favourite tunes from this year?


joy orbison - wet look

probably responsible for the biggest goosebumps for me this year. amazing stuff.

Morning Rain by Trisector.
Very good tune but the guy who made it is a prick.

Tim Reaper Wrote:Morning Rain by Trisector.
Very good tune but the guy who made it is a prick.

yeah, he's a total cunt! Cuss

Dub-One- The Kraken
Macc & dgoHn- Leg Taps
Equinox- Make You Flex
Fanu- Amok
Bukem- Listen (was re-released this year anyway Smile)

A few drum & bass ones there. Some of them are old but have come out/come to my attention this year.

hmm, in my top 10 probably.


detroit business.

Utopian Wrote:Equinox- Make You Flex
Yes (I'd forgotten about this lovelyness!)

um, haven't bought a lot this year, but for me.......

All of the new Inperspective 12" Homerdrool

Same with Scientific Wax 006 Falcon

That Alphacut 012 - Reactiv on Wax = Scopezombie

Breakage - Higher / Run 'em Out - Digital Soundboy = A TEARING 12"

AND our very own Mr Eschaton with 'Solace' (the dbmLp) Applause AND the Fukalta LP (dbmds) Wtf

I ALSO have an unhealthy obsession with dbm024 - DSP - "Your Nothing Till You're Dead" Ep.
Lovesmilie that release....


these tracks are up there for me

The Archivist_The Sound of Old Helmshore
Monolake_Atlas (T++ remix)
Milieu_Color The Waves/Holograph Dub/Blue White Nights
A Made Up Sound_Rework
Macc&dgoHn_July 39th
Millie & Andrea_Spectral Source / Ever Since You Came Down
Mika Vainio_Teutons
Redshape_Man Out of Time (major space dub)
Monolake_Far Red

Sabre - Global
Solar - North to Future
Heist - Quake
Serum - Late Night Kung Fu
Isolationist LP
Seba - Dangerous Days
Ill Skillz - Black Rabbit
Dub One - Murder Sound

Atheus_The Magic Mountain

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