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(12th May 2020, 06:49)Statto Wrote: as it happens, I listened to this only the other day Xyxthumbs

^^ cool. I was obsessed with those 90's era Brotzmann releases for a bit back then. I worked at a radio station at the time, the station had the cd's in the library, I fully immersed myself.  

Broztmann, Page Hamiliton collab, one of my faves!  

Hamilton rarities - I want to hear more of the Gandhi stuff, or what remnants are posted pon di web. I haven't heard the tunes before.  Chin



Rein Sanction, "Broc's Cabin" 1991, & "Mariposa" lp,1992. A Sub Pop band I've never heard before. 

"Circle", "Black Building" from 1989.  Vocals remind me of Joel R.L Phelps, early Silkworm, or Michael Stipe-ish. 


00:00 This Town
02:45 Almost Lost
06:17 Nada Brahma
09:23 Every Color
11:55 Loaded Decision
15:39 B-F#
18:33 Railway
21:14 Offal
23:36 Mariposa
27:15 Deeper Road
30:51 Cross Creek
33:15 Ain't No Tellin
35:02 Hell Day
37:56 B Low

Billy Idol just dropped these songs on his radio show tonight.

I fully support his playlist choices here.    Applause


Sewingneedle - Chicago, IL 

very good if yer into specific, Dischord Records, Shudder to Think and/or Jawbox equations. 

I approve.


true Shudder to Think fans will approve of the Beavis & Butthead review.  lol

I've been delving back into the catalog this past week. I first heard the STT "Ten-Spot" 1990, & "Funeral at the Movies" 1991 Dischord releases as a youth when they were released. I didn't hear the 1988 "Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses" lp until much, much later. It all fits into the puzzle. Props on the 1992, live in Philly gig upload via the markit aneight youtube channel.     

Shudder To Think - Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses lp - 1988


01 - A Vampire's Proposal  00:00
02 - Abysmal Yellow Popcorn Wall  02:32
03 - Take The Child  06:20
04 - Luv You Two  10:01
05 - Imagine  14:05
06 - Floating  16:24
07 - I Grow Cold  19:45
08 - Fresco  21:47
09 - Touch  25:41
10 - Three Sisters  28:11
11 - Let It Ring  31:31


The Mindforce releases continue to snap some necks for the floor punching massive.

The production is great. I'm a fan of the production values alone.

"Swingin Swords Choppin Lords 2020" e.p.

01. Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords
02. Fratello
03. Hope Dies In The City
04. Hellscape


Oranssi Panzuzu May 15, 2020 live performance stream of "Mestarin kynsi" lp

Hell yes! 

the Panzuzu-isms begin 8 mins in.


^^ Ponzuzu performance, so good.  Already logged into my personal 2020, top lp releases.  Smile 

See, I started this entire thread so I can enjoy the elder, proggy musings of Shudder to Think b2b with psychedelic black metal excursions. It all makes entire sense to me. You know what I mean?

Personal fave, Self Defense Family, have also been unleashing some previously unreleased, vital tunes for quarantine listening as of late.  April / May 2020 single releases, I'm sure there's more to come, sir Kindlon is one prolific mofo.   Defense Family bandcamp we go! 

Welcome surprises indeed. Yes Icon_yippee

These are great.


Classic, (End of A Year) Self Defense Family 2010 studio session.

Nice to see some of the Loss Leader, Kindlon fronted stuff posted on youtube.


End Of A Year Self Defense Family, Panda Studios Session, May 2010

00:00 Robert E. Howard
01:12  Michael Larson (falsely labled "Fred Dekker")
03:11 Eric Hall
04:35 Jeni Leigh


There's a new Sparta record doing the rounds.  I haven't listened to the whole thing yet. so far so good from what I've heard, imo.

I enjoyed this.

Forgotten Tomb - Piacenza, Italy

"Nihilistic Estrangment" lp, May 2020


1. Active Shooter 00:00
2. Iris' House Pt. I 08:33
3. Iris' House Pt. II 13:53
4. Distrust³ 20:08
5. Nihilistic Estrangement 26:11
6. RBMK 34:54

Forgotten Tomb - "Love's Burial Ground" lp - 2004

1. Malus Vivendi Part I (Intro)
2. Kill Life
3. Alone
4. House of Nostalgia
5. Malus Vivendi Part II
6. Love's Burial Ground
7. Slave to Negativity
8. Forgotten Tomb MMIII
9. Malus Vivendi Part III (Outro)


The Dream Syndicate - "The Days of Wine and Roses" lp - 1982

".. One of my most played high school albums -- I saw them open for the Psychedelic Furs at the Santa Monica Civic and they left their guitars feeding back for about 20 minutes after finishing. I bought the record that week and haven't taken it off the player since..."

