For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

New FL. 9 minute 3 track piano minimalism EP. Some immediate feedback would be nice for once.

...that's the great thing about the ambient community, is the immediate feedback. It's a closely knit community, as cliquey as the individual, most people aren't..

I took the only physical version of this to my local record store on Monday. The peeps there are ofc allowed to copy it and share among friends, or sell it for profit.

Whatever, TripAdvisor recommended Lisbon in an email to me today. I've already been, by boat, but this tour in particular was prompted by listening to Bing Satellites and its exploratory tone.

On the link above:

Hakobune - Various

Includes: "One", "Wandering Towards What Was Unsaid EP", and much more.

This artist, Japanese as you could guess, is a musician I found reading my purchased copies of Wire Magazine in 2006-2008 era.

This is very haunting music, and some old new material, more obscure in the nature of the multi million songs deep Spotify catalogue, can be found through Alexa.

Putting that music on at lunchtime or late at night, in any case, on any platform is a real balm to the senses, helping one drift off to sleep, and find the unsaid...

To download some of Hak's music, search Bandcamp.

Anthene "Lost Channel" album on Archives:

His album for Whitelabrecs is also worth to give it a listen

from 1983:

(28th July 2019, 14:00)Statto Wrote: from 1983:


New Brian Eno record out. Comes with the remastered "Apollo" disc.
A few new releases on this excellent label

not sure whether I'd call this ambient, it's more like Can than anything, but it's really nice anyway... Bluesmiley


Hands In The Dark Records - Mick Buckingham

Having investigated the Hands In The Dark label before Fluid editorial, knowing it was a drone music outlet back then, later on
it has meta-mattered and metamorphosed its included albums to represent a clutch of somniferous styles. This latest offering is
curiously titled "How Deep Is Our Love" and while The Beegees might be a cryptic linguistic reference, the music, on the other
side of the world...yes, that is where it seems to be.

This music, from the very Harry Bertoia style of everything (see the Important Records Somnambient box) and Asher's "Landscape
Studies" from 2007, casts an impetuous drag-storm of thunder-tow. Mix and match words kind of thing...picking up a sense of
dread and try to connect the dots. This music has changed all that. In its earth's core, burning-furnace heathen style, the
sound of it never gets weighed down by endless collages of grey. Take a shade, cast aside a lead lure like a result of fly
fishing gone bad - you get the idea from this: it's a gathering storm of a record. Quiet and quietly intense, like a brow
absorbing wrinkles as it moves next to your fingers. It's full of menace, yet at the same time a paradox of sheer peace.

Maybe that was always the way with relief music, and relief efforts in general. The 1989 Virgin Records-organised classical 7'
"When Will There Be Peace" by various composers offered Unicef grouping and a chance for respite from the bad. While nearer the
last decade Fluid Radio has also put its hand in its pocket with the "Kanshin" double disc album (now sold out, but well worth
digging out). This music fits right in sonically, yet except the for-some triteness of yearning and its sensation, love is all
that doesn't exist in the universe. For me the social base of reality, in 2019, and as we edge into the 2020s, is that we have
narratively developed 20-20 vision; we no longer just have "love" without "relief". Or in other words, love and loss. The two
must go hand in hand, otherwise we seek to replicate World War II, and the effects of technological implosion. This record can
be seen as a successful balm to the Terminator-esque line of Sarah Connor: "there's a storm coming". Be here to witness it.

David Tagg- No One Came Out Last Night

Pretty good. In recent noteworthy stuff, Segues 3rd LP with Silent Season is here; Mick Chillage has a newold 25CD box on Fantasy Enhancing; and ASC and Bing Satellites have released records based on the moon landings and Thx1138, respectively

Ambient Schmambient, Glambient Pambient

Lately I've been drawn to the idea bubbling under, that life exists as an onion making us want to cry. How is that working in
the world at large today? It certainly throws reality for a loop. Lots of us have become so used to hurting each other, that a
balm for the pain - for me music - is one of the only ways I can protect myself from nasty and inconsiderate people.

Of course, most mean well all the time. And if it wasn't for cause and effect, none of this binaural ambience would matter. As
there is much to be said for psychic confusions and tensions, but that should not excuse nasty behaviour. I think what I'm
leaning towards with all this paragraph or two is, that: life exists as an onion, but we need more than ambience to help us heal
our pain, because ambience can also be dark, bleak, industrial. But it can obviously be very beautiful, too.

