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For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

More info and audio previews of the fantastic sounding Lawrence English LP forthcoming on Experimedia.


FTAL Reviewed 008 - February 2011 - August 2011

Triangular Ascension - Leviathan Device (34th Cycle)
Cyclic Law CD / download

[Image: Triangular-Ascension_Leviat-288x360.jpg]

Federico Agreda's Triangular Ascension project, his aside from Death Metal Drum & Bass as Zardonic, holds a candle to the mantra that open mood downcasts ignorance for genuine health threats, and anxiety made wrong, or bad was never justified - it leads to anger, which though compounds wrongs to be righted, contentment and peace are a closer refuge taking the laid back route. Agreda's nullifying of recalling events glum, not stained by glumness untoward, really renounces the "Leviathan Device" book he's taken inspiration from. It's coated with astounding production values; manuscript-thick drones, cracks, pulses, but no pointless industrial chuntering. "Whale Reqiuem" is a must for not only Dark Ambient toe-dippers; SoundCloud it to witness post-apocalypso rewiring of Koner with Fennesz.

Cindytalk - Hold Everything Dear
Editions Mego CD / download

[Image: 333.jpg]

Heralded eighties post-punkers go Ambient experimentalism across five years of recording; children's chatter sees the ship in. "Hold Everything..." is dedicated to the late Matt Kinnison of Cindytalk; John Berger's book, where the title stems. Loss must be a universally compulsory style that we stick to tampering with, leaving margins of error outside the composers' ear - can I touch someone other than myself sonically; will they notice how burned I was at my lowest...for some a jittery turn-off that transubstantiates between a regal knowingness of character and agitating surface hue. Gordon Sharp and Kinnison don't succumb to frail walkabout, their instrumentation: horns, field recordings, piano, harmonica, and assortments of musique concrete abstract, folly and placate amiably. Buy.

Karl Verkade - Collections I
Self-released bandcamp download
[Image: 1353340202-1.jpg]

Falling for fake confidence allure, plants a seed of doubt. Even though it's a virtuous circle, and satisfies a basic need: enlivening your nervous system, breaking a cycle of manipulative tendencies could be improved by material that's not tainted by half-truths. And however better a response your seeds get to the farmer's market, if they're contaminated from the very off, they're no good in the long haul. So arrives Karl Verkades first EP in fine form, musing at length of relative outtakes: from "Hope For Japan", and re-recorded tracks. "Homeland" drifts across a skyline filled with bright kites, and the whole product isn't colouristically dampened by its sequencing; reified bits and pieces given a new context; little melodies tied to vast sheets of ice, colliding in reddened heart blush. One for stargazing.

FTAL Reviewed 009 - August 2011

Mathias Deplanaque - Passeports
Bruit Clair CD / download

[Image: 2935939057-1.jpg]

I've never been so hot and cold over an LP for some time. Necessary depth is there: field recordings stooped in an atmospheric cocoon opening ("Nantes I"). Monotony is seldom a problem - ducts of cosmic sound patterns, with no paparazzi obviousness to incriminate ("Nantes III"). It's more a case that through reductionism, lies difficulty remaining in identical opinion of "Passeports" repeatedly. Like you're turning a wooly jumper inside out and back again in multiple sittings, the body is left exposed, free of idealistic nurturing, or perspectival symmetry with Deplanaque, who composed the release between locations across France, as well as a New Dehli call centre; later treating the recordings with domestic 'live' interference noise from wherever he decided to plant the recorder. Train station to nowhere? Almost.

Alex Tiunaev - Blurred
Audio Gourmet Netlabel download

[Image: 345246191-1.jpg]

Witch, broom, jacksie, equates to wellbeing blighted by fear, which in turn can extrapolate into misdirection and remorse through transference, fighting enemies off with a stick. Wished thermostat in a sense rotates towards a more positive mood, an authentic, albeit sometimes quiet joy infused with hope to make the next day better. Not set on wearing out Erik Satie's tombstone, firmly anchoring notion that rushed decisions exhume candor, but procrastination isn't always a delightfully practical precaution, Tiunaev's modicum peppers casual opening lines delivered with svelte gracefulness in other spice. It's as if paths of dismay never crossed, a distant intermingling of separated stem cells replenishing from an undisclosed source pool. Real gem here is "Daylight" for its wondrous violin plumage.

