Aloof and Proud Silence... punk, metal, hardcore

New Nothing release btw.

"The Great Dismal" lp, October 2020

^^ I always thought early Modest Mouse was heavily influenced by the Femmes.

0:00 - Infection
3:25 - Kein Punkt
6:05 - Grind
9:03 - Fear
11:10 - Metal Love
14:30 - Spoiler!
16:40 - Two Years Later
20:54 - Halloween

Portrayal of Guilt are amazing.

for real. Just the 2 preview tunes off the forthcoming 2021 lp release alone. Damn.

0:31 Slaves Species Of the Gods
6:14 The Giza Power Plant
14:02 Inner Paths (to Outer Space)
20:17 Awakening From the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)

cool stuff.

Great conceptual AV compilation here via photographer, collage artist Jesse Draxler (Los Angeles, CA)

"Reigning Cement", featuring Draxler curated selections from Street Sects, Portrayal of Guilt, Greg Puciato, Chelsea Wolfe, Uniform, Trentemoller, and more

Pop Punk Tuesday y'all


Soft Kill - Pretty Face - 2020
Departures - Sunday - 2012
Polar Bear Club - Parked in the Parking Lot of Your Heart - 2006
Polar Bear Club - Election Day - 2006
Pup - Rot - 2020
Pup - Edmonton - 2020
Hazel - Perfect Pot - 1995
Hazel - Day Glo - 1993


Great to hear Hazel again! Pacific NW locals back in the day. Good times.

Singer guitarist, Pete Krebs soldiering on through personal health crisis as of late, inspired and driven to continue to still be creating music as well.

Thrillhammer, seminal early 90's Portland, Oregon sounds, prior to bands Hazel & Pond, both whom had releases later on Sub Pop then. Cool to see the Thrillhammer stuff on youtube, obscure stuff outside of Portland for most.


01:36 J.Hell
04:21 Shiva
07:27 Wint-O-Green
10:44 Comet
14:50 Tragedy (Wipers Cover)
17:10 Big Fatty
20:51 She's Supersonic
24:00 Day Glo
26:38 Joe Louis Punch Out
28:21 Constipation

Hazel - Toreador of Love lp - 1993

1. Untitled 0:00
2. Joe Louis Punchout 0:06
3. Push To Close 1:41
4. Comet 4:05
5. She's Supersonic 7:20
6. Big Fatty 9:33
7. J.Hell 13:00
8. Everybody's Best Friend 15:45
9. Shiva 18:37
10. Day Glo 21:32
11. Boog 24:31
12. Constipation 27:08
13. Cosmic Allison 30:07
14. Truly 33:29

Hazel - Are You Going to Eat That? lp - 1995

Lazy H.
Green Eyes
King Twist
Quick Jerk
Sparkle Finish
Blank Florida
A Perfect Pot
Chasing After James
I'm Shattered Again
Ringing In My Ears

New Soft Kill, "Dead Kids, R.I.P. City" lp in the next week or so. Howie Weinberg (The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and music as we know it in general...) on mastering duties for the record.

Hell yeah!

There's enough mathy, chaotic drum fills here to please old skool dnb breakbeat nerds.

The God Awful Truth - Denton, Texas

"Memory Palace"lp, October 2020

2020 has been a shit year.

WAKE gives me hope. One of the best things going. And incredibly local in my area.

Win! "Confluence" e.p, October 2020


thank you!

Relapse Records reissuing GISM's, 1984 "Detestation" debut next month. Great Xmas present idea if you're into that sort of thing. heh.

Relapse Recs reissuing GISM.. I know, things be getting crazy lately, right?

1. Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter (00:00)
2. Death Agonies and Screams (03:46)
3. A.B.C. Weapons (05:39)
4. Nightmare (06:55)
5. Document One (10:12)
6. (Tere Their) Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces (13:03)
7. Nuclear Armed Hogs (14:55)
8. Anthem (19:00)
9. Shoot to Kill (Bonus Track) (20:15)
10. (Anti Atomic And Hydrogen Bombs) (Bonus Track) 25:31)
11. Choke (Bonus Track) (28:01)

I saw this local crust punk lady with an Alcest, "Spiritual Instinct" lp, back patch on her jacket the other morning on my way home from work.

I immediately thought to myself... " yeah, I totally agree.."


