+ Dimension Intrusion + .. house techno & ting

Asymptote, owner of Suburban Avenue (Rome, Italy), will mix the vol.1 which includes unreleased tracks by: Architectural, 2030, Zadig, Marcelus, Aiken, Birth of Frequency,
Fabrizio Rat - La Machina, ZIPPO, Mattia Trani, Alfredo Mazzilli, Binny, Kaelan, Ribé, 051 Destroyer and themselves.



Architectural - Vida Sin Luz
2030 - Surface Waves
Zadig - Inlandsis
Kaelan - Preface
Birth Of Frequency - Boss Frog
Aiken - Ion Chamber
Alfredo Mazzilli - White Autority
Asymptote - Shades of a Storm
Marcelus - TR_165
Ribé - Values
Z.I.P.P.O - Materia
Fabrizio Rat - Pensiero Fisso
Mattia Trani - Echoverse
Binny - It's Time
051 Destroyer - Velomorph

[Image: a0854519447_10.jpg]

Really digging the Kaelan (3KZ) , 2030 stuff



free 30 track download...


this is quite nice...


^^  Nice.   I have some early Alter Natives stuff from back when,  random soundcloud dl's, breaks / garagey tunes, future garage mixes from a few years back ( Chin is future garage officially retro now?  lol ). Been a long time since I checked the tunes. 

LOVE this Sully release.  




new Nocow triple series for February 2018. 


[Image: a1509524569_10.jpg]




Chikyu-u, quality newer deep house & techno label via Japan / Australia    

"Chikyu-U Unknown" e.p. January 2018






You know when you are reminded once again that John Beltran is a gift to music?  

His most recent "Moth" lp is one of those times. Mos def.  

Phonica: bit.ly/2gFqtRR
Rushhour: bit.ly/2xcss9L
Deejay: bit.ly/2eK9e4N
Norman: bit.ly/2gKt7ta
Red Eye: bit.ly/2f1Uqvt
Juno: bit.ly/2vJTJkK
Japhy: bit.ly/2fn4e6s


the NEW Nicolas Jaar / A.A.L lp is brilliant.  

" A.A.L (Against All Logic) 2012 - 2017" lp, February 2018


00:00 01 This Old House Is All I Have
03:40 02 I Never Dream
10:27 03 Some Kind Of Game
17:20 04 Hopeless
22:58 05 Know You
27:24 06 Such a Bad Way
32:18 07 City Fade
38:00 08 Now U Got Me Hoocked
43:50 09 Flash In the Pan
51:22 10 You Are Going to Love Me and Scream
56:59 11 Rave on You

Larry McCormick aka. Exzakt - Miami, FL    

"Intelectro" lp, December 2017


[Image: a3079645240_10.jpg]

[Image: artworks-000306370188-0gtact-t500x500.jpg]

Tracklistings Mixtape #296 (2017.12.27) : Larry McCormick - Best Of 2017 Electro



Tracklist :

01. Versalife - Qu/Ad [Transcendent]
02. Microlith - 8oh8 Freight [Central Processing Unit]
03. London Modular Alliance - The Mind Is a Terrible Thing [Brokntoys]
04. Gods Of Technology - Otherwhere [Crobot Muzik]
05. Vema-Diodes - La Haine [Crobot Muzik]
06. The Resonance Committee - We Are Visionary [Cultivated Electronics]
07. Noumen - White Silence (Morphology Remix) [Central Processing Unit]
08. Plant43 - Wire Wound [Shipwrec]
09. Transparent Sound - No Call From New York (Mr Velcro Fastener Remix) [Electrix Records]
10. Radioactive Man - Serving Suggestion [Asking For Trouble]
11. Jun Kimata - Two Billion Light-Years Of Silence [Forbidden Colours]
12. 214 - Deep Ellum [Lunar Disko Records]
13. Vertical67 - Morphed Reality [Brokntoys]
14. Benjamin Milz - Electric Current [Live At Robert Johnson]
15. Mstep - Annabelle [TRUST]
16. Ovatow - A Thought [Harbour City Sorrow]
17. Somatic Responses - Quchtk (The Exaltics Remix) [RAAR]
18. DeFeKT - MG2 [Cultivated Electronics]
19. Larry McCormick - Root Code [Shipwrec]
20. Zeta Reticula - Reticulum [Electrix Records]
21. Sync 24 x Privacy - Hard To Tell [Cultivated Electronics]
22. Umwelt - Escape To The Brave New World [Shipwrec]
23. Franck Kartell - Unalaska Island [Bass Agenda Recordings]

Hey there torment, something for your thread here. I had to set your posts to ignore because the video amounts were crashing my browser, as much as I loved the contents. So now I open the messages one by one and it's easier, with more interaction than before. I know ya won't mind, it's just the nature of the beast posting video embeds in a long thread.

