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today, I...


Did you write that yourself? Teef

Only joking, well done, Jon.

I now have my 1 stone loss award as of today from my Slimming World group. And I won a bag of vegetables in the raffle Icon_yippee

Ripped Kanshin CD, downloaded some of the missing mixes from my collection, went to gym, burnt 250+ calories, came home watched quiz shows, sat outside with folks with 2 glasses of red wine, had meatballs, salad and pasta with pepper and garlic for dinner.

Now working on music :nerd:

Muttley Wrote:I now have my 1 stone loss award as of today from my Slimming World group. And I won a bag of vegetables in the raffle Icon_yippee


Booked tickets to see Nigel Kennedy Smile

Gone to gym, burned 600 calories - ex bike 325, trdml 275, weights & leg presses*
Ordered Indian, trying out the Kumbi Shahee Goost again after quite a break from it*
Tried to reach beyond level 22 on Candy Crush Saga, not quite there yet*

Wrote this:

FR: 111: Imprints - Data Trails

Ambient music, as a whole, isn't newfound. Its elements exist as the residue of drones that are inherent in all of sound. Some tracks are never meant to be released, and some fall through the cracks because of this idiomatic precipice. Other tracks blossom as fully realised works over short to long spaces of time. Imprints, a collective on the Serein label, had their "Data Trails" LP amassed in less than a week. This quickness doesn't speak of slapdash, and one is foolish if believing that comment anyway. Short or long, process is all-important in the sculpting of music, and it's the techniques employed in this case that really make all the difference.

Serein has generally been known as a purveyor-stroke-umbrella of ambient and drone that becomes wispy and malleable, a message slipping through one's fingers that permeates further than the flesh via spine-chilling tension. For Imprints, a charitable carving of instruments - including those essential Ableton Max patches - is present. Chorus memory, like an elongated effusion of the general infrastructure of an office, weaves its way through "White Russian", one of the cornerstones of wishing to return to the record. Overcast like rain coming down hard on your clothes, the mood of all tracks shifts the dynamics between frustrated and fowl, a bionic and embryonic meshing of life and technology.

An ode to a Sherlock Holmes mystery of the elements, then. The grid of grey streets in the middle distance, we're shrouded with net curtains and a picture on the other side of the room of a couple engaging in hugging each other ever so gently. A music living an inward life, only to have its heart wrenched from the gutter and catapulted into stratosphere otherwise. A damp, crumbling building, its layers of masonry buried underneath soaking weather of tonal euphoria and Eoyre's gloomy place. Not always riven by depression, here juxtaposition and tension, rather suspension and mobility than dread and weary contempt. Solitariness and space, as on opener "Horror Birds", interlocks a private and secluded sanctuary for the senses, probing like a drugged fingertip.

With sleep still in the system, a lamp of melody shines but is used to light a cigar to propel the relaxation, a suggestion of rhythmic smokiness plays over a soft monotone mood, morose at times, spreading out like a peacock tail at others, as on the finale "The Sea & Electricity", which reminds us of Lymbyc Systym's warm fuzzies on guitar and glockenspiel. It sounds like the members of Imprints have paid a lot of personal attention to it - here it's an open book - opened many aeons ago - and they let surroundings colour their sound, improvising together as a modus operandi for change and development. Discreetly leaving packs of tissues - "Data Trails" traces an informative line that is omnipresently sleepy, like it's cloaked with a dressing gown over its head. Mock eureka, there is none. In its place, a delightfully thick, grainy, mottled conundrum.

Mick Buckingham

Went to the gym again, burned 381 calories on machines, did increased reps on weight machines. Got weighed at slimming club; I've lost a modest pound. Produced some sounds on Novachord and Dubtron2 synth earlier, building my sound library up.

Gym, Candy Crush, Command And Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, cooked Chinese spare ribs and had new potatoes and herb salad with it; nice 'n' healthy. Making ambient techno tune in Mixcraft 6 with samples processed in Ableton Live 8. Dub delays, electronic drum kit in this style, amorphous ambient pads. Utilising the Dubtron2 synthesizer from Psychic Navigation. Considering buying it this month as they have a 25% off discount on all products. Packed bag for Oxford tomorrow.

