Muttley's Dream Journal

Until about 7am wake on 21st november 2k17, i dreamt Wire magazine had done a 2 page report on my music downloads.

I also dreamt 530am or so (lucid zone) that i was back in Ox4 sampling the wonder curry dishes of The First Floor, my fav on land restaurant and buffet. Chefs Special Lamb and Mutton Jalfrezi stood out. Then it was good to see friends again at Sparkys and Mark the host pulled out all the stops to make a better night than the last. Last time dated September 9th at The First Floor. A surreal dream within dream that a business owner wanted a performance on the ambient Etherpad and i socked it to them.

Dat don't seem so appealing dis munf.
But hey. I had a pretty epic dream ending just now.

I was reunited with my rats who had gone into afterlife phase. The "so evil" school dialectic had turned water tanks on to Nazi party brigade music and fan friends besides one bloke with seemingly brain damage had turned up to pay homage to the aspects of love for pets and thy neighbourhood.

fucking godawful dream about my sister dying – jeez I could do wthout that Neutral


Thanks, as well. Because you read my mind.
I have had dreams like this - of losing my nearest and dearest (there's 5 of my friends offline I'm really close to).
Lots of the stumblage has been captured in dream symbology for decades. A lot of the rumination seems to be at odds with precocious ideas and reasoning.

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