[SCHNAXX] Baking Scones

Just after baking some scones from my mothers recipe. The results are not too bad, edible and enjoyable so good for a first go

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Just 2 questions arose out of this

1. When scone dough [or dough in general] is "sticky" is it a case of kneading in some more flour?

2. Also, I am seeing contrasting opinions on whether you knead the shit out of scone dough or go more careful with it

Anyone do a bit of baking and have any wonderful SC insight?

Also scone ideas in general would be very welcome

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Send some over please Homerdrool
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for a savoury alternative why not try cheese scones

treacle conesHomerdrool

1. yes
2. go gently dont knock all the air out of the mix
3. Blueberry breakfast scones with oatmeal and spices
3.1 Sultana Scones with fresh strawberries and clotted cream
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?

B Wrote:1. yes
2. go gently dont knock all the air out of the mix
3. Blueberry breakfast scones with oatmeal and spices
3.1 Sultana Scones with fresh strawberries and clotted cream

Deadly B, just what I wanted, nice one.

2nd batch were fairly alright, my mothers recipe is slightly "eggy", will start the experimenting now.

[Image: Sones.jpg]

Don't think they'd survive the trip over Macc.
Call over for a cuppa sure


i do nice apple and coconut scones

basically with scone dough, its fine if it is really sticky..if you add flour to dry them up a bit, they will end up like rocks...very heavy and not light in texture.

personally if i was to make scones using currents, i would only use the golden ones which are fatter and have nice flavour.

for the apple and coconut ones, simply dice an apple and blanche the cubes for 2 mins. cool them down and then add to your scone mixture with some descicated coconut.

the coconut carrys a lovely taste through the scone and the apple makes every mouthful a juicy one.

an alternative is marzipan and golden raisons



those scones look like aunt bessies individual yorkshire puddings lol

i bet they taste nice though ;-)


Nice one hades, gonna make raisins ones next, will take your sticky advice on board

Apple and coconut I have to try.

Fada's cheese suggestion will be done, maybe with half of the raisins dough.

They were fecking lovoly alright, melted real butter and cuppa tea, hmmmm

haha, they look deadly muc, givvus yer ma's recipe will ya please?! Better than my shonky attempt...maybe I should not put extra flour in...Hahaha hades who knew you were such a chef! I trust both of you lovelies have joined the womens institute group on SC...
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?

1lb of flour
4 teaspoons of baking powder
4oz of butter
4oz of margerine
2 eggs

1 sieve baking powder and flour into together
2 break in the butter and margarine into the mix with your fingers
3 whisk the eggs and then pour in enough milk to make up roughly 1/2 a pint of egg/milk mixture
4 make a well in the middle of the flour/butter mixture, pour in some of egg/milk mixture, mix, pour in some more milk/egg, mix again etc
5 dont use up all of egg/milk mixture, knead the dough, get it right
6 flatten dough to about 1" thickness, cut out scone shapes, place on greased oven tray, brush some of egg/mixture on top of scones
7 put in pre-heated oven at 200C, for about 10 mins, ya know yourself


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