Muttley's Dream Journal

I've been falling asleep to episodes of Family Guy the past couple of days. on one hand the voices are comforting in an innocent familiar way. on the other, the bits of dialogue you hear between moments of consciousness as you are falling asleep are the most random, disturbing, yet hilarious bits of statements & phrases I've heard while in a state of drowsiness. it makes me chuckle, then i nod in & out of sleep.

Family Guy... lullabies for the demented generation. Hypno

November 25 Dream

Lots of less memorable dreams in the sequence about people and places, but around 4:45 AM I had one about pet rats in the wild needing to be re-united with their owners. We as a family had pet rats between 2002-2006.

Dream earlier involved losing the ring that goes on my left hand down by the fridge somehow, which I then picked up when I looked for it.

December 4 Dream

Jo Harris in 2 dreams this morning. First one was at a new house where we danced and eventually slept together. She tried to cripple me when I mentioned other women. Later on in the night I was at a game store where there was a Steven Spielberg film being extensively sold. Pokemon and Mario characters were put in a plastic bag. I said I've got loads of stuff on my walls already in response to the idea of putting the fusion game box on my wall where I live. I said "when you've got no-one, you turn to art". Just before this Jo Harris walked through the game store; I didn't have chance to win her attention. Shortly after that I got bored and decided to wake up.

The common linking thread between a part of these dreams is they concern women who I could see myself in a relationship with, but it won't work for whatever reason.

December 10 Dream

Plenty of dreams I've forgotten, but a pretty disturbing/weird one stood out: having the radiator on my wall next to the bed on top of me with a dressing gown on (I wasn't wearing one) to protect me from big spiders I saw on top of the radiator, with a Nelson Mandela voice recording saying "Post...Script!"

In my dream last night I was raising money for charity. I had to run to work while holding a wooden chair in my right arm. As normal a dream as any I've had I reckon!

December 15 Dream

Now this was a weird one. Regan Farquhar (Busdriver) was in a video game, skateboarding around, grinding on bridges, shooting big Russians inside a building with a shotgun, and constantly seeming 'on-the-run'. The dream slid through animation zones like a kite in the wind, making me feel like my whole existence was computerised.

January 3 Dream

This is the first one I've remembered for a while. Jo Harris returned to my dreams and was smiling at me, then I asked "do you want some attention?" and she started to cry. Baffled

Jan 5 Dream

My pet rat Churchill (long since passed on) rejoining me for an adventure out of academia.

Jan 30 Dream

I haven't had many memorable dreams of late. Or rather, I forget them too quickly. The ones today stuck with me though. I was walking through a Kent cemetery again, walking motions being felt by movement in sleep. Then I was in another part of Kent, where I previously lived, with my Nan at an earlier time and appearance saying she was looking forward to not being a fiancee. Several family members gathered in the room, as well as relative strangers I knew, with venus flytrap plants growing like the ones in Resident Evil.

I had a load of intense dreams last night — dream, wake up, dream, wake up, dream, wake up — and now I've gotten up. Can't remember them now though, except that an old girlfriend featured continually. Weird. I've not thought about her in absolutely years. Wonder what prompted all that.


Hmmm, indeed. [Image: cigar_smoker-3517.gif]

Yes, I wonder.

February 19 Dream(s)

For some reason I had the idea to have a lucid dream about translating my dreams in this thread into German for cycom. Seeing as he has very good English, no idea why I thought of that.

Homer Simpson not being able to do his job properly alone so asked the help of Bart, who disappeared somewhere when a puppet-like wasp with butterfly wings flying around as I couldn't tell the difference between sleep and dreaming.

Having a shootout Goldeneye style with soldiers in corridors, can't remember the destination we got to, it was vague.

An ex-social worker friend showing up in the dream before with a golden rocking chair and a more antique one. Someone went too far backwards and fell off the rocking chair. I then went further down the building into an enclave where the female ex-social worker was. She was crying and then kissed me.

March 2 Dream

Very disturbing. A guy with grey hair and a bald head kept looking at me in a contemptuous way, and I kept screaming out in the dream whenever he did it. Seeing myself in the same position in bed while dreaming and flashing back into unconsciousness.

weird. I had a dream a couple of nights ago about all our plans for this year including holidays, musical instruments and such like mashed together in to a 30 minute episode. New synth ordered Grin
beats are there to be broken

Nice Smile Wave

March 3 Dream

A few, but the only one I remember now is being back in Kent and making a coloured drawing with photos of my close family's younger selves' faces cut out and stuck on the bodies. There was a rush to move from my old bedroom with commotion on the stairs.

March 8 Dream

Producing synthesizer and grime beats by pressing buttons on an old alarm clock.

The night before last's dream had an old friend in it, and the kickboxing club I went to in my teens down south had relocated up north, more where I live now. Someone said "We were behind you", the old friend had her new baby with her.

The same night I dreamt about a pale blue and orange tarantula, giant fucking thing, going through my old house and garden.

March 17 Dream

At school again. Not much recollection as to why. The most pertinent part of the dream was at the end, where Jo Harris, who I haven't had in my dreams for months re-entered and kissed my finger.

March 18 Dream

My Dad was running a track as part of his job. I was too but stopped to be looked after by my Nan. Eating a piece of toffee pudding with a school kid explaining what encouraging a muscle meant.

I wonder what I will dream about tonight...

Edit: here we go...

March 22 Dream

With a female outside my grandparents. She had blonde hair. I haven't seen her before. She said she was going to be with me. Then she started making a lot of noise with her mouth and that ruined part of the course.

March 25 Dream

Dreamt I was in Oxford and going down to Rochester to see Goldfrapp play at £100 a ticket, yet I was in Rochester at the same time.

April 1 Dream

Lots of fragmented instances of items that I own being dragged out onto the streets in an unknown location. I imagine this is a reminder to me to appreciate all I have, which I do, and cherish the essentials for what they are - more than objects.

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