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(29th January 2019, 00:15)M uttley Wrote: New album by 36 on ASIP is something of the celestial late at night.

This sounds really good. Great to hear 36 back in form, as imho his recent output (post Void Dance) was kind of less interesting and - don't know how to describe it - little bit repetitive.
Looking forward to bonus CD which was announced to be sold separately - if versions there are much different than the actual album then I'll also grab original album as digital download.
And the artwork (yellow vinyl) is stunning too.

Looks great. First track is awesome.
Archives label in full flow

Dinsdale (you ain't lol) my fave 36 tracks are "Always" (for epicurity) and "Stasis Eject (Version)" for mind melting depth.

"Dream Tempest" is my fave record of Dennison, Dennis Huddleston to be precise.

It's also the first review for Wire I did.

I'll likely find greater depth in the ambient drones.

Yes, "Dream Tempest" is one of my favourite 36's albums too.

this Low Light Mixes set by Paul Asbury Seaman of The Boats is titled "Liminal Space: Long Form Droning", and does rather marvellously what it says on the seal.

Yo yo yo, subverts everywhere who want to know wha blo...I'm juss fuckin', that you should be sure, and dreaming of anywhere was always dreaming of a door.
Because I am on the regular, and that my friend Annastay knows what's best for me better than anyone else, I will leave posting this latest effort to anywhere under her discretion. She's told me before anyway that she gets my mixes on Subvert.
It's also my favourite place to post stuff, that I have been doing indirectly on here since before SC began.
This latest live set is just shy of twenty minutes.

1. Ornate Scenery
2. Chamber Breaker
3. Decompression Blip
4. Epiphany Integer
18:52 end
192kbps compressed DAT MP3.

It's all composed live on a Casio CTK digital piano. We took the sustain jack out for this one. Makes things much more sonically detailed. Do not actually need that to make things sound professional.
Me and my soulmate hope you like. Thank you.

so hey

here is a little offering from us ...the "Built For Us" ambient range, all free downloads on demand.

request any track(s) in private, get a free download and thanks in private online.

Built For Us

1& 2. Loscil & Bvdub - Aether (FL Re-Processed Beatz Mix)
3. An Emissary (Ascent) - short overdub on improve guitar of Brian Eno's "An Ending", recorded with extra field sounds
4. Broken Sword - deep deep deep 15 minute depth charge into the previously laid area, with volume dynamic shifts
5. Incorect Information - the red herring of the collection, a Xmas Eve studio session, the regular piano standards building into a playable shindig.
6. Kyle Bobby Dunn Remix - similar to the Eno remix, however longer and much more atmospherically quaint, very special.
7. NY Boy Remix - a improve remix of Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy In New York" from the 1970s...classic proper tune
8. Built For Us Theme (Singing softly, not his forte, but I LUV it!)
9. Skeptile - similar to Lonely's remix of "Heartbreak Minimal", quality beatz and pianos...rounds off the album well, for both of us.

There are ten tracks in is on ...we don't want the hassle of uploading further stuff unless direct dire track is enough to identify with an offer like here.
Email Mike at mbucki 07 at Hotmail dot co dot uk (joined up if you're not a robot or hacker).
Thanks anyone who donates, this is also Mike's PayPal address. Any money that gets sent goes into remedial studio upgrades.

Respek to do max en ting

Nah ok. I've got a new track done.
A remix of "Love Never Fails". 
It's called "Hate Never Wins".

I am rather pleased at how the Derive Radio Session produced by Simon James French turned out. It's on Bandcamp for 700 Yen, or approx £7.

Because I have million of friends like Richie Rich, all the replies are by me, up to this point.
Oh, the perils of excessive enthusiasm.
Teef Teef Teef

Bent write amazing Ambient music. 

"Private Road" in particular.

No thoroughfare, no heavy load. 

Take a look.

Devil in the details" by Hyperbox - free dl on Bandcamp
Definitely worth checking out.

Infest's new album out on Next Phase records, not to mention Robbert's Atmospheric Bandcamp sample packs, are simply a work of genius. Sparse guitars become rich by cutting into the modular continuum.

From 730am - 1030am I was listening to Pete Namlook. 3 hour Spotify stream. I don't know any of his tracks. 

After that I am listening to David Attenborough Field Recordings 60 track Spotify Playlist.

The David Attenborough recordings are decent, very good in fact, and well edited. It's not worth me paying basically £1500.00 for though on CD, because that's my ratio of investment over recoup.
David Attenborough has a healthy pension anyway, so I doubt the money would be best used.
So I'm sticking to Spotify.

I've made a 5 track Ambient Techstep remix EP of Dak & Lopus sampling material. Anyone who wants to hear it should approach the usual distribution channels.
Right now I've just bunged it in my private Dropbox.

Sonic Pieces / Miasmah (Mi So) sound bite, March-April 2019
Cheers SP

Seasonal greetings!

It´s not really the time to talk about weather, but the seasons are still changing and some new growth is on its way. With a mixture of both hopefulness and darkness in the air, it seems like the right time to offer a new album by a duo that has a bit of both. We´re very happy to announce that the new Deaf Center album Low Distance (Sonic Pieces) as well as the 2019 edition of Owl Splinters / Twin (Miasmah) are now available from the mi - so store. 

We also want to use this opportunity to remind you about the ongoing Sonic Pieces 10 year celebration, which we started in Berlin last month. This April we are heading to Brussels, to first of all set up a Sonic Pieces exhibition, which will hang for a month at the Ancienne Belgique Café. Then on the 4th of April there will be a Sonic Pieces evening during BRDCST festival with live acts by Deaf Center, We like We and Rauelsson at the Cinema Palace foyer. We hope to see some of you there. More events to be announced later in the year. Meanwhile you can read a blog post about the Berlin 10 year anniversary event here.


I'm listening to the hyperbox lp now Dinsdale, and liking it. Similar to Chris Bissonette and ASC. I like the way the sound coheres through a generally cloudy atmosphere. As if, there are fragments of forgotten worlds waiting to be discovered in the soundscapes. Maybe maltreated or weak sonics, needing a place of their own. Lovely stuff. Very floaty and inconspicuous. "sunroom" is a early favourite. I cannot help but enjoy how the music just melts in the ear like whipped cream.

I'm happy enough with this ten (10) minute mixtape of alternative and ambient music by James Welch, Royal Lunch, Laurie & John, and Matthew Robert Cooper.

It's actually the 26th March today, I certainly do not remember producing this 2 days ago, as dated in the ID tag.

Eliane Radigue est. 1971-2009
16 h 14 disc box
I have all these already
Thats £58 to Eliane directly, for me just for 99cents.

Im exploring a few plans tonight for projects. Remembrances, alterations, circumferences. Like the "Sanity And Soundness" title on PCMS, im interesa in error : internal error, glitch theory, the rubbish of the universe at large. Quarks sinkholes in globe trotting, political theorems and policy. Unspoken divides. Unspoken as opposed to speech. Field recordings pan out this in wide range plus error, and antigens speak to the delta quadrant. Transhuman narrative and transferencia. Automation that goes wrong 🙇

The Power Of Love Remix by Jennifer Rush on 33rpm sounds better than on 45rpm. Very Vvm.

Cliff Richard - Ocean Deep on 33rpm is amazing. Incredible femme power.
Rounded off my listening with Ringo - Tenderment, and Gloria Estefan.

New album by Purl on archives

Also i have been listening to some older releases from Hakobune and Gallery Six;

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