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today, I...

Law Wrote:Good to know everyone 'got up' to start the day


You know what, with this baby stuff, sometimes you get up (after having been awake or 2 hours or more in the middle of the night) and it feels, despite showing outward evidence of 'being up' (walking, talking, etc), like you never actually got up at all Grin

tried to sleep in as late as possible and realized it was only 11am
had a shot of vodka
contemplated recent diagnosis of bipolar depression and felt I was on the high crazy end today
made coffee and poured a glass of vodka
made tunes all day
sacked up and bought imposcar2 :excited: and went to town on tracks
drank some more and bought groceries
had an long interesting convo with mom about how you can't prove god exists or doesn't exist through science and what that means
had to buy some more vodka
poured myself a drink and did this post
play around more with IMPOSCAR2! Yus!!!!

(I hardly ever drink this much but today is special Grin )

Yesterday I...
Got up. Washed. Ate. Worked. Came home. Ate. Slept.

Day before yesterday I...
Got up. Washed. Ate. Worked. Came home. Ate. Briefly worked on a track. Slept.

Day before that I...
Got up. Washed. Ate. Worked. Came home. Ate. Slept.

Guess what I'm doing today?

...thank god I'm off for a few days after this shift.

heh. hope you are too.

got up, decided to go back to bed, dreamed a lot, including about tunnels, awoke again after midday, downloaded simon scott's remix of my second album's remix track, ate fruit, gave feedback, tweeted, napped, tried to figure out where i stand, had chicken dinner

my day is not done yet.. but my turn!!


up @ 4am
at work by 5:15am ish..
got picked up from work
ate lunch @ McDonalds not too long ago
literally watched a drug deal or two go down in McDonalds, they used a newspaper to do it. meth mouth dude was on his cell phone, eating, and his sketchy chick he was with took off to the bathroom and never came back out. meth mouth's sketchy friends started showing up, and they'd come by his table, and leave quickly with a newspaper, then leave outside without the newspaper... obvious drug deal. duh. meth mouth looked like those "faces of meth" ads you see, old sketchy fuck.
back to lunch.. i only ever order a couple of things if i'm eating at McDonads, i never change what i eat there.
FRIES ARE GOD @ most places i eat. fries make me wet.
likewise, I'M FUCKIN LIVING FOR THE MANGO PINEAPPLE SMOOTHIE @ Mcdonalds!! i can drink gallons of it. sooo good.
went shopping @ local hippie health food market type place
I swear Skrillex works @ said hippie market, cuz this dude was stocking stuff, and yup, looks 100% like a Skrillex twin INCLUDING greasy black hair, shaved sides deal, i should have took a pic lol
vegan hippie cupcakes from said market are heavenly. you'd never know they were vegan, complete with icing!! I buy them there all the time, i buy both chocolate & vanilla, dopeness indeed
its cold out again.. winter can continue to suck my left one
back @ home
Max Graef is the man...
posting here



woke up some time in the morning
went back to sleep, dreaming about nothing
went to post office to post statto and cd/dvd copies of my album(s)
bought milk
went to sobell house charity shop in Witney but didn't buy anything
listened to abandon - abandon lp
came home, coffee by the dozen
listened to the soulmate contract and was interested by what caroline myss had to say on angels and dark angels
napped for 45 minutes
played my yamaha portasound 220 toy keyboard and recorded 4 patterns from it on my Olympus dicta phone
listened to my sister talk about crazy granny
discussed going to volunteers meeting tomorrow
had bangers and mash with cabbage, carrots and gravy for dinner
listened to all solo foci's left releases
packed for oxford tomorrow
cheese and wine

Come on now you lot this IS subvert central and not one of you has yet included eating kettle chips and watching Frasier as part of your day. I think you're all telling naughty fibs tbh.

J-Breaks Wrote:Not one of you jacked off? Liars.


got up early
got my stuff together to go snowboarding
got a flat tyre 20miles from home
joined the the aa
got two new tyres


Today I rushed to the bus stop and as I was about to get on the bus I suddenly realised I didn't have my wallet that contained my pre-paid bus pass card thingy and all my money....sheeet.

I told the woman behind me in the queue that she'd better get on as I couldn't as I seemed to have forgotten my wallet. The bus pulled away and I quickly rang my wife pleading for her to drive down to me and bring my wallet. After a few expletives she obliged. She pulled up and asked if I had missed the bus, to which I acknowledged I had. She told me to get in and she then took a shortcut a mile and a half round to a later stop the bus was going to arrive at, where I subsequently jumped on the same bus I had missed.
The look on the womans face who'd I'd previously told to get on the bus was priceless Hahaha
She had no idea how I'd managed to arrive at a bus stop a mile and a half further up the road than she'd got on, seeing as I had been left behind just under 10 minutes before.
I bet she'll be telling everyone at work about the weird time lord who got on the bus this morning. I might even enter local folklore Cool

hehee Hahaha

had some of these a lil past midnight to start the day (then full nights sleep before a regular friday work day).

