Best tune you've heard all day.

FatGyver - Haus EP (Bandcamp)

Reminiscent of the lighter FSOL, BOC and Blue Six melodics of yesteryear; full of my favourite Fanuisms and with drums like endangered funk sample delicacies.

Exhibitionist Mix (45:24)  

B3-01 Jeff Mills --  AX-009F Segment 3
Written-By -- Jeff Mills
B3-02 Jeff Mills --  Condor To Mallorca
Written-By -- Jeff Mills    

B3-03 Oliver Ho --  Organic Synthetic
Written-By -- Oliver Ho
B3-04 Samuel L. Session --  New Soil (Dances D'Afrique Rmx)
Written-By -- Samuel L. Session
B3-05 Jesper Dahlbäck --  Laget Hans
Written-By -- Jesper Dahlbäck
B3-06 Alan Barratt --  Zulu Nation Part IX : The End - The Witch Doctor (Remix)
Written-By -- Alan Barratt  
B3-07 Octave One --  Black Water
Written-By -- Lawrence Burden, Lenny Burden, Lorne Burden
B3-08 Ben Sims --  Moments (Dope Mix)
Written-By -- Ben Sims
B3-09 Victor Simonelli --  Bateria - Latin Impressions (UK Gold Remix)
Remix -- UK Gold
Written-By -- Chris McCormack  
B3-10 Troy Geary --  Slipped Again
Written-By -- Troy Geary
B3-11 Paula Temple --  Contact
Written-By -- Paula Temple
B3-12 Oscar Mulero --  B2 From CR007
Written-By -- Oscar Mulero
B3-13 WJH* --  Harmonix
Written-By -- W. Jorg Henze
B3-14 Headroom --  Ride The Threshold
Written-By -- Patrik Skoog  
B3-15 Jeff Mills --  The Bells
Written-By -- Jeff Mills    

B3-16 Samuel L. Session --  Ricoque
Written-By -- Sam Geiser, Samuel Larsson  
B3-17 Monika Kruse & Zafra Negra --  Latin Lover (Voodooamt aka Patrick Lindsey Remix)
Remix -- Voodooamt
Written-By -- Freddy Reyes    

B3-18 Jeff Mills --  "The" Part 1
Written-By -- Jeff Mills  

B3-19 Jeff Mills --  Preview
Written-By -- Jeff Mills  

B3-20 Danilo Vigorito --  Knap
Written-By -- Danilo Vigorito  
B3-21 Andreas Saag --  Camborele
Written-By -- Andreas Saag
B3-22 John Arnold --  Respectall
Written-By -- John Arnold  
B3-23 Jeff Mills --  Tango
Written-By -- Jeff Mills  

B3-24 Jeff Mills --  Untitled
Written-By -- Jeff Mills  
B3-25 Dan March --  Sand Dune
B3-26 Paul Mac --  More Over
Written-By -- Paul Mac    

B3-27 Gary Martin --  Long Summer Nights
Written-By -- Gary Martin  
B3-28 Aaron Hedges --  Watching Me
Written-By -- Aaron Hedges  
B3-29 DJ Rush --  Midnight Confessions
Written-By -- I. Major*    

B3-30 Mark Williams --  Talking Voices
Written-By -- Mark Williams
B3-31 Jeff Mills --  4 Art
Written-By -- Jeff Mills
B4 No Artist --  Interview Of Jeff Mills
Featuring [Interview] -- Jeff Mills  
B5 No Artist --  Interview Of Random Noise Generation
Featuring [Interview] -- Random Noise Generation    

B6 No Artist --  Making Of Concept Imagery


#trackoftheday DJ Phantasy - 44 Mag (Phantasy & Shodan 2004 Remix)
"All I got for you is a 44 mag / fuckin' with me you go home in a body bag".
Classic of the Ed Rush "Guncheck" era, and a great piece of musical art to boot.
"Here I come to check this mother fucking wreck".

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