For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

I'm 3 months late on the latest Tonepoet

Tonepoet mixes tend to be drifty dreamzone lullabies of a sort. Their posterity lies in their meticulous layering of tracks.

(7th January 2019, 02:04)DJ ML Wrote: ASC - Trans-Neptunian Objects 2 (Auxiliary)

Well worth a purchase
Deep ambience
Already received this, great album.

Master Margarita album on Ultimae is also worth to give it a listen:

Thanks all.

Yeah I always keep up with ASC releases because I follow them on BC.

The Tonepoet mix is sublime

This morn I've been on a "Creme Buble" kick...

Low Light Mixes -
Ambient Blog -

A great idea is to get two mixes you think will fit together, and play them simultaneously, in different media players, different internet browsers, or on different physical media (In the case of burnt CD/USB).

Currently I'm playing the Ambientblog 10th Anniversary USB Stick in different places than before, all while Low Light Mixes - First Snow (2006) plays on my Asus sound system.

The convergence of speaker systems, with your background ambience, makes for a nice installation styled meander through the days and long nights of Winter and Spring.

And who would want to argue with that?

If you want a trans(cendent) album by ASC, DJ ML/anyone else, then, you could do a lot worse than "Bottom Of The World OST (Original Sound Track) on Auxiliary

It's a hauntology-lite exercise in texture. What I mean is the music is not discrete music, or ambient music in its purest sense (ie ignorable) - the music is deeply immersive and synthetically pivoted.

It's like being borne in the middle of a marshmallow, only to be placed next to a campfire/log fire/bonfire's heat to char up and disintegrate into a pool of sweet nothingness.

I could compare it similarly to Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest and its swathe of incidental hauntology musics. That's also an album that has stood up incredibly solidly against Father Time.

The more I get back to normal, although I never will, I can start to feel obliged to do you all a new mix. I have proper hosting for it all, still - I use my Business Dropbox. £80 returned to I and Annastay for a year's usage ain't bad.

I did list the mixes somewhere In here recently, whether in this thread or another Subvert thread. I think I'll go for something easy as a theme "The Immigration Nation". I went to Spain last year and I'm still buzzing about the merging of worlds within my waking life. Pebbles on a standard verge in Britain can quickly become a glimpse into a dusty Espanol villa.

I don't have many new insights to offer, I'm all about revisiting the past for the good memories, nod the bad times. The future could be bad. That's why I think as little as possible, and stay as far away from people as possible. To my own sword, I'm a nerdy extrovert, I fall on it, and information technology, as a whole. But more to the point, it keeps my own autism in check and free of too much bluster.

Talking of bluster, I haven't been to watch live music at night in ages. Instead I hear and see it differently. But then again, maybe it's just because I'm not worried about figuring it all out now for review!

I made good on my promise of a new mix: a 12 minute miniature ambient mix, covering For The... spectrum of genres, mainly ambient and drum fragments from the Horizons Music Test Press tracks 2014 & 2015 series, mixed with my own music, and lashings of synthesiser accompaniment in Ableton Suite. No tracklist as it's all one movement.

Smile Xyxthumbs :groove:

New album "ASC - The Waves" [SSCD22] from Silent Season coming soon:

Available: 26 January 2019

Thanks ML for seven new (fantastic) albums to listen to.

Edit 24th January 2019...I checked the first one, Warmth-Parallel remixed, and am blown away.

New from the Fantasy Enhancing album...Sven Kossler & Si Matthews, and Urban Meditation
Here is the first of those two LPs...scroll on the side bar and click your desired next listen for more

The Urban Meditation album is similar to Orbital and Global Communication, and includes 2 hour plus mixes of all material, put seamlessly together.

Dance Smile

This is one new track present to Statto, an Eno-ish synth and meditation influences track made on my Casio keyboard. Sustain used as usual to create long reverberant drone. 4 minutes long.

Hi all,

Just browsing through this good old forum and found the ambient section, jeeej!
Been doing a bit more ambient stuff for the last period besides my jungle/drumfunky stuff and recorded some mixes which you can find in the links below.

