For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

I know the new Roger Eno - "This Floating World" record has finally come out, and that's grand and everything, but I'm equally as grateful for this wonderful gift from Norman Records

If you want to check out Eno's piano recitals on the "Recital" label ran by Sean McCann, then go here:

FR 206 - Hellenica - Land Of No Return

There are some lands you don't want to return to. Other lands you relish like a cool spring. "Land Of No Return" by Hellenica is very firmly in the latter camp, since it's full of vim, zest and a quiet opulence that is brought to life with the
use of electronics and recording every sound to a 1970s Denon reel-to-reel antique shop tape machine. Jim Demos gives archaic and expected info of the processes involved, which account for synthesis being treated with analogue warmth and stretched algorithms. This gives the land of no return a fitting alibi to become some life-changing power instead of out-of-date sour.

Indeed the lip-licking tastiness of the synthetic equations on offer amounts to delightfully peculiar and somewhat "quite"
music. Particular and artsy, arresting and dancefloor...a neat combination is reached. Yet it's very ambient. Comparisons that suit could be to Orbital's "In-Sides" album, and drones-wise, Aquarelle on the Low Point label. Jim Demos has produced very cleverly stitched together sounds that do not rely on fixation, instead need to be treated as a whole. They are rhythmically very odd - it always sounds like everything is "slightly" behind the beat, giving the record a feeling of instability. Yet the strength lies in well-put-together soundscapes, waveforms and transductions. It really is something of paradoxical oddity, like the occasional soaring electric guitars that almost create full-on power chord choruses out of the material.

There are also nods to The Caretaker/Leyland Kirby stylistically throughout, a general maudlin (not mawkish) fascination with the depressive states of antimatter and decompression from dementia. Another compliment related is that the music is very focused. Nothing outstays its welcome, there is a firm grasp of texture, modality experience, the reigning in of the by-standing public. That's also been something that's fascinated me about ambient listener-ships. There really isn't anything of a "following" except for touring artists, and producers like Hellenica often become forgotten in the detritus of "heard it once / no return". I am piqued to comment on this because of the title of the album, "Land Of No Return". If you think of the "land" as something of matter, like a fish, for example, then are we to simply take the nourishment or let it go? Are we as humans purely built for disposing of music so frivolously that we might as well catch pathogens through disease and decay? I think not. But it is a point I question only because of this new release.

And isn't that the point? Music is meant to make us feel good, and so is criticism, or social commentary, documenting, whatever you want to call it. With this collection of seventies-and-eighties-soundtrack pieces I found serenity in the solace of time. A strongly stirring record, I've not heard anything quite like the sounds of Hellenica here. Get the release before it too, may vanish into the land of no return.

Mario Diaz De Leon feat. Tak Ensemble - Sanctuary LP.
On Spotify.

by the way people, I've left my soundcloud collection online indefinitely for stream, but cancelled my £10 subscription that included sc go (7.99/1.99), since 3 months ago. it was too expensive for someone who gets given less than minimum wage and needs savings every day. sc is full of beautiful music by other producers that I produce for them with my ears and electronic neurotransmissions, everything always falls into place once the soundset has been immediately auditioned in 4 bars minimum.

Acronym - Malm (Field Records)

Im enjoying the Space Ambient playlist if you search "drone music" on Spotify to find it.
302 hours of neutrality drone if you put it on shuffle. Great for overnight sleepovers with the lover.

Scanner - Fibolae

The well-beloved to some but underappreciated to most artist Scanner makes a return to form on his new album, "Fibolae". Starting off as a progressive stretch around the coastline environmental tuning of artists such as Christian Fennesz and Timothy Hecker's champion style, the music soon discombobulates into a sultry and jazz inspired super cluster that is somniferous and soporific. Much of the tuning of the record intrinsically maps itself well to the pentatonic and chromatic scale. Pentones are used throughout to purify the illustrious webbing these feats of musicianship tread. In the same ordinance the listener finds an exotic late night club rhythm that I would not mind seeing recreated live.


“A pleasant diversion from the dead-ended fantasia of pseudo-escapism” ~ SubVersion
Hanetration - Ancients EP

I will do an audience friendly Xmas ambient mix for this thread called "Handling Normality"; a link on from Handling Grief and Handling Happiness mixes for the Subvert Central exclusive For The Ambient Lovers Mix Series. 

It will not be a yearly round-up, because now my archiving style is fluidly long haul, so I don't lose loads of data. I can no longer afford to archive to order because my brainbox is constantly redeveloping.


Environmentally and in the context of 745am on New Year's Day, I'm solvent and under the influence of the music I last took the ferry to Westerpark, Amsterdam with eight years ago..."No Two Things", a deep house exponent I clubbed to in Maidstone Great Britain River Bar with Aya, by Blue Six. This tune is so dreamy, it's one of my favourite records this lifetime.

It's on eMusic.

Robert Scott Thompson's new stuff is very pleasant. If you have heard "Telemetry" from SubVersion's "SlipStreamDreams" compilation on, why not check out "Alphabet Of The Trees" in the lineage of The Silent Shore?

Great debut album of Max Wuerden & Thore Pfeiffer (of Pop Ambient fame):

Carbon based lifeforms- derelicts 

Amazing set of files submitted to bandcamp.
Check it out if you can.

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