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For middle-formed drone ambient, I recommend the eilean rec. Label. Most recordings are electroacoustic drone. If you want more space, try the Low Point label as a whole; my top imprint of choice because of its very rich drones. A Dauw and eilean split release is on Bandcamp now.

As well, woob LPs that are free downloads currently on BC, will be set to prices on Sep 1st. One more day to get there before a shift.

New versions of the latest Silent Season record out now. Juno has vinyl, Bandcamp has CD/Digi. It's by Wanderwelle. Vinyl buyers who want digital should contact the label. Cheers Cheers

Grouper at Bandcamp has been kind enough to gift me a wishlist item in "Suffused" by Roy Montgomery, with inclusions from Haley Fohr, Julianna Barwick and Elizabeth Harris. Track six is incredible. Such emotion running through it.

ASC - Colours Fade Vol.4 is the newest Bandcamp instalment from James Clements on the Auxiliary label.

I'm also enjoying the latest 3 from the Opal Tapes "Horn Of Plenty".

DRC Modular - Little Red Corvette

We're back...with Prince! Learn the pad, melody and lead in this Little Red Corvette tutorial.

Bing satellites and the ambient visitor have had a few new albums out recently, well worth a purchase and/or a listen

not new, but been listening to a few of these albums this week

I have been buying & listening to a lot of ambient music recently.
Here are a few of the artists / albums / labels;
Warmth - two albums by him
Also new albums releases too on the label.
A lot of new releases on mfs too
Also two new albums by eternell

This is also a great album

Let me tell you something. Listen up! Wink
Let me let you into a secret, casual ambinaughts.

My recommendable hypnotherapist of old, Geoff Brooks Phd, once advised me that just the right amount of ambient in the morning and a larger dose in the evening is key to mental wellness. 

Well, it was a shared discussion we had. Anyway.

One of the ambient CDs in my hundreds strong library collection unrented is Woob - Ultrascope. 

Mentioned earlier here, Woob has a similar style to 36, ASC and Bersarrin Quartet. The record, like Chicanes latest which someone's rented, is great.

Fans just got a slaw of Glacial Movements releases through.

As well as a new album by Kowalski Room on Bing Satellites sublet page.

Finally got round to playing CC Hennix - Selected Early Keyboard Works, and it's beautiful. Very minimalist, strange atonal sounds. Like Stockhausen given only a music box as a source to sculpt sound with. The microtonal clusters are of their time and entrancing all at once, a furtive exercise in creepiness set to music. Magic, really. I like the juxtaposition of gong textures in the first piece, reminds me of John Carpenter. Not sure where you can buy this but keep an eye out, should be somewhere in the hinterlands of the web.

Sound In Silence Records - new - Styrofoam - Sinerider

Two LPs. One from Styrofoam, creator of great Morr Music works like "A Heart Without A Mind" EP which I still own on disc. 
I also have the deeper Styrofoam - I'm There To Show That Something's Missing in my library, also on compact disc. 

Sinerider I'm currently new to. 

There are also two reported recent releases from Eternell and Gavin Miller (William Ryan Fritch project) on the label. 

The owner says: "Stay tuned for more releases coming out soon by The Gentleman Losers, Umber, Amp, Wil Bolton, Caught In The Wake Forever, (ghost), Endless Melancholy and some new projects by The Declining Winter, Message To Bears and many others."  


FTAL Mix Series - The Story So Far

001-Muttley - Engaged Or Ejected
002-Muttley - If Suddenly You Forget Me
003-Muttley - Concrete Wholemeal
004-Muttley - Tension Escapes Me
005-Muttley - Handling Grief
006-Muttley - Handling Happiness
007-Muttley - TBA

More news on FTAL as it breaks...

The latest Bing Satellites release about dreams out today on Bandcamp is really quite.

In the last 30 days, I've been listening to

Robert Rich
Stars Of The Lid
Brian Eno
Boards Of Canada
Steve Roach
Greg Haines
Global Communication
...a Amazon Spa Music loop I signed aged 16.

Amongst other producers.

I've also made up a Beehive Muttley Spotify Playlist.
There is a narrative running through.
Remember: you don't know me.

The playlist is over 100 tracks long. It is constantly mutating, and most of the other songs are freshly made.
Spans ambient, techno, alternative and breakcore.
A very small selection of music things I like.

The Beehive is a chain of gastro pubs across the UK.
I made my own playlist for them to get a woolly glimpse of what I like to hear when I go out.
Although, most of the stuff is too heavy and complex for the average joe.

Please start adding any end of year registry entries to the SubVersion EOYRE CHARTS thread asap. I don't ask for the world. I am perfectly solvent and happy. A trans guy won't even read my trans novel. Who doesn't love me. Who cares what he thinks. He's just an aggressive bloke with his aggressive blokey opinions. Can't be dealing with people like that. Sod them and their antisocial life.

I already said I don't read trans fiction – but okay, okay, I'm reading it, I'm reading it


Hey hey hey Skittle, you know I didn't mean anything like that. I am trans, so as you state, my book is memoir.
Well, I can guarantee you that it's accurate symbolically.

Edit: it's more getting a bit frustrated with the lack of "creux" on the forum.

ASC - Trans-Neptunian Objects 2 (Auxiliary)

ASC - Trans-Neptunian Objects 2 (Auxiliary)

Well worth a purchase
Deep ambience

Some minimal ambient/space music

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