For The Closcrete and mixtape archive 001

I have anoher promo overdue exposure here by Expo 70. "America Here And Now Sessions" is a typically long and krautrock-y spiel on the Essence Music label. Think Ad Noiseam multiplied by Boards Of Canada and mastered by noise for noise's sake James Plotkin. And that's without really listening.

POLYNA - "I Just Wanna Have Some Fun"

UNDO RECORDS present POLYNA's new digital single

[Image: e9pCIY-9DwY]

East London based Polyna originally hails from a ‘dark town’ in Siberia
– one, which doesn’t appear on any map–
a Plutonium making town, no less.

Polyna's music is a collection of Arctic,
frosted art-pop with emotional and sometimes
dramatic intimacy.

Polyna’s third single ‘I Just Wanna Have Some Fun’ is
accompanied by an innovative, fashion-oriented video in
collaboration with the iconic doll by Popovy Sisters, directed by
Ekaterina Belinskaya, produced, choreographed and styled by
Polyna. The video becomes a new word in art and fashion
worlds because of its unique combination of a stop-motion
animation and a video shoot. The single goes with the
collection of groovy remixes by Syndicate and Nikonn.

Watch the amazing brand new video clip of "I Just Wanna Have Some Fun"

buy on itunes

UNDO Records
visit UNDO web store

A FTCL 45 min promo mixtape 001 is my next step for this thread.

(26th July 2017, 09:17)Muttley Wrote: "James Brown's orgasmic banshee outpourings haunt conversations about race, class and music much as it did in the 1960s, and they are also framed in which different ways did music get consumed and considered in the African-American community". 

Wire 400, p. 40

"In this first For The Closcrete Lovers Mix 001", DJ Muttley explores the relationship in David Toop's Wire 400 magazine article, referencing the purposefulness of utility in music as a conduit making it inseparable from sonic art. Toop's argument: when music wasn't thought of as furniture, and furniture for music halls was taken away, the dance floor soon followed, gains credence in the wake of funk, but also the dissemination keyboards had on improvised music. A varied selection, "They're Always Lies" is titled as such by a lyric in the track "Something to Believe In" by folkies Clannad..."all the things they promised, they're always lies". This also speaks for postapocalyptic dystopian visions, fomo (fear of missing out), inflation, and periodic clutter ideology. Hats off to Mutters for the share". ~Andy Poplin, Nightshift Magazine.

The Emancipation Procrastination album on Bandcamp. Recommended.

Lots of work on this, lots of work. Glueing and reshaping tracks, delaying tracks, comb-filtering name it!

01. Macc & Fracture - Murphy [delay mix] (13Music 12' 2004)
02. Alexander Thomas - Pewter Flecks (Helium CDR 2008]
03. SKC & Dis - Sacrifice [half master, half comb filter mix] (OBSEssions 12' 2005)
04. Marina & The Diamonds - Fear And Loathing (Electra Heart CD 2012)
05. Photek & Teebee - Mercury (Subtitles 12' 2005)
06. Broken Library - Cadillac [reverb mix] (Jigsaw CD 2016)
07. Burial - Dog Shelter (Untrue LP Hyperdub 2007)
08. Bjork - All Is Full Of Love (comb filter mix 2017)
09. Dom & Roland - Prisms (31 Records 1996)
10. Format Zero - Optic (Bio-Shield 12' 2005)
11. Resonant Evil - Violater (Dubplate 2005)
12. Helios - Soft Collared Neck (Type 2007)
13. Cartridge - Another Way (Free download 2008]
14. A-Sides & Calibre - People Of Tomorrow (Eastside 2004)
15. Goldie - You And Me [time-stretched downtempo mix] (Timeless Metalheadz CD 1994)
16. Pilote - Kratez (Subvert Central Digital free download - - 2006)

Recorded at 85.8 BPM in Mixcraft Studio 6 at Squatch Lair Studios, Oxon, UK.
Find more muttley mixes at and
Anyone want a download or at least to listen? Smile
Lots of love xxx
Hugs Dance Hugs

Nova Flares - Nova Flares

"Summer Colours" starts with honeyed guitar, and a tambourine shake blowing in the breeze over hushed jazz drums. Proceeds to
a kind of ice cream sundae of the type The Shadows and "Wonderful Land" in the 1960s partook in devouring. This EP is lovely.
Incredibly sunny and refreshing, so positive and peaceful.

In total oppositorium to peace, quite possibly, I have just dl the new NiN LP "Bad Witch" from eMusic, given that I played a part in naming all the tunes. I'm not Trent Reznor though, I'm Mick. Foci Left. It was in asylum, an album concept. I thought it was pretty contrived, but I thought the angle was original. Maybe that's all Trent cared about. Chin

New versions of "Sweet Like Chocolate " w a dub mix by Hollie Cook on her BC page now.

In classical Foci Left news, I have a new closcrete record available as the last ten or so segmenti on my VN-13 Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. My SO is offering streams and downloads. "Love Ain't A Love Song", covered by Joe Bonamassa on "Different Shades Of Blue", is reshaped in my extended version. The title is ontological: "Love Ain't Love". What does that mean? It means dear reader that love is action not registry that the action has been undertaken.

John Williams - More Spanish Music (classical geetarr on 180g vinyl, in Rapture's recent sale, reduced from £4.50 to £1).

Stop logging me out repeatedly admin! I'm only trying to be proactive adding to archives instead of flogging dead horses and talking like it's the end of the world...or Photek's latest record. Cripes by the nature of this forums demise you think it was run by imbeciles with one track minds who had never heard anything else than drums and bass! Lol

Back on track...

The latest Molly Burch - Ballads 7' vinyl is a special lil' somethin'. For fans of Bjork and Average White Band.


Of course I love everyone. It's just that work gets draining, doesn't it bra? Bra bred. Working being living for the standard clinically depressed amongst us...

Right now the Molly Burch 2-tracker has ended. I'm going to get out a pack of 5 seven-inch-a-month records from Flying Vinyl. Cncelled sub long ago, 2-3 years ago In fact. They are still releasing.

Flying Vinyl's Craig Evans has put out a handful of official label things since, I have not been keeping track. But there is at least one twelve inch out there. Smile

Bands like In Heaven, Willie J Healey, Black Honey, Dream Wife, and dozens more I have on around 12-15 packs of records. Would I sell them? Likely not for a while. Because right now, they're worth peanuts.

I cdn also drastically remix them each time using my brain electrodes and vinyl reel-to-reel retro system. Which is also worth peanuts - it can do a lifetime more than it is worth, in the right hands only.

Yesh, it is good living in such small means.
One of the things that interests me, like the space in discrete music, when it isn't ambient music. Like, a transconfiguration of "installation space moderation" combined with "logic and reason" as physical forces and timecode variable.
An interesting question is: "How can you justify building a installation, a room, or an aether, to perform discrete (or ambient) music, when there is so much clutter already in the isolated space?

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