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I was listening to Bjork and John Butcher this morning Statto. 

Well technically, it might be another Bjork (Bork Bork) side project. Or it could be another. 

If you go to you will see what I see. 

I am referring to the two Unknown Artist albums with Bjork collaborating on them. / / / / 

I will never leave.

#444 shortlist:

Georg Graewe & Sonic Fiction Orchestra - Fortschritt und Vergnügen (Random Acoustics)

Alexander Hawkins - Togetherness Music for Sixteen Musicians featuring Evan Parker & Riot Ensemble (Intakt)

My Heart, An Inverted Flame - Plague Notes, Unnamed, Unknown, A Finger Dragged Through Dust (Zum Audio / Deathbomb Arc / tUMUL)

Venus Ex Machina - Lux (AD 93)


I h a v e n ' t ea t e n. Half bag salad. 

Makes wevvy gd writing technoidafunkamibob. 



Lots of good things on Resonance FM archives recently. 

Having fun l i s te nin g to Derek Walm sley and Anne Hildur Neset. 

DJ Muttley / / / / 

I will never leave.

This is entertainingly silly... Smiley Bluesmiley

#445 (long) shortlist:

AGF & Various - Arachnesound (AGF Producktion)

Alexandre Bazin - Oceans / Dream-Land (Cassauna)

Binker & Moses - Escape the Flames (Gearbox)

Futari - Beyond (Libra)

Roscoe Mitchell / Jerzy Mazzoll / Sławek Janicki / Qba Janicki - Four Sure: Live at the 11th Mozg Festival 2015 (Muzika Z Mózgu / Bocian)

Dr Matthew Welch - A New Compleat Theory for the Highland Bagpipe (Kotekan)


#446 shortlist:

Aki Onda & Nao Nishihara - Kouya-e-to (Ftarri)

Pat Thomas & The Locals - Play the Music of Anthony Braxton (Discus)

Samba Touré - Binga (Glitterbeat)

various - Miniatures 2020 (The 62nd Gramophone Company)


Lovely flowery vignettes / / / / 

I will never leave.

#447 shortlist:

Yuko Araki - End of Trilogy (Room40)

Can - Live in Stuttgart 1975 (Mute / Spoon)

Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Ding Dong. You’re Dead (Rune Grammofon)

Paranoise - Noizu / The 2nd Act (Skank Bloc)

Phicus - Solid (Astral Spirits)


Carry on pretending I'm dead / / / / 

I will never leave.

(21st May 2021, 20:48)Muttley Wrote: Carry on pretending I'm dead


In upward of essences, The Wire latest is a radio-themed babbling on about 100 different, rated radio stations / / / / 

I will never leave.

Dredge - Meteorology - exclusive 8 minute weather forecast of early Summer - for Peter Van Cooten - private stream (respond if interest)

Regardless of how taken you are with meteorology (the study of weather systems), this new track by Dredge, the alias Mick of Foci's Left label and FL uses for drawn-out basic drones, is at least something to attempt questioning. Mick saw a heavenly axis approach the end of Summer last year (2020) and wanted to capture one year (then) to Summer anew (now).

With lighter reverberation, mainly banded by succulence in insomniac synthesiser territory, Mick sent this out when the piece was at least audible - and unpredictable enough - to be repeated six times its saved length. It is an idea Mick coined off Peter van C of Dutchconzertender -
the author of - for Peter's collection of advanced mix tapes that layer many tracks together in a time-logged, asteroid-crumbling fusion of parts. To the track's credit, it's achingly audible, but it's key to be very critical of, as such termed-"basic" by its writer, ambient and drone such as this.

The general arc of "Meteorology" appears, sonically at best, to describe weather in a similar way to the diseased pandemic; that written, it's different, as Dredge does in the way it handles the memory of Summer itself - just see one of Dredge's key music inspirations: the dragged-out inflecting of Leyland James Kirby and, to its end, the sometimes aptly classed "new age Muzak" of Robert Rich from around 1989 onward. Mike Buckingham, the maker of the Dredge alias and the Foci Left flashback repository of releases, narrows his artistic vision (Buckingham is 33, figuring the smaller influence belt) to somewhere similar to the Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christopher Willits sound of 12k Records. For all it explains about weather, it's simplistically whether or not, there is a parting shot at stargazing fiction, each feedback layer.

- Ask for an upload, this is unsigned Xyxthumbs / / / / 

I will never leave.

I'm well behind in this again Oops

#448 shortlist:

Dummy Plug Conspiracy - The First 30 Years (Dummy Plug Conspiracy)

Lauren Sarah Hayes - Embrace (Superpang)

Dave Holland / Kevin Eubanks / Obed Calvaire - Another Land (Edition)

Sana Nagano - Smashing Humans (577)


#449 shortlist:

Avant Joik - Live in Bergen (Bergen Kunsthall)

Kevin Richard Martin - Return to Solaris (Phantom Limb)

Gráinne Mulvey - Great Women (Métier)

Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellow (Movementt)


#450 shortlist:

Dal:um - Similar & Different (tak:til)

Datkid & Illinformed - Wakmo (High Focus)

Jim Haynes - When the Sky Burned (SIGE)

Siderean - Lost on Void’s Horizon (Edged Circle)

Thov G Wetterhus - Stålslått (Mottvind)


#451 shortlist:

Consorts - Distinctions (Spoonhunt)

Jana Rush - Painful Enlightenment (Planet Mu)

Télémaque - The King’s Hall Concert (New Jazz and Improvised Music)

Alex Ward - Gated (Discus)


#452 shortlist:

John Cage - Number Pieces (Another Timbre)

Keiji Haino / Jim O’Rourke / Oren Ambarchi - Each side has a depth of 5 seconds · A polka dot pattern in horizontal array · A flickering that moves vertically (Black Truffle)

Costin Miereanu - Luna Cinese (Dialogo)

Stylucipher x Sooncrazy - Stylucipher x Sooncrazy (Bandcamp)


Worth bothering with
Heavyweight thrash metal
No fairies allowed Mutley-ani1

;Wave: / / / / 

I will never leave.

Of course, I recommend "Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks Extended 2CD Edition", from Eno, Eno & Lanois (Brian, Roger, Daniel)

As well as the best 80s ambience in "Always Returning"

There is the funniest ambient air, "An Ending (Ascent)

On light, "For All Mankind", a softer non-dischordance. 
Decent value for money in your local record store

Hypno / / / / 

I will never leave.

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