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Free Souls In A Trapped Environment... punk, metal, hardcore

The Militarie Gun jams are rather on point. Ian Shelton, equally a quality shouter as he is a spastic drummer in Regional Justice Center.

I concur.


0:24 Burning Myrrh
2:45 New song
3:48 Thundering Hammers
6:06 Downward
8:02 Ygramul the Many
9:52 New song
11:10 The Bed is Burning
13:48 Language of Molting Cherubs

Pop Punk Tuesday!

Omega Tribe - Aftermath - 1983
Omega Tribe - Profiteer - 1982
Fever Dream Horror Scene - Benediction - 2019
Fever Dream Horror Scene - Nascar - 2019
Ministry / Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay - 1996 / 1969
Diet Cig - Flash Flood - 2020
Diet Cig - Bite Back - 2017
Archers of Loaf - Toast - 1993


(4th August 2021, 01:25)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: ^^ Have you watched this queercore doc?

No, but I've read the book which was made out of a lot of the same material:


now playing...


^^  Chin  Cheers

Somethings just make sense. I never thought listening to Soft Kill early mornings would be a ritual of sorts, but seems to be as of late.

Soft Kill are incredibly good at their craft. I gathered that from the jump. I'm continually floored at the quality and details of their releases. Despite the dark root and environment of the songs - local perspectives, Portland Oregon and all, addiction, tragedies, etc, - the delivery is entirely appreciated. It is sort of rare to put the all the pieces together for music as of late, a lot has gone on lately. Things come together here.  I have a lot of time for Soft Kill.  Happiness might arrive from extremes too. Just to be thankful for things, ya know? Seems to be a theme I often get from the sounds here.  For that, yes, I'm thankful indeed.  I'm listening intently.  Good stuff.

Of COURSE Danzig,"Mother" is pop punk.

It is Tuesday as well..

For today:

Mark Kozelek / Descendents - Silly Girl - 2013 / 1985
Low Dose - For Sure - 2019
Man on Man - Stohner - 2021
Man on Man - 1983 - 2021
For Your Health - Push the Fucking Rock, Sisy - 2021
Murder City Devils - Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum - 2001
Murder City Devils - Idle Hands - 2000
Murder City Devils - Pale Disguise - 2014


Starting your work day @ 7AM with some Gatecreeper is recommended.


Sweltering Madness 0:08
Puncture Wounds 5:10
From The Ashes 8:27
Ruthless 12:58
Barbaric Pleasures 16:52
Boiled Over 20:26
Flamethrower 25:20

Tenue - Galicia, Spain


1:11 - Doomsayer (the Beginning of the End)
5:40 - Knife in the Safe Room
8:31 - Demon(s)
12:21 - These Fevered Times
16:45 - For the Soul of the Savior
21:21 - An Epitaph
25:09 - The Sadist Nation
30:01 - Tunguska
35:33 - Enter Oblivion
40:08 - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
41:16 - With a Thousand Words to Say But One
45:30 - Tranquil

Statto, have you listened to Facs (Chicago, IL)?

fantastic! imo. "Present Tense" lp.. very interesting. I hear Jah Wobble bass influence myself. The album productions are great. Extremely drum centric via Noah Leger (Speaking Canaries, etc).

We bugged out to Facs all morning @ work today.

Digging into the new Quicksand lp as I post.

Pop Punk Tuesday jams. Night cap for me really.

Chemical People - Metallica - 1989
Pagans - What's This Sh*t Called Love - 1977
Youth Avoiders - Casting Lots - 2013
Youth Avoiders - Watch Me - 2018
Quicksand - Lightening Field - 2021
Laura Jane Grace - Yesterday Pt. 2 - 2021
You'll Live - Tired of Trying - 2015
You'll Live - Hasty Maturity - 2015


Props to Tanda Media youtube channel for the gig vids! Great job!

