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Gotta say, Heathered Pearls - Body Complex was worth the delay, a 2015 telegram, read three years later, nah honestly Ghostly are worth having rummages for roughage. Crisp beats, smooth like pillow fibres, cushioning pads relaxing you into the night with candle light. Mmhmm. 7/10

Bing Satellites just released the very Harold Budd-esque Just For A Moment LP on BC, which is wonderful atmospheric piano music.

Maceo Plex is the latest tutorial for sound design app DRC for ios and Android devices. Previous tutorials included how to make sounds similar to Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place, and Detroit techno producer Recondite. The ability the app has to sculpt sounds has gone from strength to strength, with new design packs (if they were needed) available internally.

(7th July 2018, 14:11)Muttley Wrote: Bing Satellites just released the very Harold Budd-esque Just For A Moment LP on BC, which is wonderful atmospheric piano music.

Thanks for the recommendation

downloaded both of these;

There's some pleasant - if cheesy sci-fi influenced - ambient electronica from Woob. A six-part unusual format series; like J-Card embossing was to tape archivism, Woob is a user of the USB format to store private press infos. Until 31st July he's opened listening to BC contents that wiĺl be taken off site this month, so buy while you can.

Peter Van Cooten - Dreamscenes July 2018

Gotta tune in for mornin' brew. Front room, sun shining through old windows, and booting up Windows to play this new super set.

Upon closer listening it's very dreamy indeed, and not in the least bit dissonant. This is welcome given that ambient can be an unsettling experience at the best of times (and of course worst too!)...somehow you managed to convey an atmosphere without getting entrenched in minimalism or microsound for the sake of it.

The Nightmare Goes On, And On, And​.​.​.
by Foci's Left

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My Night Mare, She A-Holds Me Tight 07:22 / 16:56

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My Night Mare, She A-Holds Me Tight 16:56

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This track has never been released before. Except for being a dub on my SoundCloud page, maintained with Statto of, it has never been made available. Two years and two months later I came across It again on my data drive, and thought, y'know, this ain't sounding half bad. It has not aged.

If you're expecting soothing loops of the "Ultrawerld" style you'll be in for a shock - this is dark noisy stuff, funereal processed dirge with pump organ and synthetic white noise. It's exactly the type of music two Richard's - Allen of - and Gappy Tooth Industries - said I was strongest In making. And you know what, I still agree with them. When I let the airplane debris hit the fan, true depth comes to the fore.

It's also a byline for my split personality disorder, and the ways in which my brain is confounded and perplexed by complex people. Simply, this is heavy stuff. Recommended if you love Jesu, Swans and Kevin Drumm.
released July 12, 2018

Artwork credits go to Cam-Miyu ( for the Nightmare at Christmas Google Web Search image. I'm sure their page will have many more treats to uncover from the realms of manga art.
all rights reserved

Robert Scott Thompson
Opal Tapes 

Fresh albums on Bandcamp

depatterning - the community pasture

candid words...

very nice tape! nothing abrasive in there like there could easily have been. lots of nice integers and reference points. interview was interesting and cool. well done for getting it out there, I know from marketing my own music it takes a lot of hard work.
and thanks for releasing it on bandcamp! good community happening.

Hammock have just released on Bandcamp a new 12' A/B single format offering, including "Snowburn".

Remember to fill up on stock mixes before he/she decide to shut down.
I dread the day that happens, I really do. I've had lifetimes of dreams listening to Dave's mixtapes.
So forgive me if I'm scared he'll eventually close shop.
I feel the same about Bandcamp at the moment, because they release fantastic sonic art.

just got this newsletter from Blue Tapes (and yes, I bought one of their tapes by WIld Anima)

[Image: 8c30dc27-cd36-4d43-8eaf-3a95ad2d9fbe.png]

Peter Broderick - The Perpetual Glow

New chapter on Spotify radio station

While you're reading this thinking how much thought I put into it, head over to the Boards of Canada FB group, for 1. Plenty of recommendations 2. Celebrating Warp artists 3. Revisiting Boards of Canada tracks with widgets.

Nunc Stans and Bandcamp 

There was a time when applying special effects to internal keyboard or software circuitry was always the done thing in niche sound design. Around the turn of the nineties, with the maximal possibilities of prog chauffeured into pop psychology via Kraftwerk and Mike Oldfields "Tubular Bells", the benign ambient tones of Pete Namlook, Constance Demby and Eno took grasp of the new age ambient fringe. Nunc Stans music represents a space-driven exploration of all these identifiers, with a nod to the fires below.

Email from the Low Point newsletter...I bought the whole catalogue, my favourite label, so get stuck in Wink

Hello All,

Low Point is offering 50% off any purchase (both physical goods and digital downloads) made via our Bandcamp store in order to clear some space in anticipation of some new releases

To take part in this offer, simply follow these steps;

1. Head to the Low Point Bandcamp store -
2. Go to the page for the Low Point release(s) you'd like to purchase and click 'Buy Now'
3. A new window will open and underneath the quantity & price info, there will be a box which says 'Discount code'
3. Click on that and then enter;
and then click 'apply'
4. The discount will then be applied to the cost of the release!
5. Repeat steps 1-4 as many times necessary
All the best,
Gareth, Low Point

Sub to the Bluetapes (fantastic label, they're big fans of Bjork too) label mailing list and you can access full content of this newsletter (the last one in this thread was removed or did not parse rather)
"Trupa Trupa have been busy bees this year, touring and playing a string of high-profile festival dates to support their magnificent and highly-acclaimed Jolly New Songs LP.

Jolly New Songs is now seeing an official Japanese release and to support it, the band have made one of their own peculiar, idiosyncratic and playfully haunting videos - this time for the low-key album track None of Us.

Click below to watch!"

Catherine Christer Hennix - 2LP

A little crunching tackle on this matter shortly. Oratory sense, too, because the musieve is sub titled "Early Keyboard Works" to rep the esoteric experiments of Hennix to produce her cavernous Delia Derbyshire-esque firework synthesis.

BC Business happily: the.synthetic.awakening new LP.
That is Mike Twelve if you want to check out the range of aliases. He guested on FL - LIFE IN A LESS SOUTHERN TOWN, my second album as FOCI LEFT.

(27th July 2018, 16:40)Muttley Wrote: A selection of quality new Bandcamp albums:

Mount Shrine - Winter Restlessness

Quality ambience here

Thanks for the info ML, I'm a fan of Altus. I made a dedication release to Mike Altus, he liked it but wanted I to keep it private. "Sleep Theory Re-Interpretations".

Here is a condenser microphone and speaker recording of "Supernova", a euphoric track of the early FL style. It's not inventive enough to publish, so have it for free - fans. Smile

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