Dementia And Hope Trails - Soaring, Skimming Treetops, Wrapped In A Blanket
Rainbow Bridge & Egyptian Tea download

Oddball contextually, being on a compilation formed by 300+bpm Speedcore blasts, throaty Improv gurgles and muso-plasticity, this 10 minute white noise tower bubbles along gently, with a resistant force that stays static to the point of questioning the juxtaposition of driller killer, Ambient and noise. Could it be that dropping counterfeit organica on the wild goose chase, like a conscience boomerang catches your distaste after you buy a ticket out of town? A sustenant paragon with a pulse-width too big for industry leeching, La Peste and Neurocore share the inter-genre sleepwalking, where it's either intelligible lab rat or diseased Norvegicus that survives the Pied Piper's march. Dementia's sonic information transmogrified second hand paradoxically results as refreshing; a differential with pop that always sells itself anew.

Thanks Muttley, absolutely fantastic music.

Richard Nox & Frederic D. Oberland - The Rustle of the Stars

I like what i've heard so far of this forthcoming album Smile

[Image: R-3050592-1313412291.jpeg]

Fennesz & Sakamoto - Flumina, really need to get hold of this somehow.

A few more tracks are on youtube if you search

Tokyo Droning has finally been fully refurbished and the site is now open for perusal: We will see re-issues of the offthesky and Segue releases which proved so popular, as well as releases by Tobias Hellkvist, Tanner Menard, David Newlyn and Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry.



Listened to that on the bus back home last night from seeing David Rodigan - ace. On that note:

Foci's Left - Night Buses Of The Psyche - for

Muttley on IDM Forums Wrote:I'll be frequenting this site greatly after being recommended it approx 18 months ago by ruralmonk. I've put together an exclusive mix for IDM Forums on the Ambient tip. I produce under the pseudonym Foci's Left, having a release out on the Audio Gourmet Netlabel in 2010.

"Night Buses Of The Psyche" is based on thoughts turning wheels in the mind, before one falls asleep, and the dispelling of stress hitherto.

Hope you all enjoy!

How soon now 'til balls of wool
Untangle from spool, loose morass converge
The whales' finale is song; mine wheel-spinning congestion
Dragging the streets of the psyche, a torrent of raw nerves manifest
But there's lucidity - speaking in tongue not overcast by intrepid overkill
And overwrought glances fracture, like a zither electrocuting naked hand
Soon enough when you fall out of love with me the pain hits overt contempt
Stranger than that note you left on the seat - it was a two-way ticket to footling.

00:00 Will Long - When You Fall Out Of Love With Me (Self-release, Will Long Bandcamp, 2011)
03:21 The Winterhouse - Solitary Lives (Lost LP, Data Obscura, 2011)
13:14 Voder - Siena (Motes LP, Distance Recordings, 2011)
17:16 Spheruleus - Overcast (In The Bleak Wilderness Of Sleep LP, Audio Gourmet Netlabel, 2011)
22:16 BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa - Space Finale 1.2 (Space Finale, Editions Mego, 2010)
27:02 Triangular Ascension - Whale Requiem (The Leviathan Device LP, Cyclic Law, 2011)
30:54 Karl Verkade - But Not To Last (Collections I EP, Karl Verkade Bandcamp, 2011)
30:42 Cindytalk - How Soon Now (Hold Everything Dear LP, Editions Mego, 2011)
35:30 Foci's Left - Ball Of Wool I (A Breath Of Peace LP, Unreleased)
36:03 Grouper - Dragging The Streets [First Heart Tone] (A.I.A: Dream Loss LP, Yellow Electric, 2011)


Various Artists - Sequence 1

A 42 track free download to mark the 1 year anniversary of the launch of futuresequence

FTAL Reviewed 010 - August - September 2011

Leyland Kirby - Eager To Tear Apart The Stars
History Always Favours The Winners CD / vinyl

[Image: 333.jpg]

"Don't bother with morning pages." Scarlett Thomas notes in her advice to women scribers in Mslexia's issue 36. "All that Dorothea Brande stuff - there is too much emphasis on writing about your childhood or using the most emotionally overwrought crap you can." With James Kirby, "Eager To Tear Apart The Stars" florists his concept of time lost and regained, horrid realities dually sidechained to defragmentation drive. Through his digital subscription sales enabling him to upgrade gear, prize daisy-pretty piano and synthesizers are allowed extra room to hum these tunes to all the girl's he's ever met, and new ones hereafter, taking in all aliases stylistically: The Stranger's dark noise; The Caretaker's flowery old dough; V/Vm's textural epoch-critter-crevices. Hugely welcome in terms of emo-torque.

