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Thread Contributor: MuttleyRandom thoughts thread

If i could remove one thing from existence: negativity. There is not enough neutrality and positivity in existence.

Why am i surrounded by joke neoliberal characters who wouldnt know a neutral or positive person if they took them by the hand and said "lets dance" is beyond i. It climaxed in all the Jeremy Corbyn sheeple sociopath snakes who keep their contrarianism in as austere waters as any conservative usurper.

There is no negativity in stating the obvious. People are stupid, and ill meaning might as well be labelled as the roots of brain cancer.

Laziness is pretty neutral territory.
I guess zest keeps me going.

The cheekiness of word on the darkwebz of the internetz (lol) is pronouncable - and transferrable - only to real life - when there is a break in the ordinary. Most people tried to normalise everything they did on both platforms, because their - and my, to that extent - lives were ordinary. Pictures of dinners, selfies, the photographic medium as a whole, as a way to prioritize "imaging symbolism" over "aural symbolism", took away a lot of interest from the interwebz Muzak scenes. Try to connect people to music outside a news story via a creative medium or idea - now that's extraordinary. Not any of this dull elitism stuffs that plagues Muzak.

Changing the subject, relatively healthy and cheap comfort food is awesome.
Just cooked myself a korma and spaghetti bolognese mix powdered pasta bake minus the cheese. It was delicious.
I tried to get that experimental mix between light korma spice and italian tomatoey goodness...a mix of cultures, literally and figuratively.
If i add cheese next time I could have myself an incredibly moreish and much less expensive alternative to the Beehive pasta bake.
And there's always the ability to add a touch of parsley or salad.

Slaves spin on a shovel
Here you flibbergibbet
We're in a muddle
Can't exchange a tenner for sixpence
No using xanax as evidence
That youre a slave that spins on shovels
Dirt in your fingernails
Knots in yer tassels

Corny as it may sound
You probably dug your own grave
You thicket flibbergibbet.
Put ice cream in your corn cone
And go catch the bus with me.

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