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today, I...


MetaLX Wrote:
Muttley Wrote:shower, screaming out, shave

I'm curious, did you run out of the shower screaming or is that your notion of singing?

No to both. I stayed in the shower and screamed. A mental tic like a very mild form of tourettes that happens now and then to me.


up at 1:30pm
fryup without the fry - poached mushrooms and dry fried eggs with beans and bacon
bought 4 new releases, one on omni music, the other three from boomkat
won a point on the nightshift dumbass record collectors quiz
working on music Smile

[Image: shower.gif]

Being out of work has made me weird. I've decided to watch all of Gundam from beginning to end.

I've never watched any of it. I always assumed it was terrible. But, I enjoy G.I. Joe for some reason, so it can't possibly be as terrible as that.

Anyway... nachos, whiskey, slovenliness and Japanese cartoons from the 80's await. If I never post again, I've died and my cat has eaten me.

12/02/14 - Up before 1pm. Ate fruit. Read Russell Haswell's Invisible Jukebox in The Wire #360. Enjoyed his talk about sell-ability of music as noise without beats. "Simplicity is the only thing that can make our lives less complicated." - like that from The Golden Mirror Twitter, it puts in perspective if I stimulate myself with too many things I'll overload. Looking forward to my ushering job for a Cuban night in Oxford on Friday. Bought a ticket for my Dad who I'll see in there. Had herrings, potatoes, gurkin, salad and low fat crisps for lunch. Read The Wire #360's Collateral Damage, Global Ear and Cross Platform articles. Listened to's 14 Tracks: Gone Midnight and Ateleia - Formal Sleep, as well as Gordon Ashworth's new release.

woke up
morning Gongyo
read book about black metal
did work
talked to people about tecchie computer stuff
saw rejection of job application
went home
had a rant
saw new toilet seat was the wrong one
opened ebay case
sat at computer
beats are there to be broken


Awoke at 7am due to alarm going off.
Reset alarm for 7.30 am and went back to Zzz Zzz Zzz
Woke up 7.30am and continually hit snooze button every 9 minutes till 8.20am-ish
2 scrambled eggs on toast + Sky Sports News + tea
Check-in for flights to NYC only to find flight was cancelled.
Sorted out all that palava.
Read Kosho Uchiyama's book 'Opening the Hand of Thought' - Love this book
Listen to records: Matrix 'Double Vison/Sedation' and Die ' Play it for Me/Soul' - Liked them all.

Enjoyed watching the film Red the night before last. And enjoyed watching Blink: The Rise Of The Senses tonight.

chilling to biosphere
what else to do today ! Smile

well off to see the yardbirds, animals, zombies, and spencer davis group minus spencer davis of course, tonight, should be fun. heheeeh
but before that, read some murakami, drink tea.

middle of my day

day off, will I make it another day off tomorrow?
I rightfully could
putting off laundry, again
putting off lots of stuff actually
NYC in 3 weeks, half month stay while there
a much needed change of pace
it will rightly kick my ass right out of the mental mundanity thus far
i really need it
posted about SHELLAC, cuz FUCK i pine for thee
ate ice cream, that's lunch right?
will i do laundry today? my eternal debate
I'm actually watching "Rock'n'Roll Highschool" while i post this.
i'm random like that.
dinner? WTF!!?

look kids! you can watch it too

i used to blaze sooo much back when as a kid, and trip out on how the Ramones would record the early records on mono channels. bass in one speaker, guitar in the other
i'd literally lay on the floor, on my back, and position the speakers on both sides of my ears. sooo blazed out, and just trip out on the Ramones.
i did that lots.

youth. Hypno

went to local gym to get application forms, filled them in to return; listened to eno's "textures" lp, wrote a review of it and posted it as part of ftal; stuck under my syns allowance after not getting weighed yesterday because i thought an old friend was going to turn up; walked dog between this; watched the chase on itv and saw the beast get beaten by four players, they took home £9k each; watched a great moog video (link on my facebook) and ali g video. dinner was cuts of chicken, sweet potatoes, roasted veggies and rosemary. Smile

chicken again tonight. ha! i'm weighing 17'3 no clothes this morning. later in the day it'll prob be about 17'5. either way i've lost at least 2 pounds. gym this week has helped with that. weigh-in tonight.

not going to the gym today as my leg was dead yesterday. read some of the wire #360, still on the february issue!

working on chords and music later today.

met my new link worker yesterday, and she looks like someone i used to know. Baffled

it's good though.

...was stopped by police, because I rushed over crossroad with a yellow light (which probably was more like orange by the time I got over). Also they didn't like, that my plates were dusty. Dunno, what was the deal, but I didn't get the ticket or warning or anything. Just checked my documents at let me go.

...Terrified some project managers.

argued a bit, resolved argument, went to gym, burned 407 calories, weighed myself on gym scales, i'm 17'1 - i've lost a stone in 4 weeks! indian tonight was khazana and mushroom rice. khazana is tandoori chicken, red colour.

Ordered today as a 26th birthday present from my parents: Novachord!

"The Novachord is a gargantuan, entirely tube based, 72-note polyphonic synthesizer with oscillators, filters, VCAs, envelope generators and even frequency dividers. We sampled every one of the 72 notes on this beast - not just once, but over and over, with different settings each time."

I imagine Mike Oldfield used one of those at some point. He was on the telly tonight: Tubular Bells - The Mike Oldfield Story on BBC 4. Great watch.

Went to the gym earlier, burnt 250+ cals, within my Syns limit for the day.

Up at 5, worked, went out walked the dog, did a bit more work, went to the gym, now sat down to a bit more work before I kick off my Friday.

[Image: icon_ellecafe.gif]

I went to slimming club last night, and I've 1 pound to go until I've lost a stone - my target at the beginning. I hope to keep losing weight after that.

got up
made breakfast for the children
drove them to school
went swimming
got back home, started to work
checked emails
surfed for 2 hours
sorted my spotify playlists (took another 2 hours!)
compiled a new playlist and spammed some people with it
started working (again)
coding, coding, coding
prepared potato soup for tomorrow
made dinner with my wife, ate with the family
watched some iniesta & messi with the boys on youtube
put children to bed
replied to this thread while listening to some hip hop

good day all in all ...

...received this email:

Quote:With most editors I tend to pull out my hair when they add, since they often alter the intent of my prose or misunderstand my humour and ("fix" it), but not with you! Every addition you made, improved the book. Please feel free to continue adding analysis in future books. You are the best editor I have ever worked with and I trust your judgement!

well, thank you [Image: icon239.gif]


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