- Blake Schwarzenbach

The Dream Syndicate, "The Universe Inside" e.p, April 2020 




Gordon Withers - Jawbreaker and Jawbox on Cello - 11/02/2019 - The Fest 18 - Gainesville, FL

0:00 Jawbreaker - Accident Prone
4:40 Jawbox - Desert Sea
8:20 Jawbreaker - Ache
12:40 Jawbreaker - Ashtray Monument
16:20 Jawbox - Reel
20:25 Jawbreaker - Bivouac



nice Keith Levene style guitar work there Punk

^^ good call.

What sort of people listen to Cheer-Accident? I listened for a bit. But I was obsessed with Skin Graft Records then too, so Cheer-Accident were a given catalog listen. Were NomeansNo fans, or visaversa? Do Propagandhi listen to Cheer-Accident? Indulgent thoughts, much like this thread.

There's been a more recent Cheer-Accident release. I'll delve back first.

"Dumb Ask" lp 1991


I still hear many things when I listen to this.

Vital 1992, Cheer-Accidenting.


"Vasectomy" 1989 to the recent "Chicago XX" 2020. I really like the horns on the record.


(0:00) Holy See
(1:14) Hallucination
(2:19) Shimmering Neck
(6:46) Illusion of Success
(7:43) Limited Vision
(8:35) Identical
(11:21) Ancestral Home
(15:17) Negative Creek
(16:48 ) Places To Put Cars
(17:51) Heater
(22:20) Embankment
(23:22) Feel Strongly
(25:52) Gold Coins
(27:00) Recalibrate
(28:39) Slow Plow


New Old Man Gloom to destroy the week.

2 releases to make your mixtape, k?

"Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning", "Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being"


01. Procession Of The Wounded 00:00
02. Heel To Toe 04:05
03. The Bleeding Sun 08:41
04. Canto de Santos 13:11
05. Death Rhymes 23:30
06. In Your Name 27:47
07. Love Is Bravery 40:18

1. EMF 00:00
2. Wrath Of The Weary 03:55
3. True Volcano 08:43
4. Final Defeat 13:48
5. Calling You Home 25:32
6. By Love All Is Healed 36:39


Your efforts on presenting this stuff to the world are impeccable.

Thank you.

The world is that much more weird now. Sanity exists within hand washing, home baking, and squinting to read alcohol content on small bottles of hand sanitizer. I started watching a Francis Bacon documentary that I haven't finished the other day, but I am appreciative of internal demons we all have & how said demons might choose to interpret themselves, no matter how dark. There's always beauty & light to contrast right?

The Coriky lp hasn't dropped yet, June 12, 2020 via Dischord Records of course. We wait a bit longer.

In the meantime, I didn't expect to hear similar inflections within Shudder to Think, early 90's Cheer-Accident, and Glassjaw on the same thread page here. All bands I've given attentions to along the way. My pandemic listening has been that way as such.

Hate5six did a quarantine favor for all this past week with the live, December 2019, Glassjaw upload.

Glassjaw | BBC Maida Vale Live Sessions 2018

00:00 - Interview with Daryl Palumbo by Daniel P. Carter
02:44 - Shira
06:44 - Ape Dos Mil
12:14 - My Conscience Weighs a Ton
14:59 - Material Control
15:56 - Mu Empire

This music presented, Spotify listenable by Bliss Signal, Mumdance & WIFE joins territory between rock and blaster noise.
I highly recommend 2019's "Bliss Signal LP" by these artists. For fans of Tool, The Sight Below (techno) and Jesu.
A fine syringe that fits with Torment's fine selections.
First documented in The Wire Magazine.

^^ THAT IS FANSTASTIC! I've never heard it before! Brilliant recommendation Muttster. Mumdance is it. For real.

I rightfully concur. Greatest album of ALL TIME, etc. etc. Smile


Fushitsusha w/ Peter Brötzmann - 1996 / 2014

"Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I Am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself"

Track listing:

01 00:00
a. A Seldom Seen Means of Displacing Humiliation / A Trembling Time Surely Glimpsed Far Ahead
b.Give Me Back All that Was Me / Here Where I Left My Soul Awhile
c. Ango (1996 Version) / Entering Into Depths Where Meaning Cannot Exist

02 01:00:33
a. Layer Upon Layer of Missing Answers / Swirl in Circles Speaking to Me / “Still You Ask Why?” They Say
b. Hazama

03 01:59:51
a. Now Able to Know Fear / Can We Become More Exalted than the Gods? / Since They Have Stopped in Place
b. Acchi - Children of Joy Overflowing / Omae - You Who Still Breathed / Nattanjanai - Akin to This


Craig Wedren does great things.

Thanks to SBG Archives youtube channel for the Craig Wedren, 2009, American Contemporary Music Ensemble live vid post this past weekend!

SBG Archives: Craig Wedren - live Le Possion Rouge New York, NY 02/13/09

Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think)
American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME): music of Jefferson Friedman, Craig Wedren, Louis Andriessen, and John Cage

February 13, 2009

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