Talvihorros - Descent Into Delta
Hibernate Recordings CD / download

[Image: 263206830-1.jpg]

I approached this LP lightly but with earnest anticipation, given Ben Chatwin's "Music In Four Movements" on 2010's Hibernate schedule dealt with thematics of a soul plotting to take their own life. Throughout "Descent...", moisture is further finessed to his brand of guitar drone, and rock-solid diametric lengths raise the amplitude of serotonin in the brain. To the weary amongst you, doomy this isn't - dense layers never lose their spectral cinematica, and you're always comforted by a foliage of blooming - gamma sun ray worshipping, if you like - penetration. He hasn't soaked the intent - arousal to consciousness discharge - and Anais Lalange's viola on finale "Delta" invests in the record a tender resonance; kismet of collaborative warmth like an elderly sleeping canine.

Jumpel - Europa
Hidden Shoal Records CD / download

[Image: jumpel.jpg]

There's a basement observation possible from Downtempo enthusiasts that beats spell the end for work being classed as Ambient music in its own right, to which the request for listening to Jumpel's "Europa" is symbiotic to drawing a line under no. While the synergy of pulse grants categorical juxtaposition with Downtempo's deeper involved listeners, not so much has been said of pulse coexisting with fragments of static, metaphorical sonically to the way drone envelops slowly, taking us into baffling stillness, and that's where "Edinburgh" comes in to fuse the joints. So Ambient isn't multifariously a smokescreen under which activity ripens and expels the gradient, it also speaks for a continuity - beats to synths, synths to manifestation - that carry the semblance, here to a certified ransom love!


Mind over MIDI - Monochrome EP

Genre: Ambient. Format: MP3.
Released: 31.Aug.2011

Out on Monday:

Nest - Body Pilot EP

[Image: Cover.jpg]

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:A fluttering “Stillness” dims the light; three notes turn six, over restful, droney string breaths; oh-so delicate tinkering lays soft quilt, easing vex. But try as you might to find its heart, the sense of loss, and icy depressiveness pervading the nooks and crannies of Huw Roberts’ and Otto Totlands’ pianism, becomes lavishness restricted, life jacket for low mood, conceptually meeting the flight theme they’ve adapted in minimalist repertoire.


[Image: ERATP032_cover.jpg]

A Winged Victory For The Sullen (Erased Tapes) CD / LP / DIGITAL


[Image: mialp017_over.jpg]

Simon Scott - Bunny (Miasmah) CD / VINYL (Release date: Oct 7th)

Resting Bell celebrates the 100th release with a small release-series, consisting of 4 parts.
The second part is done by Bengalfuel. Lou DiBenedetto & Joe LiTrenta began making music together around the end of 2009 and have released music on various labels such as Hibernate Recordings, Rural Colours, Lizard Breakfast and Isolationism.

FTAL Mix Series

FTAL 001 selected works mentioned in each review batch; this instalment integrates DIB's GWFAA recommendation, plus Barn Owl's "Midnight Tide", my prime cut of the year. Not quintessentially Ambient, but enough emotional heft and restrained evolution to validate fusion. From my July Fluid review:

Quote:Three and a half minutes in, a remarkably shiver-worthy buoying of chords hit you like a circuitboard of tesselating sparks, manipulated cassette recordings adding to the special moods formed. I have heard few works of this kind as moving, almost as if the noise forces response from your neural autonomy.

As rule, FTAL mix content remains topic-lifted, while I've applied Etokle's title from the "Looking Back" Auraltone Music release: "If Suddenly You Forget Me", to highlight my concerns with conversating removed from people's attention thresholds - the rest followed like a proverbial doddle.

