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amp house techno ting intrusion dimension

Thread Contributor: +ToRMeNT++ Dimension Intrusion + .. house techno & ting

Population One - The Test


but I can't find that on youtube

LOVING the Santiago Salazar remix. I needed to hear this today. soothing.

Niko Marks/Carlos Nilmmns - Day of Knowing (Santiago Salazar Remix) - PLANET E COMMUNICATIONS, December 2015


this is why I will forever love Plastic City Records. Terry Lee Brown Jr. showcasing his infinite dub techno gold touch on the remix. heh. So good. Smile Forteba.. brilliant. The BDTom remix ain't too shabby either.

Laszlo Szunyogh aka SpecDub (Hungary)

great release!




lush.  Locked into the live set as I post. Xyxthumbs

[Image: artworks-000121047032-r49oxi-t500x500.jpg]

SpecDub Live set in Holdudvar (Budapest,Hungary)

1,Miklos Vajda - The Sun Breaks Over The Montains (SpecDub Remix)
2,Mozambik Puzzle - Lawn (SpecDub Remix)
3,SpecDUb - Athlon (Original)
4,SpecDub - Ibiza Sunrise (Original)
5,SpecDub - My Soul (Original
6,Addex - The Line Control (SpecDub Remix)
7,Miklos Vajda - Dark Angel (SpecDub Club Mix)
8,SpecDub - Blackout (Original)
9,SpecDub - Savona Beach (Ilias Katelanos Remix)

(27th January 2014, 22:57)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Mouchette - Post Punk Disco Mix


Nag Nag Nag - Cabaret Voltaire
Cavern - Liquid Liquid
Wawa - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Heard It Through The Grapevine - The Slits
White Mice - Mo Dettes
Try - Delta 5
Contort Yourself - James White and the Blacks
Party Music - ESG
Shack Up - A Certain Ratio
Triangle - Delta 5
Hungry, So Angry - Medium Medium
Minijupe - Starter
Waiting for a Train - Flash & The Pan
Can't Go Out, Can't Stay In - Whitey
You Can't Be Funky - Bush Tetras
YUH2BM2 - Whitey
Stretch - Maximum Joy
Paperclip People - Throw
Miura - Metro Area
Part of You - Starter
Nag Nag Nag - Cabaret Voltaire

a search for "Bush Tetras" brought this one up – listening to it now



Robert Hood - Paradygm Shift Volume 1 - Dekmantel, February 2016

00:00_ Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure Pt. 1 (Frankie Knuckles Remix) 
02:00_ George Tounisidis - Funk Time
05:00_ Floorplan - Never Grow Old
08:00_ Ben Sims - Dollar Bill Y' All (Vocal Mix)
10:50_ Floorplan - We Magnify His Name
16:10_ Reese - Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix)
18:40_ Candi Station - Hallelujah Anyway(Defected Label)
25:00_ Inner City - Good Life (Pig & Dan Good Life Less Is More Dub Mix)
31:00_ Ben Sims - Love
34:50_ Lil Louis-French Kiss (Mark Broom Edit)

== Chic - I Want Your Love (Acappella) ==

38:00_ Santé & Sidney Charles - All Night Long
43:00_ Gary Beck - Get Down
44:45_ Floorplan-Baby, Baby
48:00_ Mark Broom - 133
50:00_ Paul Mac - Dry Run (& The Bucketheads - The Bomb)
52:40_ Ben Sims- Love and Hurt (Gary Beck Remix)
55:00_ DJ Dodger Stadium - One Who Lost BODY HIGH

== Chicago (america rock Band) ==

57:30_ The Bucketheads - The Bomb (John Mazella Remix) 
01:01:00_ Paul Mac - Treat Me Right
01:04:00_ Frankie Knuckles Director's Cut - You Make Me Feel
01:07:00_ Frankie Knuckles Director's Cut - Get Over You 
01:10:00_ BEN SIMS - Rise Your Hands"
01:12:10_ Shawn Christopher - You Can Make It (Brian Tappert Preacher-Man Mix) 
01:16:30_ Floorplan - Never Grow Old (Re-Plant) 
01:21:12_ Gary Beck-rascal
01:24:00_ Ben Sims - Something (Truncate Remix)



free download remix business:


pretty decent sort-of techno:

Bluesmiley Smiley

the new Floorplan record sounds pretty good as well:

which reminds me of this:


Locked into the new Horsepower Productions lp. Props to Rinse for the post.

heavier beats in the later half. Jungle finale to boot! Smile


00:00 | Legends
03:13 | GBU ft. Orson
09:10 | Justify ft. Harry Keyworth
15:15 | Bak 2 NY
21:36 | Kurosity
27:29 | Boardwalk Emperor 2
36:18 | Change
44:33 | Ruf Justice
51:17 | Good Ole Dayz
56:32 | Criminally Insane

Be happy Francois K is still doing his thing.

The world needs it. Smile

[Image: FK2-lablab.jpg]

I heard Chris & Cosey on the radio last nite.