[Image: e57f9ba1-6647-4489-996e-c1a1f11ef8b5.jpg]

00:20 - Human Carrying Capacity
04:33 - Breeding Grounds
08:02 - Infestation
11:58 - Scrambled

[Image: E-T1hpSXsAE3XED?format=jpg&name=large]

(28th September 2021, 03:08)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Statto, have you listened to Facs (Chicago, IL)?

no, but I'll check them out later Xyxthumbs

(29th September 2021, 10:11)Statto Wrote:
(28th September 2021, 03:08)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Statto, have you listened to Facs (Chicago, IL)?

no, but I'll check them out later Xyxthumbs

okay, I listened to the first three tracks you posted

I didn't like them Neutral

^^^ ah. I like em lots, different from most stuff kickin about lately.

Listen, 2020 / 2021 covid-19 world shut downs may have produced some worthy music efforts. (??) Depending on where you were / are looking at any given time of course. I remember specifically last year when Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, etc) & his dude started, sporadically posting their covid quarantine jams via Man on Man. The POP, the tunes are fantastic. We listened to Man on Man @ 7AM this morning to kick off our work day.

The quality pop quotient here is rather stellar.


It's So Fun (To Be Gay)
Please Be Friends

Fuck yes.

Instant e.p. of the year contender and all that.

00:49 - Where Light Divides the Holler
03:08 - Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
07:12 - Billy No Mates
09:53 - Denied by Fate
13:47 - Forget Your Name (Intro)
14:17 - Belleville
17:49 - …And Still I Wander South
20:33 - By the Grave
23:53 - Deadringer
27:34 - All My Friends
29:54 - The Gospel
32:34 - Oblivions Peak
36:26 - In the Walls
39:18 - A Serpent's Touch
43:29 - Mistakes Like Fractures
48:02 - Guided by the Moon
51:25 - Counting Worms

[Image: 463a974e5c5b87cc13aaa98b0101eaed63090c80...1631369793]

Been doing some intense Tones on Tail listening the past few weeks. Realizing the amount of influence Tones, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets had on Perry Farrell, Psi Com / Jane's Addiction in the process.

Halloween is near. And yeah, we listened to Bauhaus at work first thing this morning. Still weird as ever, challenging listening, Peter Murphy was a bit unconventional, hollering and shouting about, and as intense as some of the tunes got, in end it was largely about Bowie right?

I've watched this 1999 live vid many times. it is rather great.

00:00 Double Dare
03:44 In The Flat Field
08:00 A God in an Aclove
12:26 Kick in the Eye
16:18 Hollow Hills
22:01 In Fear of Fear
26:15 Boys
30:00 She’s In Parties
33:30 Passion of Lovers
36:55 Dark Entries
41:32 All We Ever Wanted
45:50 Spirit
50:18 Bela Lugosi’s Dead
57:56 Telegram Sam
1:00:10 Ziggy Stardust and The Passenger

Love the Ashisms, guitar work in "Love Me"


(27th October 2021, 23:31)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Been doing some intense Tones on Tail listening the past few weeks.

I'd totally fogotten they'd ever existed.


But the first EP is sounding pretty damn good to me right now Smile

^^ There's a very specific take on dub & minimalism that Bauhaus often presented, obviously found via initial improvisations filtered within the songs that was very detailed, imo. Curated almost. And then the fact that they were able to recreate the sounds live which once again, showcased the details of the songs, maybe emphasisng the fact that they were more than just a studio band with effects. The electronic aspects of certain Bauhaus tunes coming through the mix as well, then as Tones on Tail happened, flourished a bit, yet not so obvious as similar era sounds, imo. Tones on Tail, still exploring dub, and you can recognize the songs that could have been Bauhaus tunes, yet carried on something else. Brian Eno inflections, ambience, psychedelia, playing with further electronic textures, grounded via punky, reverb guitar bursts when it happens. Tones on Tail, a transitional band but I think the results were effective imo. Listening back to it all, I hear new things all the time.


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