-FTAL 002 - Muttley - If Suddenly You Forget Me

01 - 00:00 Thanet - Another Story (Receiving Calls LP, Mordant Music, 2011)
02 - 00:50 Alex Tiunaev - Daylight (Blurred LP, Audio Gourmet, 2011)
03 - 01:00 Triangular Ascension - A New Beginning (Leviathan Device LP, Cyclic Law, 2011)
04 - 02:02 Barn Owl - Midnight Tide (Lost In The Glare LP, Thrill Jockey, 2011)
05 - 06:22 Leyland Kirby - My Dream Contained A Star (Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP. History Always Favours The Winners, 2011)
06 - 10:47 Etokle - Het Mechanische Gebied Van De Slaap (AM: Looking Back LP, Auraltone Music, 2011)
07 - 11:52 Darren Harper & Gimu - Dawn (Field & Fern; Mountain & Sea EP, Rural Colours, 2011)
08 - 13:03 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Inertia (Twenty Three LP, Ultimae, 2011)
09 - 16:31 Karnak Temples - Foul Nest (The Din Of Light LP, Debacle Records LP, 2011)
10 - 19:54 Dementia & Hope Trails - Soaring, Skimming Treetops, Wrapped In A Blanket (Rainbow Bridge Compilation, 2011)
11 - 22:39 Mathias Deplanaque - Passeport 7 [Nantes III] (Passeports LP, Bruit Clair, 2011)
12 - 24:21 Karl Verkade - Homeland (Collections I EP, Self-release, 2011)
13 - 29:03 Talvihorros - Delta (Descent Into Delta LP, Hibernate, 2011)
14 - 35:59 Good Weather For An Airstrike - The Beginning Of The Rest Of Our Lives [Revisited] / [Reprise]
(A Summer LP, Sonic Reverie, 2011)
15 - 40:19 Jumpel - Edinburgh (Europa LP, Hidden Shoal, 2011)

Any feedback much appreciated. Smile

Not sure if this has been mentioned but check out, Father - Return of Father on Root Strata, absolutely gorgeous

And also out soon is an LP by d_rradio on Heat Death Records


From the forthcoming album Woven Tides
From The Mouth Of The Sun is the duo of Jasper TX and Aaron Martin.

Speaking of Martin:

Aaron Martin & Justin Wright - Light Poured Out Of Our Bones

[Image: 53_circa611cover.jpg]

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:The Preservation imprint have chalked up a back catalogue of reputable successes, peaking in 2008 with Richard Skelton’s “Marking Time”, later in 2009 Heather Woods Broderick’s “From The Ground”, and the dualistic guitar manipulation has bonded ergonomically with their latest offering, Aaron Martin and Justin Wright’s debut collab, “Light Poured Out Of Our Bones”. They lure you in quickly with “Brush Fire”, as if owing mortgage repayments to feedback, for a narcotic blend of krautrock persistence, subtle chord hooks grilling the landscape. Lengthening plaited palette, basket-weaving multi-instrumentality with newly-found, mellifluous processing, a lovely bloom of a synth stamps sections of the middle.

And my first writeup for Fluid in new walls. I should have new reviews for this topic with some time.

Portraits For American Firing Squads - The Eternal Fear

"Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:Imagine you’re in a driving test. Like “Our Attempts To Exist”, we start out slowly, quite prettily nodding to the instructor. Richard D James, with U-Cover’s Quosp cleaning the ashtray in the back. Then the smoky rhythm kicks in – we’re going up a gear. Austyn liberates hopes prior junction, the screen fills with fast recollections of Ambient and musique concrete, swirling in and out the windscreen wipers. “Our Attempts…” for harmony soars airborne with penumbra drone fog, hitting “As The Blameless Targets” in ten-pin sequential strike. It’s hectically slow, a paradox within, meanwhile lusty – Bengalfuel of Maryland. Everything must go forward when listening: your confidence, your ambience comfort, copping a limber curve.

New releases available to order now on Hibernate & Rural Colours

HB34 - Spheruleus - Voyage

HB35 - Yann Novak - Presence

RC043 - Everything Is - Wait

RC044 - Herzog - Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Ooh this sounds great, one for the future purchase list.

Alex Cobb // Aquarelle - Split LP (Low Point)

Trust my taste? Then buy this:

Chubby Wolf - Turkey Decoy (Digitalis 030)

Muttley on Fluid Radio Wrote:Battles of attention over distraction has been a recurrent ghostwriting for Ambient LPs, causing fracture to the genre’s many offshoots since 80s “Apollo” soundtrack tranquilised ambience as art. Where Chubby Wolf’s debut could have been a crucible to inadequacy, then, instead it’s decidedly solid and flexible at core, a “hang in there” clothes peg. The great design of Dani’s first full-length, assembled with help of husband Will Long, draws out the resonances as a helix, where upon re-listening you reach the same point but at a higher level. This is pragmatic for labels including Digitalis, who pride themselves on releasing some of the finest, emotionally challenging, and at the same time, soothing material, and Dani Baquet-Long, as with Will, have only contributed to the trend. Essential!

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