Is Any World Worth Saving... punk, metal, hardcore

OFF! make the best videos.

i'm enjoying them greatly.

Off! - Wasted Years lp - April 2014... out now!

[Image: 10247471_10151967500432377_7005364302084516749_n.jpg]

loving this CAVES (Bristol, UK) ish.

[Image: a0376001926_10.jpg]


[Image: 1016217_587154471379001_90382218_n.jpg]


Discarga - Sao Paulo, Brazil

[Image: 230048_142585949146426_3015103_n.jpg]

Born Wrong - Hamilton, ON, Canaduh

[Image: a1183064034_10.jpg]

Science - Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida - ex The End of The Century Party, Clairmel, etc.

Science -"East Coast Education" lp - out April 22, 2014

^^ very good, love to hear more.

[Image: a3494759012_10.jpg]

Junius (Boston, MA) - Days of the Fallen Sun lp - Feb 2014 Prosthetic Records

[Image: a2553445205_10.jpg]

Belgrado - Barcelona, Spain

anything & everything. Lovesmilie

[Image: a0659403748_10.jpg]

cp_ffm Wrote:If the title of the thread is The Rebel sound of Shit and Failure the thread should include a track from the Born Against album. ( Smile

Born Against - Mary and Child

Enjoyed this, thanks Smile

And thanks for the thread +Torment+.

^^ no worries. Smile

I listen to new stuff all the time. keeps me sane, ya know? music i spend a lot of time listening to on the regs. i listen to it all. glad to share it.


RVIVR - Olympia, WA

yes thee RVIVR. from day, RVIVR still make me happy. they've done a lot in a short bit, which is great to see over the past couple of years. if you haven't, dig in.

many a days & nights spent in appreciation on my end. i confess. heh.

[Image: 58fae679-s.jpg]
[Image: rvivr-worthwhile-way-japan-tour-2014.jpg]

[Image: DAMAGED-CITY-FEST-2014.jpg]

back in the day, before the internet and all that, my brother used to randomly send for mail order stuff from the back pages of zines. he did that a lot. one vhs tape compilation zine he recieved from the mail order featured Los Crudos. that's the first time I ever heard them. i got it tho, right away.

i think its great things like this doc are available on the internet all these years later.


^^ nice.

'68 - Atlanta, GA

[Image: a1476152106_10.jpg]

Svffr (Munster, Germany) - Lives We Live lp - April 2014

[Image: a2310359950_10.jpg]

Y'all check this out yet?

Soap the Stamps - 80's UK Hardcore Documentary - Dazed Digital

tape trading, John Peel, Extreme Noise Terror, Heresy, Mark Harwood, skateboarding, and such. 201tongue

[Image: 1071495.jpg]

Brighter Arrows - Chicago, IL

i listened to this first thing early this morning. just cuz. Dance

[Image: a4272226882_10.jpg]

so there's this band from Baltimore called Have Mercy. they're kinda dope. I've been down for a bit now. there's supposed to be a new record in the pipeline, maybe sometime this year (?). and that's a good thing

Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back lp (2013 - Topshelf Records) is still good tho.


[Image: 1471193_772994022716163_888338263_n.jpg]

I have this song in my head.

Have Mercy do that kinda stuff.


Basement broke up.

then dudes decide all is good.

2014, Basement are a touring band again. if you can, do it.

[Image: 1965018_10152012753272989_1713439965_n.png]
[Image: 1011680_10152009593677989_325945350_n.jpg]
[Image: 1959635_10151998853757989_1348966800_n.jpg]

Mahria - Edmonton, AB, Canada

[Image: 0000437538_100.png]

Invertia - Another Scheme of the Wicked - Ohm Resistance, April 2014

[Image: artworks-000075607411-2cbn3p-t500x500.jpg]
New Noise Exclusive: Invertia - "Another Scheme of the Wicked" [Full Album]

Invertia - "The Sidewinding (Justin K Broadrick Remix)

Nux Vomica - Portland, OR

Nux Vomica lp - Relapse Records - April 2014

[Image: a2099034686_10.jpg]

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