This is a mini mix (sparingly mixed) spotlighting Jango Music, a house stroke techno label that has been quite active since the start of the year. Tempos manually changed between 80-120bpm.


cool!  thanks, will check the mix mon Mutter selector  ^^  Smile  

6:30 AM...  jalapeno cheddar chips for breakfast snackin (don't judge lol),  sleep... didn't really happen, yet..  heading out in a couple hours for winter dog walk..  OMG..  THE AMOUNT OF SNOW here...  

forever on a breaks house/techno obsessive hunt Icon_yippee , Brother Nebula on notice!



not sure whether I'd call this techno or not, but it's pretty good...


MuttleySubVersion techno of the week

Imre Kiss - Strangers (Lobster Theremin Records)

Mike Huckaby listens to stoner doom metal via Sleep.

and Madvillain .. and.... and... dude goes shoppin!

"... once a record store guy, ALWAYS a record store guy... " - Mike Huckaby

Ron Trent & Chez Damier - Prescription: Word, Sound & Power (LP) http://bit.ly/2DZRUzh
Aybee - The Odyssey (LP) http://bit.ly/2IZyLkM
Kerri Chandler - Leads & Bites Vol. 2 (12")
A Band Called Flash - ABCF (12") http://bit.ly/2pKPGPn
Sleep - Dopesmoker (LP) http://bit.ly/2GAW7ig
Sun Ra - Outer Spaceways Incorporated (LP) http://bit.ly/2Iat02n
Sun Ra And His Arkestra - At Inter-Media Arts Center April 1991 (LP) http://bit.ly/2GihEZI
DJ Paul Nice - Drum Library - Vol. 3 (LP) http://bit.ly/2GhK723
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (LP) http://bit.ly/2pJ64R7
Alice Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders - Journey In Satchidananda (LP) http://bit.ly/2I7S7D8
Chick Corea - Where Have I Known You Before / Return To Forever (LP)
Erotic Drum Band - Plug Me To Death (LP)
Madvillain - Four Tet Remixes (LP)
Floating Points - Elaenia (LP) http://bit.ly/2pJl3L0
Newworldaquarium - Trespassers (12") http://bit.ly/2Gb4IZP
Lootpack - Soundpieces: Da Antidote (LP) http://bit.ly/2IV6An8
Madvillain - Madvillainy (LP) http://bit.ly/2GhtjrQ
Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4 (LP) http://bit.ly/2GAPH2L
Pharoah Sanders - Karma (LP) http://bit.ly/2pLp010

0:00 Quiet nervousness
13:00 Moderate start
23:00 ...And central game
30:00 Promise
31:00 Queen a pawn
36:00 Glorious fight
39:00 H.R.H. Retreats (With a swing...)
48:00 ...And sovereignty
51:00 Drawn

long time since I listened to this...


^^  deep tune. 

New 3KZ is ace, as expected.  LOVE "Ascension".   




if you have a couple of streamable hours at your disposal, this Paula Temple set is rather phenomenal imo.

Extremely dark vibe to an appreciative floor.  Almost doom techno in places. The first 30 mins alone.. wow.  Moving stuff.  


Alden Tyrell - Interceptor [Clone Basement Series]
VII Circle - Alpha (Farrago Remix) [REM001]
Shlømo - Hardwave [ARTS031]
Dotwav - Gravitation [K015]
Shlømo - Parhelion [ARTS031]
TWCOR - Enemy Of Fate [PlanetRythm]
Paula Temple, Fever Ray - This Country (Paula Temple's DESTROY Remix) [Rabid Records]
Aoud - SE MKII [PS03]
Slam - Pantera [Soma Records]
Motionen - Escape Sequence [Ascetic 004]
Paula Temple - You Cannot Kill a Soul By Killing the Body (Live At Moogfest) [Fabric]
Slam - Constructivism [Soma Records] (Mixed togehter with Track above)
VII Circle - Eternal [REM003]
Casual Treatment - 99 reasons (Michal Jablonski Remix) [BCSDGTL002]
Rraph - Psychic Phenomena (Original Mix) [Quant QR010A]
Splinter (UA) - Explosion Fracture [CREDO25]
Cressida - God's Grace [MORDH003]
KOLDE - Vision 7 (Original Mix) [Kolde Records]
Alex Bau, Mikael Jonasson - Und3rjord [ODDEVEN017]
Sciahri - Faith Healing [BOP013]
CWS - Somewhere Else (Makaton's The Reckoning Mix) [Singularity Recordings ‎– SIN 022]
Bas Mooy - Kaayman Regiment [MORD 006]
Oscar Mulero & Inigo Kennedy - Catharsis [TOKEN78LP]

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