Ambience is ever evolving. Ambience is ever-living. And in the case of life itself, ambience is my lifeline.

The wife says ask her for my latest 2 downtempo and crossover mixes, made this afternoon. "Innocence Is Futile" and "Rethink Radio Mix"

not sure I'd really call this ambient, but anyway...


New dub - "Great Prospects" 3 minute loop, a project file for Ableton Live 8 Suite.

Mick Chillage - 09-19 (Fantasy Enhancing)

This huge collection of works from FAX label-renowned Mick Chillage, Pete Namlook's imprint for his space ambient and general
exploratory ephemera, finds his home on the Text label related Fantasy Enhancing sublet for a sizeable chunk of dronerie. And
the results are nothing less than exceptional, with 25 discs fully interwoven into a lush package of mossy electroacoustica.

Editing together a myelin sheath of warm and fuzzed-up drone Ambient sweetness, comparisons can easily be drawn to Pete Namlook
himself, and in stylistic textural counterpoint, Carbon Based Lifeforms. In fact the entire Ultimae catalogue is a point of much
conjecture to Mick's sound on these 25 CDs - and the good news is, you only need to listen to (any of) the first 3 hours to love
the soundscapes.

I think the fundamental enthusiasm of this Muzak is its ever-changing, ho-hum canvas of grandiosity. Broad frequency waves are
painted onto enwombing sub bass sounds; treble constitutes as bleeps rather than a tinny annoyance. This is a success of music of
its type: music with a locum analysis rather than a passing observation, a finnicky gimmickry or just simply flights of fancy.
The synths swell lightly, then taper off like a dapper haircut. The reverb intervention is heavy, and the delay is sensory.

Tieing the box set together is quality artwork, a well-sequenced continuous flow, and a bonus mix disc for buyers within the
first 50 boxes or so. Be warned though, there is a hefty price differential between the CD and digital. I'd go for the digital
myself if you have a Bandcamp account; save the 150 boxes for the collectors. £185 (yes, no baloney) is the collectors price at
this point in time, and I doubt the price will drop on eBay, especially not by the rate most loonies sell these objects for
nowadays. The digital price for 25 mixes is £25: £1 a (mix) CD.

Mick Chillage is not me - I only heard of his name after the FAX label oddities. But this stuff bears a lot of resemblance to my
own lofi drones and experiments. I'm sure many Ambient musicians will find something to enjoy here. Even if you don't, who are
you? This is a statement of intent, and in a world of vacuous "me time", there should be no ifs and buts about this music's chill.

chune dem

01. Forebode Pluck 00:00
02. Simple Homecoming Loop 03:29
03. Bench 05:53
04. Kiri's Glee 09:11
05. Coffin Knocker 12:22
06. Forebode Knocker 13:55
07. Yarraville Bird Phone 18:30
08. Primary Pluck 22:25
09. Flask / Abyss 24:56
10. Tobi Thwarted 28:18
11. Cannibal Homecoming 31:40
12. Banished Hymnal 35:14
13. Banished Cannibal 38:07
14. Goodnight Kiri 42:10

Other artist Bandcamp news

Archives, Whitelab, Opal Tapes, 36, Home Normal, have new releases in the last 2 weeks alone (1/09/19 / 14/09/19)

Spotify news

one of our favourite alt bands, and Bjork related, Bat For Lashes (or B F L) comes out with a new, iceberg solid album of ebm and gothwave Ambient, the best album of Natasha's yet, "Lost Girls".
this album just melts! it is chock full of bubbly vivaciousness, a feeling of dronerie, a solemnity, a organic/synthetic peace, and packed with a whole lot of love. stream for free, or own the cd from £10.

I've collected a few discs recently that are good studio rotations.

David Arnold / Paul Hart / David Snell - Minimalist II CD
39 tracks 73 minutes of full on orchestral drift; minus the pretentiousness of the minimalist overture.

Generative loops, free to stream, or join the fan club, and get over a hundred varied label releases

(19th September 2019, 17:21)Muttley Wrote:

Generative loops, free to stream, or join the fan club, and get over a hundred varied label releases
And another one:

47:39 new, follow up minimalism LP.

Do check the new albums by Kowalski Room, signed to Bing Satellites Bandcamp.

Additional vinyl copies of 36's latest album on too - "The Lower Lights LP", it's very special.

Revolvent Retrospectivity 200919

Adverts without music.
And music without adverts.

I want to talk to you about these things a little bit....
....but I'm afraid I'll be cut short.


fantastic new album from poemme

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