Adam F- Metropolis

a masterpiece and my all-time favourite tune.

I could listen to it repeatedly and never tire of it. It sounds incredible on a good system. Smile

Listened again and I can't get that excited about it once it drops, but that's furry muff because it has a lot to live up to. Agreed with Law about the b-line thing.

it's not just about the b-line.

it's the cut-up effects fused with the 'yeah' clip and that roaring b-line... it just sounds so bad ass on a quality set of headphones or system.

I love the switch up bassline during the final segment... a real gem of a track and a true original in my book.

Shame he didn't make more darker tunes.


love it, there's no other tune quite like it Wink

as per, its all a matter of personal taste.

i would have to agree that after he made this track and tunes like jaxxx his production should have just kept going with teh same quality of tune, but hey, just like a majortiy of those that were "pioneers" of the new dnb sound ie basically most of the headz crew have been serious let downs apart from goldie really imho, even though loads of you will say that goldie isnt doing it for them any more...(the rufige stuff is deffo doing for me still)

anyways...photek or source direct...who was better?



Source Direct

oh i dunno man...i reckon photek ;-)


dj hades Wrote:anyways...photek or source direct...who was better?

better at what?

This, Circles and Aromatherapy. Seminal tunes.

Like Hades (fuck, agreeing with him twice in one day Wink ), the Doc Scott remix is rather tasty too.

Overplayed definitely, but at the right time on the right night it works so so well.

lol @ wilsh

i dunno statto..who was better at making lurve?


dj hades Wrote:i dunno statto..who was better at making lurve?


hmmm, dunno, I guess it depends whether you like threesomes or not



Just listening again now......
Still sounds fresh today, a classic!

Thx 4 this subverts!

Will always be a very distinctive (and horrible, in a good way) track.

I've done the name-dropping thing with Adam here before I'm sure, but it's never been intended as a sad thing or attention-seeking.... it's just that the dude was literally the nicest and most helpful bloke ever, taking time out personally to teach a kid from north Wales how to use an Akai sampler over the phone, just because i called Section 5 one day and asked how I might get in touch with him for some technical help. I was hugely into his stuff and that whole kind of Deejay/L.S/Parsons vibe which will always be my main crush for this music.... turned out to be him on the phone and went from there. He was never too busy to speak and would even just phone from time to time to say hello, ask how things were and always be encouraging me to send him stuff, which I never did FFS. Made quite the impression on me at that age.

He called one day when he'd started getting Metropolis together and was dead excited about it, played the intro down the phone to see what I thought. That was a good day haha :-)  

I think we probably take for granted now how easy it is to enthuse over something you're feeling these days, by just whacking a quick phone video up on Facebook or whatever. If you shake the phone about whilst recording, that always makes it sound better too.

But yes.

Top tune, even better bloke.

Wow! thats great Maff Xyxthumbs

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