[Image: bar-000755.jpg]


Life is good. E Major piano scale worked well over Soft Pad preset on my keyboard, having loads of fun with this piece of hardware. Just need to practice with experimentation so those melodies don't become tedious. Dad is jamming with his Digitech Jamman - mic and guitar looped up in the house and laying down a good groove in A Minor 7th and B Minor. Think I'll call my recorded piece "Simple Blues", to not make it pretentious Mono type titles. The Alesis i02 Audio Interface is holding up well. Recorded a new tune to mix down: "String Paint", a variant on "Piano Paint" from my first album.


awoke early, considered getting up, went back to bed, shower, fryup and cake with coffee, playing on hardware keyboard, did a nice new Songs Of Praise type organ melody, discovered i'd lost a pound or two, questioned the existence of God and the pointlesslness of 'tests', tweeted a bit, burnt distant friend some cds of my and electronic music: otto a totland - pino lp, audion - audion x lp too. said "let's do it" in regards to me and mum signing up to a local slimming club. sent label owner my second album is on some hype text.

Muttley Wrote:02/02/14....questioned the existence of God.....

What a marketing nightmare it will be for whoever it is sells those fish car bumper stickers if he doesn't.

Fada Wrote:
Muttley Wrote:02/02/14....questioned the existence of God.....

What a marketing nightmare it will be for whoever it is sells those fish car bumper stickers if he doesn't.

The pressure is on...I'm expecting an uprising from the Christian fundamentalist cod & chips massiv by tomorrow morning.


walked dog to end of main road and back, checked slimming club is on (it is, hooray)
walked to shops to get family milk and my dad packing up stuff, funnily enough he picked me up on way home
rested and tried to get loops under control
read the wire feb 2014's jandek interview part 1 in full
had handmade pork burgers with rice and garlic bread for dinner
listened to mark harris' "the angry child" several times today and sent review in to
added another guess to nightshift's "dumbass record collector's quiz"
posted in here

What an active day! :P

...don't have any specific work to do, so I'm just doing whatever I feel like

[Image: walk.gif]

Hugs Xyxthumbs


up at 3pm
walked dogs up recreation ground
had hot & spicy chicken wings with salad and roasted chicken crisps for lunch
discussed slimming planner and attributions towards certain foods, and what to cut out, or eat more of
napped until 6pm, listened to some of my drone mixes, including the one dedicated to statto ("isolate")
had pork slices, a plate of roasted vegetables: sweet potato, peppers, parsnips, carrots and some of the remaining hot & spicy wings for dinner
watched program the restaurant man - interesting tale about a couple setting up farm and running-pub-in-evening life with the aid of a restaurant expert
shower, screaming out, shave
packed bag for oxford tomorrow
listened to the circular ruins - the birth of tragedy



Up at 2pm. Meds. Had bacon, egg on toast and egg as part of free foods available on the slimming plan. Listened to Rafael Antoni Isarri's "A Young Person's Guide To Slowdive" - 2 1/2 hours, very well programmed, and includes my favourite Slowdive tune, "Melon Yellow".
Weighed myself, found out I'd lost 3 pounds! Icon_yippee Surfed the internet, Tweeted and Retweeted quite a bit. Found out I had 146 visits to my Twitter posts this week. Listened to a Roisin Murphy (of Moloko fame) collab at 20:25 - - Had Chicken dinner (it's a free food).


Up at 2pm. Ate 7 pieces of fruit across the course of the day, eek. Beef Madras and boiled rice for dinner, that was great. I can have that as part of my Syns (synergy foods, maxed it out). Goldfrapp's "Tales Of Us" in my eardrums sounding like a live stream. Lots of housework. Checking Jon Hopkins' "Opalescent" on proper speakers loved me up. Enjoying hot chocolate again. Listened to Goldie on 6Music, liked the end track based on the limbic system (sounds like an extension of Fanu's "This Behaviour Is Not Unique"). Actress and Burial on Plug DJ was good. Worked on tracks in Ableton, then bed.

Muttley Wrote:shower, screaming out, shave

I'm curious, did you run out of the shower screaming or is that your notion of singing?

...bought myself another furry coat.


today I am going to see A Guy Called Gerald play in a warehouse

Statto Wrote:...bought myself another furry coat.


[Image: trench-coat-smiley.gif]

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