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today, I...

That seems kinda harsh Statto.

Went to an Archway charity meeting yesterday in Oxford, was great. Apart from the term "to increase social capital" on the questionnaire. Sounds rather ulterior motive-d. Hahaha

went on a 85mile cycle....i am now absolutely burst...get to do it all again in 2 weeks Icon_yippee

I've always been a fan of Deal Or No Deal since its inception, even if I haven't always watched the games. Today's one was quite a nail-biter; Jonnie, offered 16,000, took a chance of a higher offer, went down to 8,000 next round, dealt at it on advice of his wife, had 75,000 in his box, and would have been guaranteed 21,000 as an offer at the last hurdle between that and the 1p box. He regretted that big time, but then he was going to go with his gut instinct and purchase box 23, introduced this year to double money, halve it, stay the same, add 10,000, or go away with nothing. He had +10,000 in box 23 if he'd purchased it, again his wife said she would no deal at 8,000. Total chance everything happens, which makes for quite an unpredictable, interesting viewing at the best of times.

He is now thinking of divorcing his wife.

muttley Wrote:he is now thinking of divorcing his wife.


That was just a joke Wink

Uploaded "Derelict Career LP V1" for Statto.

Muttley Wrote:Uploaded "Derelict Career LP V1" for Statto.


Now review it :P

Went for a drink with a male friend from my Crisis Skylight group.
Reply staying at home, 'cause it's free day around here. Probably will just do nothing.

Listened to first 10 recordings on my voice recorder to see if they're worth keeping. They are.

since I've been up all night again

spent hours watching Deadliest Catch, Star Trek and car shows, programming and messing around with Synth 1, programming new patches for Imposcar 2 and jamming over long Elvin Jones Drum Solos, messing with tunes. Made super phat & sublime dub, house, techno chords with Imposcar 2!
This Phoscyon acid plugin by D16 is amazing.

drinking entirely too much tea Grin Planning to sleep around noon.

Off to watch more car shows and read plugin manuals.

I ushered for a Gipsy Jazz performance at a local theatre on Thursday, with a Soapbox City event earlier in the day, plus cooking stir fry and king prawns with my link worker. Soapbox City is a 12 hour event with 112 speakers having 5 minutes each; I was a heckler in the crowd (part of the script!) Lots of fun. Need to listen to my body more though at events so I know when to switch off temporarily.

Also found with my male friend I met again from that venue last week that the local tavern has an upright piano available to play at any time from midday. So on Friday I missed Music Group and went to improvise for 2 hours straight, then came back there before I left for Oxfordshire to play with my friend (we got cheered! Grin)

Games: Candy Crush (up 2 levels to level 32); Command & Conquer: TA (up 1 base level to level 12, ranked 4414 world). Food: apples, fish sticks, ice cream, roast duck, roast potatoes, gravy, cabbage, raspberry squash drink, water. Weight: lost 2 pounds in 2 days, back in my target weight centre. Music: produced new layered Clavichord and piano interlude on Casio CTK-2000 AD hardware keyboard; many piano improvisations beforehand, 2 recorded on Olympus voice recorder. Music sampled: GlassBox Dark House Mix for 15 Minutes Of Fame (definitely!); Earthtones Vol.1 (reviewed in The Dastardly Diaries Chapter 5). Mix created: Foci's Left - 15 Minutes Of Fame Pt.1 - I Want To Touch The Sky - Derelict Career LP Promo Mix.

Today was good, and I laughed a bit too Grin

... cleaned the house

[Image: ftvsmilie3.gif]

Ate a Lindt 90% cocoa supreme dark bar. I'll never be the same again.


Currently watched: Billy Connolly - The Big Send Off. A lighter-hearted look at the final stages of life for him - he has Parkinson's - with a talk with Eric Idle about how "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" is one of the top three most played funeral tunes. Respect to him. 9pm next Wednesday for the final part.

Now watching Derek.

The new series, on the basis of this episode, is a bit too "cringe TV" - smutty Jonathan Ross style jokes, not my thing. But then that's the Kevin character.

