For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

Thanks ML.

This was not intentional, my post here, but we've now hit upon this thread's eight-hundredth active post! Amaaaaaaazing, huh? Anyway, I had a free download to share, on SoundCloud.

Freshly orchestrated synthy dream I knocked out earlier this afternoon.

"Dark Mild" was a £4.50 offer of beer at my local Superfoods market, 3.2 percent strength, and very nice too. Dunno if it's too heavy on my palate to buy again at the moment, but still, a change.

This track of the same name is in .wav format to download on the website, SoundCloud. Hit the "download" button and they should sort you out. Like, share, comment, whatever, I love you either way.

I am by no means an expert regarding ambient, however I stumbled across the following which has - at least to me - a very "ambient-y"-feel:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

New Halftribe album on Dronarivm:
Nice one.

The Sight Below - At First Touch (Spotify)

Minimal techno never sounded so rich and dreamy. The Sight Below, also known as Rafael Antoni Isarri, is an artist I have paid for in full live at Cafe Oto in 2010, along with Lawrence English and Liz Harris (legendary collab show!) I am telling you about this music as an appreciator first and a writer second. I miss these kind of nights, where I'm not half asleep, naturally high without amisulpride and out of it on prescription. Clarity when approaching any atmosphere greatly helps ignite and start an ergonomic process of evaluation in the listener's mind. One starts to question: "who, what, where" and "how, when, if", as much as untoward "why, whichever" and finally "of course". The result is important, functional music, written by Derek Walmsley of Wire as "just soundtracks to your memories" in 2007-2008 archival copy, but that description is as deep as any question can be about music.

The music, of course, is contortedly beguiling; fictional scenes play out in our heads as we listen, and as that listening is spaced out, so we space out too. Strange, huh? Not really, and not that it matters. It could all be to do with the sight below, a fond measure of the plight between artist and audience. What is under the covers - a false widow spider, harmless and friendly? Or a real poisonous nipper, something to avoid?

Oftentimes the regular antics of differentiating and disseminating between so-called red ants and red herrings is a taxonomical viaduct that musicians like Canada's Isarri has perfected perfectly. Recommended if you like: ASC, GAS, The Black Dog, RQ, Lopus, Laurent Garnier, Surgeon, Bvdub, and Bing Satellites.

New peaceful Ambient snippets...

Megaton Lariat:
Mystic River Mix:
Acres Of Space:

02.12.19 Edit - I might include a couple of these in a fresh artists mix I'm making in the late night Xyxthumbs

I made a new 15 minute live set in the studio at lunch time. I'm working further with smooth glissandi of piano and soft beds of drone, live.

Similar sounds injected with a proper baritone vocal can be found in your local record shop right now, with Nick Cave - Ghosteen LP.

The sounds I made earlier will be regurgitated at some point in some shape or form, as we record everything in the studio 247.

There were some new themes in there, new techniques. Will try and form the latest release on Bandcamp further (the LP folder).

It doesn't matter if I don't press record any more. And sometimes that's ambience too - the lack of structure.

Whereas post punk was "rip it up and start again", I found too many people making post punk to be aggressive dumb snobs.

In culmination I guess this is why I don't go to gigs for an entertainment purpose. Most are too busy genuinely wanking themselves silly.

So I got some time to unwind with a headphones mix tonight - made in Mixcraft 6, Acoustica Audio Mixer 8 Upgrade

Beauty And Anxiety

Artists include (in a hot pot)

Marsen Jules
One Day Soon
Steve Roach
James Murray
+ FL interlude to open

Hey I got you a link and everything Kisskiss

Peggy Gou - DJ Kicks

Really nice club room / installation space ambiences and Balearic beats.

This is relatively "new" music from Gou, mixed together, but as you will notice from Peggy's page, there have been many newer releases since. Enjoy, it's wixxed.

In music buys, the Joy Division compendium across 2 CDs and 20+ tracks with an Ian Curtis interview / Peel Session is great ambience. Especially if you pitch it down to -10 wide on the CDJ.
Also Abbado Mahler interprets Gustav Mahler across 11 symphonies CDs boxset. Great big long thing.

Half five in the morning, second day of 2020, on headphones. Four minutes long, good as a loop piece. I tried not to drag this one out too long. It's got a very SAW vibe to it, almost totally derivative of that era.

I use dithering on the automation to create the cutoff and frequency division. Same as adjusting levels whilst playing. There's a lot of peace in the harmonic gradations, as well as a genial compensation ordinance to repeated plays. In other words, there is density and depth, rather than just doom and death.

Looking forward to churning more of this kind of thing from my beer-sobering belly over the Winter to Spring season change. I genuinely enjoy making stuff like this the most. There are a lot of options as a seasoned producer, but I will always find refuge in Ambient.

FL - Slipping Into The Pensioner's Vortex (SoundCloud)

As ever, whenever I update this topic, I remain reasonably naive as to its overall readership. But the figures of recorded activity are clear. 419 thousand plus. So here's a SC link to a premastered mix of "Purified Water", a anecdotes and synthesis in a modular style, at 630am low volume in the studio this morning.

There is a alternative mix of this, which is in the "Eat Yr Spinach" release on as a current upload.

Thanks, as ever for just allowing me to get on without prejudice, haters and any of that nonce-sense I have never experienced.

