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how do you do it? naturally wake up early? caffeine/no caffeine?

i would be so productive if i could get up that early Smile

anyway this is for you: Applause


I naturally wake up early

yeh ever since got the sleep apnea fixed last year, getting more quality sleep so dont need to sleep a lot and 5-6 hours does it for me and goin for the whole day. If in bed at 12 awake by 6-7. Having a big breakfast like multiple McDonalds breakfast sandwiches and an iced coffee, nice and awake after. i dont drink coffee thruout the day after tho.

I go to sleep at all the 'wrong' times.

TVG Wrote:how do you do it? naturally wake up early?

It's easy. Go to bed early.
if that doesn't work you might want to stop drinking coffee and eat/drink less in the afternoon/before bedtime.

There's a lot of info on sleep on the interwebs. Just search for 'sleep' on sites like and (with science filter on).

its as if my body want 9 hours of sleep, so i only get out of bed when there's a deadline such as being late for work. then im groggy from 1pm til 6 or 7pm, but at night i don't feel tired at all. real pain in the ass.

just the way i was brought up, we were a house of early risers

i hate mornings (its 4:33am as i type this ironically)! ive learned to reprogram myself . . .

Aye. What Theeboon said.

Get to bed early and avoid caffeine. Exercise of an evening. Tire yourself out. Stay away from computers. Read. Relax. Go for a walk.

Remember though: if you can't sleep, don't question it too much. It is what it is and you'll get there eventually.

Also worth noting: every hour of asleep before midnight is worth twice as much after. This would help explain why people who get to bed between 10 and 11pm and then rise at 7 manage to function well and not feel sluggish throughout the day.

I'm starting to really enjoy my bed again after loathing it for several years.

i piss the bed

for me i have to be mentally tired more than physically tired to sleep

6 hours is a good night to me. If I get 7 or more on a weekend, I count my lucky stars. Never feel any better for it.

I would say to get into the groove sooner if you wake up early is get out of bed as soon as you can, cuppa, bit of brekkie and away you go. I find if I laze in bed for more than 15 mins I feel shit for the rest of the day.

Also find snoozing the alarm affects me for the rest of the day. However hard, get yourself up on the 1st alarm. I always feel much better for it.

I don't find being on my computer before sleep a problem. I often use it in bed just before sleeping, but I'm fortunate to have no sleep problems (usually only have difficulty getting to sleep when excited about good things).

Re: snoozing, I like the 15-minute doze. I often set an alarm 15 minutes before I plan to rise, just to have that quarter hour of being awake but appreciating the bed. Fortunately, I don't always have to use the alarm clock because I can be a little flexible with my sleeping hours. Working for yourself is the bollocks.

TVG, I had quite similar issues before I had children (they solve these problems for you Teef) - but I was always staying up late, tired in the afternoon, wide awake in the late evenings ... some good advice has already been posted (reading, going for a walk/run), etc. What I found helpful was herbal tea Yes Especially when you really WANT to sleep, but can't. Two cups half an hour before you go to bed. Or warm milk + honey. Hmmm. Yummy. :P

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Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

Macc Wrote:What?


Utopian Wrote:Working for yourself is the bollocks.

If I had that, things would be even worse. It's like the weekend when I finally get out of bed around 1pm. Having a day job somehow makes me more productive in the other aspects of my life. Lol
I'm sure I'll get it sorted someday tho.

cycom Wrote:
Macc Wrote:What?


This 'sleep' thing everyone's on about.
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Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

4.5 - 7.5 hours is optimal for me. Any more than that and I'm not my best. I quite like to wake up early, even with the day off, to study and catch up on correspondence, or be up a few hours before I work for the same. I maintain a pretty active lifestyle, skating, trail running, outdoorsy landscaping stuff, etc, so I'm usually pretty tired after a day of it.
I guess it does come naturally though, I remember as a kid waking up way before Saturday morning cartoons came on...
More Time...


Depends on how I'm used to wake up at the moment. Sometimes like to sleep in, sometimes wake up too early. Usually I get to sleep around 8 hours.


I wake up earlier and earlier these days


(12th September 2009, 06:31)Statto Wrote: Acclaim

I naturally wake up early

for instance Wave

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