For The Ambient and mixtape archive 001

Thanks ML.

This was not intentional, my post here, but we've now hit upon this thread's eight-hundredth active post! Amaaaaaaazing, huh? Anyway, I had a free download to share, on SoundCloud.

Freshly orchestrated synthy dream I knocked out earlier this afternoon.

"Dark Mild" was a £4.50 offer of beer at my local Superfoods market, 3.2 percent strength, and very nice too. Dunno if it's too heavy on my palate to buy again at the moment, but still, a change.

This track of the same name is in .wav format to download on the website, SoundCloud. Hit the "download" button and they should sort you out. Like, share, comment, whatever, I love you either way.

I am by no means an expert regarding ambient, however I stumbled across the following which has - at least to me - a very "ambient-y"-feel:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

New Halftribe album on Dronarivm:
Nice one.

The Sight Below - At First Touch (Spotify)

Minimal techno never sounded so rich and dreamy. The Sight Below, also known as Rafael Antoni Isarri, is an artist I have paid for in full live at Cafe Oto in 2010, along with Lawrence English and Liz Harris (legendary collab show!) I am telling you about this music as an appreciator first and a writer second. I miss these kind of nights, where I'm not half asleep, naturally high without amisulpride and out of it on prescription. Clarity when approaching any atmosphere greatly helps ignite and start an ergonomic process of evaluation in the listener's mind. One starts to question: "who, what, where" and "how, when, if", as much as untoward "why, whichever" and finally "of course". The result is important, functional music, written by Derek Walmsley of Wire as "just soundtracks to your memories" in 2007-2008 archival copy, but that description is as deep as any question can be about music.

The music, of course, is contortedly beguiling; fictional scenes play out in our heads as we listen, and as that listening is spaced out, so we space out too. Strange, huh? Not really, and not that it matters. It could all be to do with the sight below, a fond measure of the plight between artist and audience. What is under the covers - a false widow spider, harmless and friendly? Or a real poisonous nipper, something to avoid?

Oftentimes the regular antics of differentiating and disseminating between so-called red ants and red herrings is a taxonomical viaduct that musicians like Canada's Isarri has perfected perfectly. Recommended if you like: ASC, GAS, The Black Dog, RQ, Lopus, Laurent Garnier, Surgeon, Bvdub, and Bing Satellites.

New peaceful Ambient snippets...

Megaton Lariat:
Mystic River Mix:
Acres Of Space:

02.12.19 Edit - I might include a couple of these in a fresh artists mix I'm making in the late night Xyxthumbs

I made a new 15 minute live set in the studio at lunch time. I'm working further with smooth glissandi of piano and soft beds of drone, live.

Similar sounds injected with a proper baritone vocal can be found in your local record shop right now, with Nick Cave - Ghosteen LP.

The sounds I made earlier will be regurgitated at some point in some shape or form, as we record everything in the studio 247.

There were some new themes in there, new techniques. Will try and form the latest release on Bandcamp further (the LP folder).

It doesn't matter if I don't press record any more. And sometimes that's ambience too - the lack of structure.

Whereas post punk was "rip it up and start again", I found too many people making post punk to be aggressive dumb snobs.

In culmination I guess this is why I don't go to gigs for an entertainment purpose. Most are too busy genuinely wanking themselves silly.

So I got some time to unwind with a headphones mix tonight - made in Mixcraft 6, Acoustica Audio Mixer 8 Upgrade

Beauty And Anxiety

Artists include (in a hot pot)

Marsen Jules
One Day Soon
Steve Roach
James Murray
+ FL interlude to open

Hey I got you a link and everything Kisskiss

Peggy Gou - DJ Kicks

Really nice club room / installation space ambiences and Balearic beats.

This is relatively "new" music from Gou, mixed together, but as you will notice from Peggy's page, there have been many newer releases since. Enjoy, it's wixxed.

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