04022020 Update:
Around 4am this morning I woke up and decided to work on Ambient at low volume, no drums, no beats. This track, one of three added to "Eat Yr Spinach" LP, is the most concentrated result. "Honey And Milky Tea" may only be 2m30 or so in length, but it's meant to be played as a loop anyhow.

Follakzoid - I

Third time giving this a focused listen, on CD. So amazing. Minimal techno, but so ambient it's silly. Warbles and bassline bloops, shimmering synths, tremolo on overdrive, a distanced mood, and a feeling of dread. The occasional disembodied voices remind me of BOC and Squarepusher.

Sarah 37 seven inch record - "Nothing Ever Happens"

Shoe gazing meets post punk, quite unlike anything this quality for a whole, but then it is from 1990. That's almost as old as me. I just really like the jauntiness of it, esp on 33rpm, where Ian Curtis and the mophead mods come out to play to raid your skeletons in the closet. It's definitely unfettered as a significant piece of history, goes for up to 40 Euros second hand on Discogs, I was lucky to get this much cheaper, and if you have a retro vinyl system you can tune into medium wave radio on the dial while it plays to interfere with the frequencies, although don't believe my claims, you know I don't live here.

36 & Zake - Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel


Has long since sold out after its Boards Of Canada like-label inception. The first track, is a fantastic piece of work, reminiscent of early 36 and the ASIP label additions as a whole. 
Zake owns the PITP label this comes out on 31st Jan 2020, and he defo adds something like oblique sun rays to the melting pot. 
As a general angle the music tracks afaik are around 6 minutes plus of lushness. Extended hypersleep mixes complete the picture. 
What you want to know is available purchase options, so, £5 or so in converted dollar for the complete long form album (LP). Only the digital format remains. There were 300 copies of the first pressing. 
By pre-ordering MP3s you get one track now; the rest 31st Jan release. 
The first offer track is so rich and yummy it's impossible not to revel.

^ Statto, I recommend you check that one out. You're the only regular person I can be bothered recommending stuff to online these days. I email here because my mail box takes ages to load (they're very full of messages, eek). I don't even bother with FB or Twitter much now, only for reading feed by feed. It's just all too confusing, too nebulous and strand-like, like a seafront of fish with no home to go to.

(20th January 2020, 08:18)Muttley Wrote: ^ Statto, I recommend you check that one out.

Very peaceful Bluesmiley Smiley — it reminds me of Eno's Discreet Music.

PS. Tamaryn - Cranekiss didn't do anything for me though. Too much the synth pop side of post punk Icon_razz

Discreet Music is a great album, always was. Eno, think I've met him a few times, like a lot of people, but I'd never properly know, except he looked like Eno, and his first name was Brian. Lol
Cranekiss is basically synth pop, but I picked up a certain punk spunkiness to it all. She's a decent singer for sure, not wailing at all, and there's a lot of shimmer in those vowelled vows.

I don't have a lot of recollections at the best of times. I kind of exist in stasis myself; ejection and engagement was a subject covered in the first FTAL mix; forgetting the second; concrete matters 3rd.
Fourth was tension, fifth was grief. It's a bit like a magpie mulligan. One for sorrow, two for joy, three a girl, four a boy, five a new thing, six an old, seven a story never to be told.

I'm sure there was past 7 FTAL 45 minute mixes, although I'm really struggling to remember past 5. One I do know as a series thing was a David Bowie tribute called "Ground Metropolis". That was 006 I think.

So maybe "A Story Never To Be Told" is a reasonable idea for 007! Bit like James Bond: ooh the fractious links and meta detail.

FTAL Mix 007 - A Story Never To Be Told

New arrivals...

Nicolas Godin (the man behind Air) (Spotify)
Kali Malone - The Sacrificial Code (Spotify)
Tall Paul - Iced Cold Grooves (CD Mix) (many new tracks on Drone Zone) 
R Plus (man behind Faithless with Dido)
Sheryl Crow- Threads (CD featuring Stevie Nicks)
Slomo - The Bog (drone featuring Julian Cope)


Stubled across the following recently: Kaito "Hundred Million Light Years" from I think 2006:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

I'm not asking for handouts, I'm on disablement allowance, I don't need to beg.
But, if you did have 50p for this Ambient album to be in your collection, much appreciated. It's name your price.
Or you could spend your money on dis recommended nugget...

Ishmael Cormack - Ammil (Krysalisound)

Thanks everyone. For your own enjoyment: search Korg Kaossilator in the next week until the price goes back up to £17.99, because currently this application is free. It's a all-in-one solution for casual sound designers on the go. 

Similar goes for the Moog One for Apple ios. 

foci left private ema9l.
A false memory murdered everything.

Sitting reminiscing to the electroacoustic excellence of Eno (Roger).
#nowplaying "Swimming" (1995)

Thanks for being there at Sparkys open mic parties for 3 years friend...

Latest mix, have at it. Includes Mike Oldfield, Bent, David Cross & Peter Banks, and Richard Skelton on Alexa.

A little play list started of ambient pop music:

Bat For Lashes - Trophy
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Goldfrapp - Time Out From The World

I'll return to this. Smile

If you enjoy Goldfrapp, check out their Spotify play list under the name of their track above.


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