Tech step, "Red Clay", jazz & bass, totally unknown??!

My mate Jon Theorie wanted me to post up about this ID as he is totally raving about this tune that noone knows what it is!!

Its sampling Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay which I recognised instantly as being the hook for A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Niggas... other than that I was totally unable to offer any credible suggestions as to who it might be

Apparently its recorded off an italian radio Italia Network in 1997 presented by a Aki Tune; there seems to be some evidence of it being part of a chart rundown, with the comment "ten" being heard over it so it would indicate it is indeed a released and available tune Smile

Well any ideas would be excellent!

Actually I've just figured a clue on what or who, i wonder.... Chin
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dunno Baffled

doh Hahaha
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Sounds very Nico, Trace-esque from the time. Bit more on the breaks though, bassline is classic No U Turn.

I remember this tune. Hmmmmm Could it be the last track on this?
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Just checked and its not that..
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If it was on an Italian radio then it maybe a Volcov tune? Smile

for some reason i keep thinking of the smoker's inc camp.

happy to see my post caused some rave around!!

have to say smtin on this : is not a danny breaks tune (he told me that)
2.many doubts about volcov..not his style
3.I'm pretty sure it's a dubplate-never released thing could be a possibility-also code told me that could be an emotif-no u turn tune

hope someone be up to this...
looking for this for very long time !!

finally found ..(my brother did actually :P )

the tune I was looking for the last 18 years
Darkus - 'Joy' ...easy as that isn't it ?!! Wink

..thought you wanna know !!

Granny happy now ! Smile



That's a nice track for sure.

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