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past life connection
mixed, edited on sunday, february 19, 2017.
is our true a-z limited to one lifetime?

[00:00] dark city ensemble - ‘aquatica’ - urban imagery
[06:13] fred buddah - ‘untitled earth 1’ - urban imagery
[12:43] darand land - ‘we will again’ - confluence
[17:53] dark city ensemble - ‘drug i need’ - urban imagery
[24:13] fred buddah - ‘untitled earth 2’ - urban imagery
[31:53] deterministic finite automata - ‘organism of chance’ - urban imagery
[37:23] chris gray - ‘smoldering eyes’ - temporary state
[41:23] todd edwards - can't live without you - i! records ‎
[46:03] marc cotterell f. doreen younglove - ‘i’am’ - (chris gray’s deep4life dub) - minuendo
[50:53] chris gray - ‘freedom’ - saft
[55:03] chris gray - ‘sweetness you bring’ (sultry mix) - saft

3KZ.. fantastic!

"Not From Here" 12" (Balans Records, NL), May 2017




Great in depth lecture, and dialogue via Mikeq thoroughly explaining the current vogue & ballroom culture in 2017, and the continued evolution of ballroom beats of his own productions and Qween Beat associates. 

Always a pleasure.  Xyxthumbs Nice to hear some new mixes from the mon as well.  




and a reissue...




^^ good stuff!  Mor Elian "Sparkle Tube" is some good creepy funk .  C3P0 disco jam.  Xyxthumbs

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Mumdance drops this Photek remix 20 mins into the Kowton collab mix

I like it. I never heard it before.


I'm sure I've posted this pages back (?), but I always reference this, somewhere, anywhere.

I still have this 12". The fewer records you actually hang on to, let alone when you no longer dj... i've hung on to this 12" for decades now. Quality.

Still brilliant. Abstract electronic music will always have a place.


Despit the fact that I have quite a collection of Techno myself (mostly 1991-1995 stuff, basically before it became too "minimal")I haven't paid attention much to Techno in general for a long time. But every now and then I stumble across good stuff, like the following Smile

Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^ good stuff.

I geek out on stuff like this. If you think about, as generations succeed previous generations, fewer and fewer music fans will be appreciative of crate digging, and hearing o.g. names randomly talk about records & insights to earlier eras of musics. I mean, as a fan, random vids of Frankie Bones record shopping are like gold. A pleasure.

Dope. Smile Frankie Bones has a youtube channel too, seemingly posting such tunes from his collections and such, sharing background info on specific tunes as well.


"...Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and release tracks that would have been perfect for that era. Jason Warlock's track goes back to the Nugroove/Fourth Floor Days which might have wound up on Breaking Bones Records, or Kenny Dope's Dopewax Records. The strange part is it could have fit on any of our labels.." - Frankie Bones, March 2017

..This was supposed to be the follow-up to "Dangerous On The Dancefloor" which was by Musto & Bones featuring P.C.P. (People Can Party). RCA sold 125,000 12" singles with "Dangerous" and Sno & Unique who rapped on the track did something which was hard to do with Hip-House. Keep it authentic. They had better flow then everyone in the game. (LOL except for Loose Bruce - "Feeling Moody". And maybe Twin Hype.)

RCA records really was a bad experience for me. Major labels suck the soul out of everything you breathe if you happen to get a five or six digit advance. We had a pop hit which never happened because they couldn't get a proper video out. So it sat in the American Dance Chart for 12 weeks and got a lot of radio & club play.

The follow-up for Musto & Bones was the worst cut on the LP. R&B type fodder, it broke Tommy & I up as partners and I went back underground. PCP got their own deal on RCA, and six of the worst versions including two of our own ruined this record from ever seeing the light of day.

This ONE SPARE VERSION - The Brooklyn Hardcore Version was my stripped raw underground version. RCA almost rejected it. And here I am sitting here 26 years later, wanting people to hear something I am still very proud of.

It's a disco loop of "Spank" with a breakbeat taken from DJ Mink on Warp and the famous organ stab from the Casio CZ-1 which was popular in those days. A sample synth of NJOI "Malfunction" completed this track and Sno & Unique sound great. Good flow, good work. Erase the other 5 versions and maybe it wouldn't have taken 26 years for everyone to hear it...

- Frankie Bones, November 2017

thank you for the music sir Salazar.

Santiago Salazar - "Aspirations for Young Xol" lp, September 2017


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Desolate - "Lunar Glyphs" lp, October 2017


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Ricardo Miranda - Chicago, IL 



ricardo Miranda = proppa atonal selection of sounds

... I guess you can call what I do "deep"...

The Miranda Yonurican stuff is great.  Latin Soul Brothas aka. Miranda including collabs with Glenn Underground.  Class.   Xyxthumbs


currently listening to Population One - Theater of a Confused Mind


^^ cool. I haven't checked out Dixon stuff in a long time. Thanks!

Waze & Oddyssey are past faves of mine over the past few years when they started putting out tunes, both as djs and producers themselves. I was all over the earlier W&O Street Tracks releases, definitely some lively sounds from the catalog past. I've always been very fond of the straight nod to the huge sounding, US style garage house tunes that Waze & Oddyssey were kicking about in 2012 or so. W&O Street Tracks has always definitely been a label and vision aimed for the floor, vibrating speaker subs and all that. These days, the label is a bit more diverse, also releasing some decent tech house within the mix as well. What I like about the label is that you will hear a mixed bag, but always with that ear to dance floor tunes, and perhaps you'll even hear gems like rad breakbeat tunes like this Mella Dee release.



W&O Street Tracks youtube channel.    Xyxthumbs   bigs. 



I was huge into the earlier Greymatter, post-dubstepish stuff from a few years back. Nice to check out the sounds again.


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(14th November 2017, 18:05)Statto Wrote: currently listening to Population One - Theater of a Confused Mind


New Damon Wild "Cosmic Path" lp, forthcoming December 2017.    


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