+ Dimension Intrusion + .. house techno & ting

If you haven't checked this out. Over 1 million views on youtube alone, great to ensure younger ears are checking out sir Beyer & Cox for sure.

THAT is a good thing. Xyxthumbs


00:00 Danny Tenaglia ft. Celeda - Music Is The Answer (Dancin' And Prancin') (Luca Agnelli Remix) [TWISTED AMERICA]
4:40 ANNA - Portable Paradise [DRUMCODE]
8:39 Patrik Berg ft. Matt Sassari - Driving Force [TERMINAL M]
12:00 Darren Emerson - Deadlock [INTEC]
16:50 Riva Starr pres. Hyperloop & Green Velvet - S-Sound [DRUMCODE]
21:10 Brennen Grey - Through The Lens (Opus - It's A Fine Day Edit) [INTEC]
25:50 Elio Riso & Muter - Twilo (Vikthor Remix) [NATURA VIVA]
30:00 Cirez D - Dare U
38:10 Adam Beyer & Bart Skils - Your Mind [DRUMCODE]
42:30 A Homeboy, A Hippie, A Funki Dredd - Total Confusion (ROD & Benny Rodrigues Edit) [DIFFERENT (PIAS)]
48:50 Carlo Lio - Get On Up (Paco Osuna Remix) [MINDSHAKE]
51:35 Loco & Jam - Heat It Up [TRONIC]
54:00 Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Bart Skills Rework)
57:14 Koen Groeneveld & Fierce Ruling Diva - You Gotta Believe [_ABZOLUT (SPINNIN')]
1:00:00 Boxia - Rezerection
1:08:00 Cirez D - On Off [MOUSEVILLE]
1:10:00 Adam Beyer - What You Need [DRUMCODE]
1:15:00 Wehbba - Catarse
1:18:55 Jose Ogalla - A Night In Giogio (ID Remix)
1:22:27 Enrico Sangiuliano - Symbiosis [DRUMCODE]

^^  Wehbba  (Brazil) ...  





01. Wehbba - Eclipse
02. Wehbba, Victor Ruiz - Gridlock
03. Umek - Deja Vu
04. Flug - Internal Proceed
05. Plastikman - Purrkusiv
06. ANNA - Escapism
07. Bastinov - Wormhole
08. Wehbba - Just
09. Jon Hester - Cypher
10. Wehbba - Framework
11. Matt Sassari - Rock Trick
12. Wehbba - Glasswerk
13. Distant Echoes - Pain [Dystopian
14. Mark Reeve - Redemption
15. Wehbba - Protocol
16. Marc Houle - Loafers (Wehbba Remix)
17. Jeff Mills - The Bells (Wehbba’s Re
18. Bart Skils - Bells Of The Revolution
19. Amelie Lens - Stay With Me (Perc Remix)

(8th October 2018, 13:58)Statto Wrote: Emma Watson's speech to the UN remixed as dark techno...



Quality depth via newer Montreal, QC label, 00:AM Canada






A1.) Mike Midnight - Twilight Zone
A2.) Adam Feingold - Energy
B1.) Priori - Acacia
B2.) AshTreJinkins - Da Come Up

Cromie aka. Nikola Hlady - Los Angeles, CA

"Informal Path" e.p, September 2018


Cromie All Originals Dublab guest mix (07.13.18 )


dublab special tracklist:

Pediment* - Looms (CDr)
Cromie - Belly (CDr)
Cromie - River (Be Specific) (CDr)
Cromie - PPLout (forthcoming These Things Take Time)
Cromie - Told (forthcoming Material Image)
Cromie - Informal Path (Stefan Ringer remix) (forthcoming These Things Take Time)
Cromie - Root Bulb (CDr)
Cromie - Rave3 w/ Iron Curtis (forthcoming Material Image)
Cromie & Iron Curtis - Confluence (00:AM)
Pediment - Breaker Boys (Garrett David remix) (CDr)
Cromie - Aristocrat Motel (CDr)
Cromie - Root Bulb (slow mix) (CDr)

*Pediment is Cromie and Jeff Brodsky


awesome vid series idea & b-side wax selections!  



MASSIVE, consistent,  40 track, 4 volume dark & industrial techno compilation via France's RAW label & collective. ALL available via donation on the bandcamp, and free dl via soundcloud.  

bigs!   Cheers

"RAW Compilation 1 First Blood" Volumes 1 - 4, October 2018

featuring Under Black Helmet, Brayan Valenzuela, Cj Bolland, Umwelt, Tim Tama, I Hate Models, Draag, and TONS more.  Video audio also available via RAW's youtube channel. 







[Image: a2539378958_10.jpg]

Kick out the jams.  


[Image: artworks-000424319145-wkqgvy-t500x500.jpg]

Rebekah b2b Paula Temple - Live @ ADE Awakenings 2018



Dj Bone & Subject Detroit hittin nicely.   Yes   LOVE the dj 3000 (Motech Recs, Detroit) "Sweat" remix, available for free dl via 3000's soundcloud.  Bigs.  