Today I have:

Acquired a Resonator Network Tower at Lv.12 on Command & Conquer:TA
Looked after our dog, Mutley while parents and sister are away in Oxford
Tried on a pair of jeans that actually fit me Icon_eek
Purchased Digital – Figjam EP at Horizons Music website, it's really good
Seen SubVersion stats and that Able Datasphere has been re-viewed

Today I plan to:

Work with the Dubtron2 and Novachord synthesisers in Ableton
Work with a track that's already been started
Cook dinner (dunno what yet)
Read a few pages of Paul Mckenna – Change Your Life In 7 Days: Dreamsetting


i quit my job YESTERDAY. it felt amazing. still does.

I'm still going into work today... "meh".

It still feels great to quit a job, when its the right job to quit innit?


Agreed, quitting shit job feels awesome.
But only, if next job won't be even worse...

^^ yes

making other people rich is hella tired. it becomes sooo much clearer as progression continues, doesn't it?

props for anyone who no longer succumbs to that cycle, in anyway that you can or have. Smile heh.

TODAY, i move forward..



Finally wrote this for - my 113th review for them:

Matteo Uggeri – Untitled Winter (Scissor Tail Records)

Like fish, Matteo Uggeri's "Untitled Winter" LP is brain food. And like a fish, it travels through an ocean of ultramundane frequencies. The instruments and their players – Uggeri plays trumpet, while an illustrious list is to be found on the Scissor Tail Editions Bandcamp – swim amongst the type of meditative, floaty state that none of us ever really feel, and it makes for a fascinating listen.

A key component of Uggeri's ensemble's success is that they utilise space as an onion, unwrapping layers of flummoxed pacing and graceful re-shaping of the source material. A track may stop on a chord and repeat a while, or it may drastically careen away from its original intent in a blink of a second. This never-knowing, never pre-ordained sequencing is very refreshing and intriguing, as if you've not heard anything quite like it. The roots are in rotting improv music – sparse lines cohering into a bigger whole; a steak left to fester its bacteria in the midday sun, like no-one else wanted it in its past life. Much of the importance held by the listener on Uggeri's non-compositonal, instrument playing contribution becomes righted in eigth track, "Untitled III", where he hums out spellbinding trumpet moxie that unravels over sounds of footsteps and the nearby wind.

The percussion piece that follows, "Solfeggio No 33" sees synthesiser being added to the brew of previous viola, cello, guitar and piano (work 2 is a seeming tribute to "Spiegel Im Spiegel" by contemporary classical composer Arvo Part, being aptly titled "Spiegel Ics Spiegel"). It's one of the most immediately digestible tracks on the release, harmonising with ambient's will 'o the wisp, genteel droning and extra-generific potion summoning. It would also appear, like aquamarine mammals, that Matteo favours metamorphosis over set ways, a sorcerer with a bent to extemporise the present. "Tender Is The Night", the closing cut is barely there, a field recording of setting down something or another; pen on a table; footsteps on study floor. It marks the mood of the record in an inscripted ink, but unlike a fish of jelly, the movements of this album are never a stinging sensation. Winter is welcoming for once.

Mick Buckingham

Reached beyond 3650 rank on C&C:TA world. Food: mustard herrings, meatballs, salad and pasta, Fosters beer., coffee. Weight: at my lowest in over a year: 16st 9. Read: The Wire #364 The Inner Sleeve by Liz Harris (Grouper), On Location, Out There, & On Site & On Screen features. Mailed: Daniel Crossley of Fluid Radio with Fluid articles (next one is Bruno Bavota - The Secret And The Sea). Games otherwise: Candy Crush, on level 37. Comfort: Marley Soul Rebel Midnight over-head headphones, wearing in. Travel: back to Oxford for the night, seeing my social worker tomorrow. Listening: Spheruleus - Selected Works; Gipsy Jazz voice recordings; "Piggies Paradise" for our frail old dog Mutley, probably soon to be on the "Mutley EP" in dedication to him. Spiritually: feeling more content with simple pleasures, like sending reviews in to The Wire that I know won't get printed. It's nice to influence them.

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