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Muttley - Eternal Sands (Point 7, Foci's Left, Johann Johannson, Monolake...)

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 39 - Eternal Sands - June 2010


01. 00:00 David Tagg - Pentecost 3 (from Pentecost, Install, 2010)
02. 03:04 Enuui - Deep Auriga (Hejira) (from Mindstate Disposition, self-released, 2010)
03. 03:50 Point 7 - 15th Of July (from What?, Toytronic, 2009)
04. 07:51 Harold Budd & Clive Wright - Plumade (from Little Windows, Darla, 2010)
05. 07:51 Foci's Left - Eternal Sands (from the Spillage EP, Audio Gourmet, 2010)
06. 10:40 Slow - Waiting For A Beautiful Mystery (from Strange Dreams, Passage, 2010)
07. 12:27 Johann Johannsson - City Building (from And Through The Endless Pause..., Type, 2010)
08. 12:15 Azwarm - 3 Bells Gone (from A Morning's Work, self-released, 2010)
09. 12:59 Damian Valles - Derechos (from Bow Echoes, Resting Bell, 2010)
10. 17:40 Monolake - Reconnect (from Silence, Monolake, 2010)

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"Eternal Sands'" works fashion wispy impermanence, always developing and evolving, like the eternal sands of time. That observation notates the name, and a tune I made specially to contrast the cut by Harold Budd & Clive Wright. It's taken from the "Spillage" EP on the Audio Gourmet Netlabel, with remixes from David Tagg, Darren Harper and label boss Spheruleus.

With each original track recorded three years apart, "Spilage" arose from emotional storms, where a close friend was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, self-harming; suicide a nearby exit gate. Of course, this shook me and my parents, but it renewed our closeness as a strong family unit from millions, where instability can be frowned upon. At the time (2007), music production was a keen focus of mine, whereas "Eternal Sands" juxtaposes 2010's off-the-cuff ideas that are born from a necessity to be open with my problems in a universally healing method. There is a stigma attached to mental health that traps understanding in bubbles that aren't always easy to burst. I have spoken openly of my troubles online, usually garnering positive responses. With my mixtapes throughout SubVersion, there is a timeline, and catharsis that is self-perpetuated.

There is another role this set plays - not a replacement, but a more active, disambiguating, fresher companion to "Closing Down". In that mixtape I have periodic directives where I merge in synthesis with the sounds: crashes to synchronize silent mouth movement; screeching noise to trigger a controlled scream; gaps to breathe and prosper. The Monolake track that finalises these 23 minutes instills a counter device, where I hold my breath and exhale to every four beats of the bar.

In concern of the sustenance I try to temper: I will envisage handfuls of words or prepared phrases that I've either written or will become mentally interacted with on the spot. Then, if I'm solitary, the block will reverberate with images of me singing, bellowing or disparaging select objects. Heart rate rises; heavy breathing to contain the imagined partakes. Matter repeats, darts back and forth, falls into new zones. Regularly, withdrawing results to control sensations. Any level-headed perception decreases by connected people being hurt, flames flashing across my eyes. Looped, often incomprehensible thinking tests my boundaries. Chances to scream are adorned by a "do it do it do it", strained from contemporary pop music.

As I approach 40 instalments in the 15 Minutes Of Fame mix series, I would like to thank anyone who has given me encouraging feedback, reassurance, downloaded the EP discussed, been there as a short term spirit. You are those who I wish the best for, and like beggars aren't bleary-eyed when money is thrust into their hands, I soak up the goodwill, but adrenalin won't overtake me, so I won't be vanishing from view.

Any feedback much appreciated. Smile

Good thoughts
Muttley / / / /Ā 

I will never leave.

09. 12:59 Damian Valles - Derechos (from Bow Echoes, Resting Bell, 2010)

^ great album Xyxthumbs

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