"A Piece of Beyond" lp 




[Image: 885063298.jpg]

the KAS:ST stuff is rather mesmerizing.

beautiful stuff.  

Feeling all of it.  




A new album by Adam X - US-producer of legendary status Falcon )however, I haven't listened to any clips yet....)

Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^ of course. Sonic Groove, kickin out the jams for sure!   Smile  

Was randomly listening to old Slaughter Mob this past weekend.

breaks are great!  breaks are KEY.  


Lanark Artefax is..  brilliant.  

thank you for the vibes thus far sir.   Hatsoff


Ello dimension intrusionists.   Wave

I just thought of that ^^ one.  

Still in weekend mode here. The Kaelan (3KZ), 2030 lp is fab.  


1. Theta 00:00

2. Intermission 08:56

3. Endless 17:52

4. Reflections 21:43

5. Step Forward 28:12

6. Planetary Disease 34:37

7. Outside Nothing 40:45

8. Key To Universe 45:27

9. Discovering Myself 50:58

[Image: a2493711757_10.jpg]


The Alchemical Theory, "Ritual mistico" lp via Annulled Music (Spain), September 2018


[Image: a3054960965_10.jpg]

the Traumprinz, Dj Healer stuff is fantastic!

I listened to this 3 times yesterday. No joke. Hatsoff

If you have 3 hours to spare, it is a repeated listen.

0:00 autodestruction
0:33 whereever u are
3:44 sublimation
5:58 i got to hit the streets.
12:39 the blue.
16:35 ta reine
23:37 familiar light.
29:00 hiphop experiments.
35:58 daemmerung.
40:08 everything is everything.
50:10 done.
54:18 base sweep
57:38 run from.
1:04:41 head in the clouds.
1:09:38 sweet bye and bye.
1:14:16 piano poem.
1:19:21 a view from above.
1:22:29 time goes by.
1:25:25 geminiden regen.
1:28:04 rem
1:32:44 wonderland
1:35:50 dreamland.
1:41:04 sofarawai.
1:47:01 end of the world.
1:51:56 interior renovations.
1:58:35 where the place for me was.
2:08:57 meaningless space.
2:13:04 come closer.
2:19:10 love.
2:24:57 a lot of freedom.
2:29:43 loosing touch.
2:32:57 i'm alright.
2:40:06 departure
2:41:27 find me peace.
2:48:00 back home.


00:00 At Last (Becalming The Storm)
03:27 Great Escape
06:35 2 The Dark
15:01 God's Creation
23:03 Untitled
24:55 Planet Lonely
31:36 Hopes And Fears
37:48 We Are Going Nowhere
49:55 The Interview
56:05 Gone
59:50 Protectionspell



...When trying to explain how Berlin developed from a cultural wasteland into a flourishing techno hot spot just a couple of years after the fall of the Wall, the “Berlin-Detroit Axis” is often invoked. Truly, Berlin’s scene wouldn’t be what it is today if not for the creative exchange between a few forward-thinking figures on both sides of the Atlantic. On the Berlin side were early techno enthusiasts Dimitri Hegemann and Carola Stoiber, who together with Achim Kohlberger founded UFO, Berlin’s first acid house club, in the late ’80s. In 1991, Hegemann then opened Tresor, a club that would significantly contribute to the modern aesthetics of techno. Both Hegemann and Stoiber had been inspired by the raw sound that developed during the ’80s in Detroit, a city facing massive structural change after ongoing de-industrialization. Drawing parallels with the newly reunited city of Berlin, which at the time had hardly any infrastructure at all, they felt their city would be uniquely receptive to Detroit’s utopian techno sound. After inviting “Mad” Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, founders of the collective and label Underground Resistance, to play at Tresor, they developed a close relationship with the Detroit artists. Eventually, in 1991, Underground Resistance’s “X-101” became the first release on Tresor Records, the label later managed and A&Red by Carola Stoiber...


12:48 - “Mad” Mike Banks on UR’s mission to show the real Detroit
32:08 - Carola Stoiber on meeting UR in NYC
41:31 - “Mad” Mike Banks on the value of independent culture
1:11:00 - Dimitri Hegemann on how techno influenced urban development
1:18:05 - Dimitri Hegemann on the Happy Locals initiative
1:22:57 - “Mad” Mike Banks on James Stinson and Drexciya


1:02 - Medley – “38 Years of Techno From Around the World”
36:37 - X-101 – “Sonic Destroyer” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtqJd...

1:23:14 - Drexciya – “Aqua Worm Hole” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMbK6...
1:44:14 - Davina – “Don't You Want It” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brTZ4...


12:13 - Detroit news report about a fire at an after-hours
51:00 - The B-52’s – “Rock Lobster” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofkzv...
1:17:52 - Video about the Happy Locals initiative
1:42:40 - Galaxy 2 Galaxy – “Hi-Tech Jazz” (live) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLL5d...

Music critic for the Tally Ho

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