It made me want to dig up the earliest stuff again. Smile


Raiz (Los Angeles, CA)

"Inner Sense" e.p. - VRV / Droid Behavior


Invert Music Group - Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, CA

[Image: template-rotator-572x275.jpg]



A.I. – Intro / Matrixxman – Earth Like Conditions (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
Par Grindvik – Eden (The Persuader Remix) [Odd Even]
Roland Werk – Aufstrich (Chris Colburn Remix) [favor.]
UVB – Focus (Original Mix) [Mord]
Lester Fitzpatrick – BS (Gary Beck Remix) [BEK Audio]
Dustin Zahn – Born Spark (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
Fixon – Mis Muertos (DJ Hyperactive Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Andre Kronert – Thrills (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]
FBK – An End & Beginning (Original Mix) [Absoloop Orange 82]
Blue Hour – Introspective ll (Original Mix) [Blue Hour]
Ed Davenport – More Life! (Original Mix) [Counterchange Recordings]
Mr. G – Binky’s Groove (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
Inigo Kennedy – Requiem (Efdemin ‘Journey To The Stars’ Mix) [Token]
Nikola Gala – Take Me (Original Mix) [Root50]
DJ Qu – Untitled (Hi-Life) (Original Mix) [Strength Music Recordings]
Titonton – Provocative (Maarten Mittendorff & Jasper Wolff Remix) [aDepth audio]
Makam – Loleatta (Original Mix) [Amulett] – Retroflection (Original Mix) [Mobilee]
Phil Moffa – Ignition (Original Mix) [The Corner]
Template – Telepath Response Unit (Original Mix) [Invert Music]
Inland – Sinker (Original Mix) [Counterchange Recordings]

[Image: artworks-000158805790-1jr9zu-t500x500.jpg]


Unbalance - Devastation (Original Mix) [Unbalance]
Yan Cook - Planet (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
Lucy and Klock - War Lullaby (Original Mix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Lag - Trema (Original Mix) [Mord]
Farceb - Kimera (Original Mix) [Circular Limited]
Alex Picone - Dry Scream (Original Mix) [Bosconi Records]
Orphx - What Will Burn (Original Mix) [Sonic Groove]
DJ Qu - Sweaty One (Original Mix) [Strength Music Recordings]
Maan - Lost (Original Mix) [Non Series]
Gingy & Bordello - Saturday Night Fervor (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings]
DJ Hyperactive - Venus (Ciren Remix) [CLR]
Matt Saderlan - Valve (Original Mix) [Tono Limited]
Ø [Phase] - The Chasedown (Original Mix) [Token]
Andre Kronert - Roll The Dice (Original Mix) [Stockholm LTD]
Casper Hastings - Last Days (Original Mix) [Invert Music]
Jeroen Search - Interference Pattern (Original Mix) [Affin]
Alexander D'niel - Inda Gruv (Original Mix) [Pentax]
UZB - Fast Forward (Leghau Remix) [Abstract Animal]


Sasha - Corvette (Original Mix) [Late Night Tales]
Scalameriya - Outcast (Original Mix) [Genesa Records]
Jay Clarke - Magnetic (Original Mix) [Klockworks]
Adriana Lopez - Metodo (Original Mix) [Grey Report]
Distant Echoes - A Last Shimmer (Original Mix) [Dystopian]
Ctrls - Vocabulary (Original Mix) [Token]
Jordan Peak - Cipher (Original Mix) [Balans Records]
Submerge, Ricardo Garduno - Unknown Move (Ritzi Lee Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Relapso - Evasion (Original Mix) [Relapso]
Pjotr G, Dubiosity - Evasion (Juan Sanchez Remix) [Lateral Fragments]
Etapp Kyle - Limb (Original Mix) [Unterton]
Ilario Alicante - Zenith (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
Tadeo - The Need Of Development (Original Mix) [Non Series]
Uncode - Nefti (Original Mix) [Sleaze Records]
Charles Fenckler - Frozen Room (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
Ctrls - Nonuser (Original Mix) [Token]
Tadeo - The Meta-Human (Original Mix) [Non Series]
Victor Calderone - Inside (Original Mix) [MATTER]
Israel Vines - WWKD (Silent Servant Remix) [Eye Teeth]
Staffan Linzatti - Control Room Failure (Original Mix) [Field Records]
Casper Hastings - Super Gram (Original Mix) [Invert Music]
Adam Marshall - Sunless See (Original Mix) [New Kanada]

Have you heard this lp??

BEAUTIFUL.  Truly. .. check the accolades on the bandcamp. Score for ASOK no doubt.

ASOK aka. Stu Robinson - Liverpool, UK

"A Mind Forever Voyaging" lp, April 2016

[Image: a0059109542_10.jpg]


Ibrahim Alfa - "Hidden by the Leaves" lp, May 2016


the first track on this is really nice:


not straightforwardly produced techno – here he is doing it live:

[Image: dunning-playing2.jpg]


Allergy Season (NYC) - Allergy Edits, Vol. 1 compilation

[Image: a0204852483_10.jpg]

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