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I think we have kept ourselves comfortable in the idea of avoiding muddles. This process, is how we see England today. Anywhere we live, the results are only psychic. Muddling is mental confusion, a burden, a dead garden.

I like to think Ambient music is our life and love antidote.
In fact I think capability is much more than just words.

It's only Ambient for its amniotic crowdpleasing nature...howeva dis 1920s and 1930s hour long set I've just repotted off SoundCloud is indicative of a little gem lettuce like The Caretakers slowed down Ambient ragtime renderings. Healthy eating ladies and gentlemen. 


remember to check out the audio for the esteemed rime trails second on shimmering moods...

beautiful. just beautiful.

dave kirby on my stereo right now soothing the mind with its contrails lp scapes.

(28th March 2018, 18:31)Muttley Wrote: remember to check out the audio for the esteemed rime trails second on shimmering moods...

beautiful. just beautiful.

This is quite interesting, thanks for recommendation. Xyxthumbs

The Unidentified album on Shimmering Moods label just gets better and better with each other.

Kermit McBollocks sezz dis bee dee noou Piano Day 2018 Mixee by Low Light Mixes. One of a kind, you're basic, make haste and don't let yer snoozytime go two waist!

Right guys I've done this lil The Ambient Visitor FL Dubbing Mix - a combination of two tracks from The Ambient Visitor (Bing Satellites side project) that I liked enough to download for free from his Bandcamp page. The dubbing seems to sit well and not clash, we are both really pleased with it, and I hope BS likes it too. The effected dub comes in at 42 minutes in length, making a perfect 15 Minutes Of Fame themed mix for The Ambient Visitor specifically, as our series started at is files from 10-40 minutes (mini mixes, in basic terms). We mixed it in MixPad, a NCH software tool.

If subverts want an Mp3 of the mix, just reply to this post. Otherwise hit I up with a PM. Attention keeps I company, and I love feeling wanted. <3

"Paella Province" by NA is the latest release on NA is an alias for event themed excursions. I was thinking about Spain, so made music about it.
Name your price download, or if you are already subscribed you own it.

In this here ambient lovers alcove, I find time to ruminate on the pleasures of being an introvert. I cannot completely decide what I am, whether I am extroverted, or introverted. Basic logic says "introvert", also the reason I listen to lots of deeper sounds, or sounds deeper. I don't speak my mind a lot, and that's what extroverts do a lot. Ambient music, and music for that matter, is my real escape. It is perfect for introverted souls, because everyone can experience times where they need a friend. Travelling makes me who I am. Negativity is flushed out towards a betterment (neutrality). Neutrality keeps me afloat. As does a lack of rules. Stayed 18 stone dead in this nature for 5 years, at least. It's just a sign of the reactions to my introverted wonderment, and the being unable and to that extent naturally taken by life. I am taken by life in the way that a fish rises onto a hook; there is a juncture of bait, and like many others, I mostly take it. In this sense introverts are ripe for being exploited if they do not fight for what they want to see happen, despite the oxymoronic nature of fighting for what's right being something still corrupted to fathom. Kneejerker jerks with their putdowns create no stable currency for the world we live in; they are wasting their lives being angry and conceited, and ultimately, they need to grow up. Funny, too, that I find very few of these extroverted "hard as nails faux hipsters" as never knowing real depth.

rocks sliding over a sunny skyline
split screen view
like a thunderbolt from the ultra wormhole

There are many travels that feel like explicit tests, ones where we uncover the true nature of ourselves, what it all means,
and where our fate leads us. In music, it's better to say "with music" to a lonesome traveller. Because like a psychological
strategy board, or a penny slinger at a concert, it says much more than just what dialectics can. On this transmission from
Psychological Strategy Board group on the (sehr) experimental international label Front & Follow, there is a very Germanic,
Berlin school of electronic Musik referencing that contrasts not so heavily with the earlier landmark "14 Versions Of The Same
EP", with reincarnations from Isnaj Dui and Leyland Kirby amongst the alumni that specific time, here is Penny Slinger's turn.

I would like to think of travelling as a strategy board. But then, is it? Simply. God is a question, the God particle, etc, in
scientific theory, is questioning of your spiritual aims, even if you're primarily an atheist like me. I haven't come here to
spew about religion. The point in process is that I make the contradistinction for you between individual psychology
(part of the belief system of the individual) and group belief (a diluted but paradoxically much more powerful beast) that can
cause either uplifting counsel, or serious damage.

In my last 15 or so reviews for Fluid I've made references to a triad construct of non-belief, neutrality and belief, much like
any other reviewer here does in one way or another. I am speaking for how psychology informs the decisions the music "seems" to
take on the listener, not the overall root structure of theology or denomination. I think very little about things like that. I
leave separatism to the theorists. Anyway, this release is uplifting, most definitely. Like a thunderbolt from the ultra wormhole,
splitting the listener's preconceived notions of right and wrong down the middle with a split screen virtual view, the field
recordings here sound like rocks sliding over a sunny skyline: warm and momentous, filled with gravity and temporal fascination.

Meanwhile, bleeps and bloops take on a reductive and partisan quality, an algorithm loosened the shackles upon and left to drift
into a vaporous chasm. On "Expression In Ruins" it's all very daunting and omnipresent indeed, whereas "Rats In The Walls Of Our
Mind" touches on that metaphorical patchwork laid by PSB to form meanings out of molehills. Horns at the tail end draw comparisons
to Rob Thorne's last collaboration album (reviewed on this site). That the music sounds utterly bereft of buoyancy, is its very
terminative quality - the psychological off switch, pass go, collect $200 and stop, as Monopoly might reinvent.

Much of the record has a interlude feel, like the next 1 minute 15 second aviary of birdsong, and referenced by "Out Of Formation
(Out Of Duration)". Musically, this stuff sounds like it was produced on a Moog. Either that or a high end keyboard or software.
I am highly impressed with it, I love it, I think it's a classic. And like reggae, there is a dubbed
quality to the tapes that warrants repeated listening. I find the textures highly intriguing; how their shapes and contours are
formed out of loquacious sound design that seems more by chance than design, but totally random (genius) and hence genuine. It's
like a collection of words that needs to be read as a whole to make sense of it, instead of skimming for specifics.

After all: whoever found a penny slinger to a beggar, or a psychological strategy board in a charity shop?
I don't think so.
This album comes very highly recommended!

^ "Penny Slinger" by Psychological Strategy Board is an album I've had properly copied to me for a couple of months for review purposes. It took the longest turnaround of all 214 articles I've completed for Fluid Radio in 7.5 years worth of time writing for them. Best to be accurate.
It's made up of lots of lo-fi samples from various sources, some seemingly my Dubtron2 experiments, although I wouldn't slander. This is great stuff and the developers deserve all the praise (Psychological Strategy Board band). Smile

#focileft #label will have new music on my bandcamp soon. There is talk of a repression themed studio album after i return from a 3 year waited holiday. The last hols lp, "Luv", was a best seller. Think of this as a sequel. Smile

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