PART 2 of "Fuck discogs," The Great Drum and bass clear out

So after the success of the last clear out i have a further 130 drum and bass records up for grabs as a wholesale

period 2001-2004

Krust-Kloaking King
Stakka and skynet-Strange daze/Faultline
Pascal Watershed ep
Bad company-Coma/Spray can
Liquid V ep feat Commix Hung up
Total Science-Pop psychology ep
Origin Unknown-Truly One rmxs
D kay-Barcelona-High contrast and Bad Company rmxs
Junior Cartel-Somebody
Unlabeled white PPRO 11VS
Contour- Come tomorrow
D Kay Planet Music
Bullet Proof-Armour ep
Ryme tyme-Fever/Shock therapy
Duo infernale Midnight star/The enlightenment
Kryptic minds-The truth/ devil’s path
Optic –Default
Stanjah-Don’t wanna distorted minds rmx
Chris Su Undying
Chris Su Sphere ep
Twisted Individual- Bandwagon blues
Zero 7- end theme roni size rmxs
Red One-Believe in you/Don’t stop
Ant Miles-Joyride/Medieval
Dillinja and Lemon D-Crash test ep
Dillinja Twist em out
Aquasky-generation x/haze
Lynx and Jarman-Moonwalker
Brockie-Shallow minds/Fantasy
AK1200-The lycan revisited/Deja nu
Ill Logic and Raf-One on one
Commix- Feel Something
Spirit- 2020/Inside out
Reformed Reformatted ep vol 2
The Insiders- Halo/In session
Carlito-Don’t stop me rmx
DNAudio 011
FILM 016
Basic Operations- The Great break away/ Garufina
Alias-Can I/ Van cleef
V recordings Flavour EP
Power Play ep VOl 3
Adam F-Stand clear PICTURE DISC
Adam F DOUBLE PICTURE DISC EP feat Wheres My J Majik rmx
Xplorer and dee pulse-Nobody/Clear cut
DJ Hazard- Graphite/Magnetic
Decoder Substance ep
Blue Sonix-Feel it/cookout
TCI and Stress level- Know what I want/ Take control
Planet V Drum and Bass fiesta rmxs by Drumsound and AI
Majistrate-Show you/Give it up
G squad-Headbanger/Second time
Distorted Minds-T10/the tenth planet
Aquasky-Floor to floor
Utah Jazz-My time/Funk off
Ez Rollers-Back to love-full vocal mix
Roni Size-Sound advice
The Streets-don’t mug yourself-high contrast rmx
Impulse and Submerged- Dirty bomb/Biomechanical Tube
Stealth recordings- Edge of Human ep
Bonafide-Super 3 bad/ Wicked elements
Beta 2-ETA/Soul feeling
Concept 2-The presence/Recreation
The Dragon-streets rmx/the blue dragon
Optiv-release me/Gazala
The Kraft-Candid/Stab 2 def
Full contact recordings decrepid
Resonant evil-Pennywise/the key
Drumsound and Bline smith-Scallops/Firewall
AK1200-Fake Dylan rmx
Prisoners of technology-Rising to the top/Therapy zone
Digital- Oneton
Subhuman-Eggplant/3 sixty
Wildchild and damage-Snow/Punk
Jez Q-Voices
G2 recordings The global assault ep
Skunkrock-Crowd control vol 2 ep
Friction and Nu Balance-Burn down
Sonic even when it rains sampler
Armando-Cut throat
The militia- Flip the script
System audio lets get the party started
Typecell-Bad illusions BSE rmx
Baron Wobble ep
David Carbone-Dum dum/get down
Dom and Roland-dance all night calyx rmx
Skynet-Daytona/Logan’s run
Stakka-In transit/Junkyard
Dj Spice-Squad leader
Zen- flipmode/ mmm bongo
Dj Tek-the year 200 DJ RED rmx
DJ Kalm- Spiralvision/The herbalist
Ecco and sabotage-house music/rise up
The Militia-Music for the masses ep
Danny c-citrus/ mean streets
Gridlock and Origin-Wombat
D product crimes against technology
K step Chaos ad
Sonic Deep end/Hard times
K step Samara/ Empire of ashes
Raiden-Pitbull attack/Mid bombing

Also few unknown whites thrown in

will be doing ebay auction so this thread is a heads up Smile

Some crackers in there, to my ears anyway!

I'm trying to clear out though, not buy more. Be interested to see what you get, I'll probably sell a load of mine this way.

yeah i won't make loads, just need to get rid of things that i know i won't need in future, i can't be arsed with shifting ten years of vinyl every time i move home etc...

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