buying one record reviewed in The Wire each month

I was listening to Bjork and John Butcher this morning Statto. 

Well technically, it might be another Bjork (Bork Bork) side project. Or it could be another. 

If you go to you will see what I see. 

I am referring to the two Unknown Artist albums with Bjork collaborating on them.

#444 shortlist:

Georg Graewe & Sonic Fiction Orchestra - Fortschritt und Vergnügen (Random Acoustics)

Alexander Hawkins - Togetherness Music for Sixteen Musicians featuring Evan Parker & Riot Ensemble (Intakt)

My Heart, An Inverted Flame - Plague Notes, Unnamed, Unknown, A Finger Dragged Through Dust (Zum Audio / Deathbomb Arc / tUMUL)

Venus Ex Machina - Lux (AD 93)


I h a v e n ' t ea t e n. Half bag salad. 

Makes wevvy gd writing technoidafunkamibob. 



Lots of good things on Resonance FM archives recently. 

Having fun l i s te nin g to Derek Walm sley and Anne Hildur Neset. 

DJ Muttley

This is entertainingly silly... Smiley Bluesmiley

#445 (long) shortlist:

AGF & Various - Arachnesound (AGF Producktion)

Alexandre Bazin - Oceans / Dream-Land (Cassauna)

Binker & Moses - Escape the Flames (Gearbox)

Futari - Beyond (Libra)

Roscoe Mitchell / Jerzy Mazzoll / Sławek Janicki / Qba Janicki - Four Sure: Live at the 11th Mozg Festival 2015 (Muzika Z Mózgu / Bocian)

Dr Matthew Welch - A New Compleat Theory for the Highland Bagpipe (Kotekan)


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