Night Tracks Mixes:

Hope you like this.

Got a cassette release lined up on my label Next Phase in the of February with some live improv stuff. 
Will post it when it's out.


(25th January 2019, 17:07)Muttley Wrote: made on my Casio keyboard

really? it sounds like a piano Eek

Glad you like the Kafka style track Jon.
It is, technically, a digital piano, because all the tones of the preset patch are priorly sampled by the Casio CTK founders, and programmed to each specific note. But the difference here is I've used the transpose keyboard function to change the scale, and decayed the notes with 6 of 10 scaled reverb.

However, I just call the CTK a keyboard as such, as that's what it mainly is. It has over 600 multi instrument patches, 300 layered drum kits and is continuously two string instrument. That means with sustain, you can play drones, and the notes will create backing centrepiece under your next layers. If you ever considered getting one, they're 200 quid brand new...very cheap second hand.

Now playing Theta Wave Orchestra - Strawberry Moon.
Very chilled ambient music.
Perfect relaxation as it's now rainy in the Cotswolds.

I am thinking about re reading some of my Ocean Of Sound book by David Toop. Because, I aim to write something about drones in ambient in particular as antimatter, shut off from the wider world more than the music contributes to it. You can see people like Mike Oldfield, a fellow good recluse as an emblem of how sound and careerism travels to the wider world.

Just checking in back to page index 25. The Chihei ;:Hatakeyama and GWFAA Tom Honey collab is something of versionist beauty. I use the term version because it means "longer edit" from 1960s reggae culture.


"Falling Sun"
Check it out, and let us know if you like.
Edit: maaaan, the high of good ambient.

I've added a new track to the "Rendezvous EP", an Ian Curtis meets James Blackshaw take on versionist guitar just intonation.

Edit: the concept of "Rendezvous"; that is, a short encounter with a interlaced theme, is finished as four short tracks now, from 51 seconds to four minutes.

New album by 36 on ASIP is something of the celestial late at night.

Babii - Seizure

"I dreamt of how disposable you made me feel"

This track is on SoundCloud. It's quite something.
Babii is booked to play SXSW festival too. 
Check it out. 

I'm posting this gooey piece of synthpop in here because it's one of those crossover chill tunes.

This evening, I revisit the Low Point label for inspiration. I find that their decaying tones are brought ashore like debris of a delay trail.

Sound In Silence proudly presents:

Amp – Entangled Time
(Amp is a legendary UK post-rock/ambient band with releases on labels such as Kranky, Darla and many others. Entangled Time is Amp’s first full-length album of brand new material since their Outposts album back in 2011. Recommended for fans of Bowery Electric, Lovesliescrushing, Windy & Carl and Fennesz.)

Tim Linghaus – About B. (Memory Sketches B-Sides Recordings)
(Tim Linghaus is an ambient/modern classical composer who has released his music on Moderna Records, Schole and 1631 Recordings. About B. is a collection of 13 new unreleased tracks in conjunction with 4 reworked versions of tracks from his highly acclaimed debut album. Recommended for fans of Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Max Richter.)

Both are available in limited editions of handmade and hand-numbered collectible copies.

Both albums are up for full streaming and ordering, both physical and digital, at:

Any review, or promotion in any way, will be much appreciated.

Stay tuned for more releases coming out soon by Wil Bolton, Astatine (ex-Acetate Zero), Caught In The Wake Forever, (ghost), Endless Melancholy and some new projects by Richard Adams (Hood, The Declining Winter), Jerome Alexander (Message To Bears) and many others.

Sound In Silence Records, one of my new favourite labels.

Erased Tapes have a frankly tremendous selection of their ten year old cat on

:piano: :strings: :synths: Dance :muso: Chin Hypno

Just rattling my mojo through the rickety riddims of DJ Shadow and "Endtroducing Deluxe Edition" once again; a two hour suite with a vibe dissimilar with "Groove Salad" and "Secret Agent" channels. Appreciation to the lovely Annastay yet again for another excellent recommendation.

Black Swan have released a new album

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