....

Completely agree about wet dry tho, emailed them as such.

Grr bloody work want to be at home doing tunes Lol

I would use the distortion mainly for making brutal kick drums Lol

I can gabbafy a few 909s tonight for ya if you like, doing lots of techno stuff.

Remind me if i forget Oops

That would be sweet, dont hold back... Hahaha

the d16 new distortion is meant to be good too. not tried it, just got carried away on the audiodamage site and bought a load ... Oops they do a demo you may be interested in. no, very pleased with em all. a real lack of decent choruses, flangers and distortions.

not tried to ohm stuff in aaaaages. need to check em out. next month. Neutral Teef


Paradigm X Wrote:I can gabbafy a few 909s tonight for ya if you like, doing lots of techno stuff.

Remind me if i forget Oops

hehe I did that to demo it to a mate of mine.. cant beat a distorted 909...

Just had a quick perusal, ohmicide is based on predatohm, which i never liked personally.

Also 79eur vs $49 - £62 vs £25

Oh course if it sounds better, then great. Thats the prob with the AD stuff tho, so cheap you just keep adding a few at a time.....

Paradigm X Wrote:The d16 new distortion is meant to be good too.

hmm looks tasty that one... :gearlust:

Ohmicide sounds a lot better than predatohm as I recall...
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Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

ohmboy plugs make me want to give stuff a good owld bootin, apart from this one delay plug they did which you could get some daft reverb type things out of, cant remeber the name Chin

I do like the frohmage Lovesmilie


[Image: swiss_cheese.jpg]

that cheese looks heavenly

audio damage owns.


some gabba manglage

purely adm > kombinat elephant limiter on master to ctach peaks

nb volumes go all over the place watch youre ears (everyone)

its a 256k mp3 should be fine for this, altho ill do a flac if you really want.


basically, went through all presets then had a bit of a fiddle, then loaded the abl 303 synth and did the same. sub at the very end is the kombinat self oscilating.

a sedate 180bpm Hahaha

some interesting noises, will have fun getting into it.

will be up in around 15 mins from this post.


cheers mate, sounds quite nice Grin Liking the 303 action!

yeah always lilked the 303

The ABL one is great. Just a preset for this, but its a joy to play with.

Been getting far more into techno. again reecently, and been having a play with some 'j-tek'y stuff. All perfect 303 fodder.


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