01. Les Jardins De Minuit 00:00
02. Protection 07:53
03. Sapphire 13:44
04. L’Île Des Morts 18:45
05. Le Miroir 27:51
06. Spiritual Instinct 33:22

0:00 - Onyx
0:40 - Kodama
9:36 - Eclosion
18:47 - Je Suis D'ailleurs
27:01 - Untouched
31:48 - Oiseaux de Proie
39:45 - Onyx
42:20 - Souvenirs D'Un Autre Monde
48:31 - Percées De Lumière
56:23 - Autre Temps
1:01:32 - Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles
1:10:44 - Délivrance

Jerry Goldsmith - Alien [Original Soundtrack] (LP)
Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (LP)
The Chameleons - Script Of The Bridge (LP)
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (LP)
Grimes - Halfaxa (LP)
Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses (LP)
Dinosaur Jr. - Farm (LP)
Massive Attack - Mezzanine (LP)
Kow Otani - Shadow of the Colossus [Original Soundtrack] (LP)
Konami Kukeiha Club - Rocket Knight Adventures (LP)
Slowdive - Blue Day (LP)
Björk - Post (LP)
Explosions In The Sky - Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die (LP)
Kenji Kawai - Ghost In The Shell [Original Soundtrack] (CD)
Sam Mendes - American Beauty (DVD)

Pop Punk Choonsday tunes for today.

Heavy on the Mark Keds, Deadcuts, Senseless Things angle this week, cool?

Deadcuts - Craving - 2017
Deadcuts - Summon the Witches - 2017
Deadcuts - Dereliction - 2017 ?
Deadcuts - DK - 2014
Senseless Things - Runaways - 1993
Senseless Things - Lost Honey - 2017
Senseless Things - Body Bag - 1992
Beach Slang / Senseless Things - Too Much Kissing - 2015 / 1989


quite a reasonable Fall type thing...


though it would be better with Mark E Smith actually drawling over it

(18th November 2020, 19:05)Muttley Wrote: Any opinions on Bathory

I listened to these during my metal binge...

Bathory - Bathory (1984)
Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1987)
Bathory - Nordland I (2002)

can't say I was especially excited by them Neutral

Bathory... like most early black metal, often includes punky influences, then if the band lasts long enough to evolve, then gets a bit more conceptual later on, which did occur. "Bathory" lp circa 1984 sounds very much like an 80's hardcore aesthetic to my ears. A lot of the emphasis on early black metal was in the vocals, trying to create an identity as a reaction or contradiction to whatever was popular within metal, or music in general at the time. Hardcore punk had the same impetus - to stoke, prod, get a reaction, wake people up, get the blood pumpin, get people moving, quick, often uniform releases - very much creating a more physical outlet for rawk music. Of course bands like Bathory cannot be denied their blueprint status in specific equations, I also see their merits as a specific time capsule of more conceptual energies explored within the band's catalog, which obviously people respond to to this day.

I don't think Bathory is funky. But that wasn't the question either. lol. Structure vs chaos, very much a dichotomy debate within the histories of metal vs punk forever. Bathory circa 1984 vs... Siege circa 1984?

I'll give it to Siege for the ass kicking factor. I need more craziness sometimes. Ya get me?

00:03 Drop Dead
1:12 Conform
3:27 Starvation
4:01 Starvation
4:54 Armageddon
5:23 F-Minus
6:44 Life Of Hate
7:10 Two Faced

..Portland, OR black-doom powerhouse, MIZMOR has joined forces with multi-instrumentalist (and live musician for MIZMOR) ANDREW BLACK to create a masterful collaboration titled, Dialetheia. Two expansive and introspective tracks fill space with undulating soundscapes - exploring bleak and beautiful isolation. Haunting and hypnotizing, the endless waves of sonic nostalgia emerge triumphantly through sirens of solace and meditative winds.

MIZMOR songwriter, A.L.N. and ANDREW BLACK began their collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic through file sharing. "We made this album remotely, sending audio files back and forth over the internet, piecing them together like a collage, expanding on each others work, and producing modulations and modifications using tape and outboard gear to strike upon a certain sound. It was a somewhat inconvenient and novel approach to an album’s creation that accounts for a lot of beautiful quirks and otherwise-not-tried ideas," shares A.L.N.

Overwhelmed by a sudden sense of traditions and ways of life being made obsolete, the duo imagines one walking through a museum of our nostalgia and past times. Lingering on the feeling of being both the observed and the observer in the scene and similarly, like one looking at both through the glass and the scene on the other side, further expanding to touch on the dualist illusion of the self. "In this great experiment called civilization, we are both the experimenter and the subject".

Video filmed and edited by Emma Ruth Rundle.

1. A Terrible Silence From Above - 0:00
2. My Betrayal As A Knife - 6:58
3. Shapeless Misery - 12:00
4. Tears And Dismay - 17:54
5. The Golden Shroud - 24:03
6. An Untameable Desire - 29:57

1. Hrůza zvítězí 0:00
2. Jedna generace 11:29
3. Každé zranění předurčeno 18:04
4. Únik z existence 24:43
5. Donekonečna v přítomném čase 28:35

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