You may want to add 'invited MetaLX to play Candy Crush' to that list Lol

...sold the first Skull Disco 12" for £30


MetaLX Wrote:You may want to add 'invited MetaLX to play Candy Crush' to that list Lol

Are you addicted then? Lol

Barbeque the night just gone. Barbeques are cool, especially when they come with sweet potato.

went on a 35mile cycle, bit windy, but was good training

The Frame Game - Paul Mckenna P.95

1. I made "Life In A Less Southern Town" happen in the past. The frame I gave myself was a cathartic expression of all the emotions making music in a better state of living than where I used to live - further down south. This kept me motivated as I was continually regenerating my perspective on what sounds were motivational to my ears.

2. I am currently thinking of working on "Derelict Career", the working title for my third album as Foci's Left. The concept is to make amusement of the staring truth that ambient musicians can't make a career out of music even if they choose - they have a derelict career from the start; it must stay a hobby. Therefore I want to inflate the angle of producing as many different styles of ambient music in one album as possible to cross boundaries with what is normally acceptable.

3. I could reduce my interest in the project by framing it "this won't work, you'll just create an LP with no flow or common interlinking themes".

4. I could increase my interest by staying true to myself and knowing there is a minor audience for what I do - the grey area between calling it a "derelict career". Plus, I'm ultimately doing it for myself, so I please myself and whatever else happens, happens.

Muttley Wrote:
MetaLX Wrote:You may want to add 'invited MetaLX to play Candy Crush' to that list Lol

Are you addicted then? Lol

Barbeque the night just gone. Barbeques are cool, especially when they come with sweet potato.

No, not really, was gonna ask you the same lol. Oh, and sweet potatoes are lovely Xyxthumbs

I'm not addicted - yet.

Gym, 300 calories, destroyed some outposts and camps on C&C:TA, meatballs, pasta & salad again, social media, got some royalties from the Omni Music album meaning I can neatly buy the Dubtron2 synth.

today i'm stoked that the new Afghan Whigs lp is out.

life can begin again.

as always, thanks sir Dulli. Smile

[Image: dttb-large.jpg]

Cooked fry beef steaks and mixed Mexican veggies with beef lasagne for dinner
Completed two more levels of Candy Crush
Retweeted some beneficial quotes (JustTrueThought 1)
Reached past 6350 rank on C&C:TA
Chatted to my link worker about moving to the Carterton Housing Register
Recorded a new track "F Diminished Triad Blues" on hardware keyboard and synths
Mailed Resident Advisor with reviewer offer

Gone to gym, burned 250 calories, weight reps on shoulders, triceps and biceps
Destroyed a base on C&C:TA
Worked on Pop d'n'b beats with melodies on hardware, gonna work on the piano 2moro
Watched over Mutley, our dog while time was happening
Downloaded Gnod's "The Somnambulist's Tale" and MJAZZ' "Nostalgic Futurisms" LP for 50p. The MJAZZ various artists album is good, the Diamond Eye and Paranoid Society / Metro tracks especially.
Candy Crush - up 1 level to level 29
Posted this SC thread:

Got a Valentine's Chocolate heart with the words "Kiss me" and a little bird on it instead of an Easter Egg. Gym at 3:45PM, burned 450+ calories, saw someone from my local Slimming World group up there with her husband, said hello. Reached into the 5500s in rank on Command & Conquer's worldwide TA game. Wore 2 pairs of headphones out in the space of a day, they had been in a years' use and more. Bought Indiann for parents and myself, I had Sher-A-Bangla Special with mushroom rice. Posted an Omni Music archive thread on SC. Downloaded the entire available Grouper back catalogue on

Gym. Food. Man grunts.

Statto Wrote:...received this email:

Quote:With most editors I tend to pull out my hair when they add, since they often alter the intent of my prose or misunderstand my humour and ("fix" it), but not with you! Every addition you made, improved the book. Please feel free to continue adding analysis in future books. You are the best editor I have ever worked with and I trust your judgement!

well, thank you [Image: icon239.gif]

and today I had another author dedicating a massive blogpost to slagging me off

swings and roundabouts


played a round of golf with a stranger Smile

Statto Wrote:and today I had another author dedicating a massive blogpost to slagging me off

swings and roundabouts



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