Random thoughts thread

Here is a new recipe.

Chicken, Coconut, Chive and Tomato Bake with Korma Flavour.

30 minutes baked in oven at 150-180 degrees centigrade.

There is little else to it. By coconut I mean coconut paste.

And no stress at all.

writing is about writing about stuff, not caring what people think, but listening to what they say, and not giving them earfuls.
if you spoke to vicky pollard the same way she does in transcript, you would probably go insane.
yeah but no but shurrup! don't be giving me evils!

Pontificating is a nexus spiral of totalitarian whimsy; take the idea, destroy it, only by edificing it, as in stating it exactly put. Whimsicality is actually a skill, because like neutronic and ad-verbed commands, every extension brings another hue. 
Internal rhyme to some it may be, music theory it may be to some others. 
Simply, because a spiralling thought: pontification itself - demands whimsy as a artisan side effect, if no example is present. 
Exhumation? Most people don't want to see that. The whirling world is pretentious enough already. Cull the danger zone.

If sadness is exhumation, what is death?

If death is resolution, what is sadness?

If life is after death, what is afterlife exactly?

Too many empty thoughts of reference. 

Philosophy is not always about words. 
Think about it.

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