Just testing this and the Moog filter now.

The Moog filter is the best software filter I have ever heard by some margin. The drive section is innnnnnnncredible!!

Anyway, the Harrison - though I have only been testing it for 15 minutes - is very very sexy. Gets a big thumb up here so far. Switching it in (yeah on amen Grin ) gives me a little tightening at the bottom and a very subtle opening up of the sound, presumably a tiny high lift. Very nice.

In fact on that note it would be a good compliment to the 88RS, which gives a very slight warm smooth cream at the low end. Together, that could be a dynamite combination!! Definitely one to use liberally throughout a mix.

The eq itself is smooth at the tops, a little too smooth at the bottom for my taste but I need to look into that more. Very very nice though. More later.

What am I going to buy though?? JEDIcrying
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keeps reminding me of this

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we need a uad2 forum now Teef

i wasnt too impressed with the harrison tbh, i have tons of equs now and it seems a bit steep, for a relatively clean eq. its nice i guess but not that amazing. saving my vouchers for the fatso, which should be out soon...

the moog is amazing, already bought it Xyxthumbs


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