Foci's Left - Dumping The Rock EP (my second self-released EP - OUT NOW)

[Image: a2866943855_2.jpg]

"Dumping The Rock" is a varied showcase of the Foci's Left sound, but aims specifically to disperse any aggression of past releases toward something more mellow and beautiful. You can map different tracks together in a Foci's Left playlist with this release.

Artwork: "Cyclist" by Antonymes (Ian Hazeldine), who took this picture especially for me upon the release of his album "The License To Interpret Dreams".

Purchasers will receive a bonus Modern Classical piece called "The Calamities Of Confusion [21.12.12] (For Lata S.) in their download.

Total EP running time 13:52.

"This is breathtaking man" ~ 247, Futurepast Fanzine ed. on "Overdriven Terrain".

"Ah, 'The Calamities Of Confusion' - I like this one". ~ Jonathan Tait, Subvert Central Recordings

Credits: All tracks written, produced and engineered by Mick Robert Buckingham (Foci's Left).

Released 19 August 2013

Hope you like people. Feedback would be appreciated. Smile

Mick Muttley (Foci's Left)

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