the HS Breaks Pack Part 1 - from the KUCI jazz vaults

the radio station I used to broadcast at has a really nice jazz collection, two shelves as high as I can reach and almost twice as wide as I can outstretch my hands. I don't know what it is in numbers... but possibly 2 or 3,000 slabs of vinyl from the 50's up of jazz of every kind. So now I'm on a mission to dig for breaks, but also just explore the magnificent collection and learn all I can about this genre I don't know much about. After one night of digging I'm just completely hooked on jazz, and I found myself recording many tunes in full instead of just getting that slice of the pie.

So here's 19 breaks... tried to record in 32 bit but I believe they only came out in 16 bit... and they are WAV and in Mono. I wasn't sure whether to do stereo or not, I just know they gotta be mono for production. Maybe I could use a little advice Smile They include the names of the drummers because you gotta give em some. They have a fair bit of the start and end so you can get the context of the break as well. Hopefully there's something in here you might like to use...
Eventually I want to just take the AKAI in there and go nuts. but I think its good to do a lot of exploring and random selection in the meantime...

Ok here ya go!

1. Chick Corea - Drone - baary altschul - circulus
2. david brubeck - symphony - paper moon - randy jones
3. david brubeck quartet - shortnin bread - gone with the wind -Joseph morello
4. david brubeck quartet - the lonesome road - gone with the wind
-Joseph morello
5. elvin jones - dear john - the impulse years
6. elvin jones - drum solo from pursuance - coltrane
7. elvin jones attaining - the impulse years
8.Iliad - Waterfall - Sapphire House - Ted Owen
9.Mahavishnu Orchestra - on the way home to earth - michael walden
10.Mahavishnu Orchestra - one word - billy cobham
11.Mahavishnu Orchestra - saphire bullets of love - billy cobham
12.Moe Koffman - Digs - Marty Morell - Museum Peices
13.Oliver Lake - Owshet - Heavy Spirits - Victor Lewis
14.paul bley - syndrome - pete laroca
15.Stanley Clarke - Power - Tony Williams
16.steve kahn - some down time - the blue man - steve gadd
17.steve kahn - the blue shadow - blade- steve jordan
18.steve kahn - the breakaway - steve jordan

about 180MB...

wow, that's well cool! even though I'm not making music I'm still gonna dl it as the drummers involved never fail to deliver Drums


fuk yeah boi!

beats are there to be broken

w00t, cheers for this Falcon


TVG Wrote:Homerdrool

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