Jeremy Kyle LIVE!

Just got a buzz from Mrs beckett, who got woken up by utter mayhem coming from the house across the street...

I could even hear screaming and shouting in the background...apparently there are about 10 people outside this house, with the daughter and mother who occupy said abode screaming and shouting at the man of the house, who is standing out in the street with his shirt hangin open.

Seems several people on our street called the cops, so as I was on the phone to her, 4 cars and a landrover rolled my good lady hung up.

A few minutes later she called back...having found out what happened (she was sleeping with the window slightly ajar so could hear everything that was going on) and it's at the same time amusing and disturbing.

The girl (who i'd say is about 16/17) had organised some sort of party, and a bunch of her mates were there, everyone was getting boozed up rightly, her Ma had gone to bed, and she had went outside, when she came back in her Da was getting off with one of her mates while her Ma was upstairs asleep.

She went nuts and started shouting at him, then the cunt started shouting back, and started whacking her about the place in front of her mates...Ma get's up hearing the ruckus and all holy hell then broke loose, with the two women beating the lugs of the Da, who ran away up the street, with them chasing after him.


Time to move. Hahaha


Miste all crucking fighty

Dad getting off with his daughters mate. That's a good look. Honest.

Got to be film footage of this!


i was expecting jeremy kyle to step out of the land rover and start pointing his accusing finger.

cant beat a bit of weekend drama.

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