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Sleaford Mods

nice interview with Steve Underwood...


Very astute comments in that investigation, appreciation.

19th Jan 2018 edit...since firefinga has brought the thread back from the depths.

This is a video by mods I really like...because Jobseeker really connects with I musically. They've done a good job with it, pardon the pun.
Lots of energy in the performance, and skills too. / / / / 

I will never leave.

For Statto Smile seems to be a new release

Music critic for the Tally Ho

Kebab Spider is brilliant. / / / / 

I will never leave.

I have the new album on pre-order Xyxthumbs

Long time since I have posted here last time but this thread made me do it.
I have seen these guys live in Helsinki and they were excellent. Good stuff. Falcon

(21st January 2019, 20:46)vvr Wrote: Long time since I have posted here

hey hey Wave

Go into town. I take the corner dead slow, 'cause there's five people near the bank that I know. Just talk whiff.

Go down the Co-op. Head low. Making out I'm weathering the chill in the dairy section. Even though the fridge is broke. So?

Talk whiff. I'm a busy person. I've had enough of it.


After "Jobseeker" was literally picked up by the mods, today I wrote their internet three more black songs.

Bathroom Olympics - For Sleaford Mods

I dropped my credit card
In a sink full of soap suds
Keep scratching my balls
In hope of a slam dunk
Bathroom Olympics
My numbers full of zeros and ones
But they don't do Babestation on stereo
Comfortably sitting in the soap suds
Yep, ta
Drizzled on me bum.

Digitized Hamster - For Sleaford Mods

What's this Tamagotchi piece of shit
Ooh, the creature inside just crapped itself
Hey, my machine is breaking apart
Do I have to feed the hamster?
I'm not very sharp

Outside, I can see a squirrel
He's gathering some nuts
I wonder if my Digitized Hamster
Does he eat bistro?
He's bawling about emptying his butt

On the floor of the pod he's lying
I wonder if Sony is gonna set fire to him
My poor Digitized Hamster
I tried to feed him
But he started crying

Piece of shit Tamagotchi thing
Might as well take up Pinterest...
Digitized Hamster
I wannabe a wallaby
With no fucking regrets
Chin up, wallaby
If you wanna be my lover
Shit the screen's blacked out
Doesn't use rechargeable batteries!
I'm throwing this piece of shit on the floor
PETA said I was working undercover.

Craving a coffee - For Sleaford Mods

Asking for a headache
Here comes the main meal
Oh, I seem to have forgot what I ordered

Here comes a coffee
Oh, is this milk Gluten Free?
Bad luck Brian.

Says slow and steady wins the race
Dies in fire
Oh no, the cesspit has caught alight

Wait, how did I end up in Mario 64's Lethal Lava Land?
I paid three quid for that ride...
It's bad enough us juveniles getting on for full price.

Craving a coffee at McDonalds
All they serve is Dave Hedgehog McFlurries
I'm fucking onto you Ronald McNumpty.

Writing, as George Orwell used to think, is about being positive without appealing to the minority's general asides. / / / / 

I will never leave.

I like "Craving a coffee" best Hahaha

For Sleaford Mods - Busking Dungarees

As we both walk the town
Seeing buskers in dungarees

What's this, a calorific spending spree? 
Bird turds mixed with laxatives from green E's
Look your salad just ain't mellow mate
Calm down being Gordon Ramsey

I used to eat health-filled baguettes
Until I mistakenly gave a Subway melt
That was an expensive vet bill
You know the drill
Me busking dungarees fell off me 'ips
As I traced the nearest dog 
Bending over and me jeans
Falling off the treadmill outside

It's all you health freaks do
Fracking in yer jeans
Falling over in your
Busking dungarees
Nobody wants to see your arse pal / / / / 

I will never leave.

A little more deadpan; a little less Captain America...

Camp Fire Cranial

The lust of the barbequeue
A blue corner that never knew blue
Forever challenged
By the challenging
Naval hues and rescue squads
They do their jobs
But only get paid for it.

The Hunger Of Disease

Michelin men, speak michelin tyres
Michelin fed, you dream of wires
Making a souped space more industrialised
Making plant food less homogenised
Less a substance abusing of caught fire
Instead a medicine for anyone to lay down
Without parting from the highway code
You try left, I'll turn always to the right.

Butter And Spread

Left for dead
Left for red, embellished
Unless yer buttered and spread
Peanuts try and smack heads
Slapheads are cauterized by whines
Some of us like to wear dreads
And others prefer to wig out on fines
In any language
Yer buttered and spread
Like falling off your bar stool
Because people thought you were cool
And your heart needs to be corn fed
Something other than the Rugby Priming Rule
Run that way, don't stamp on someone's leg
The universe gives us time
To be better buttered than batter bitterness
And did we even refer to spreadsheets yet?
I'll have a day off, listening to new age
The rest of us are parading in a shed
Like a darkness that is away from confectionery
No rights read "you are half dead"
Or just like butter, and like to spread your wares in a fishing
Adventure of the damned, bred and half fed
Buttered, and spread.

Crimson Nostrils

The redenning of a quip
Can turn into magmarized polips
The distance between distance
Renders the sightless sore eyes
And the entitlement
Seeks to reprimand
The tiredness of our lives

We fall or we wake
Squandering the chances of a monolith
In kindness we act quickly
But sometimes we want to pursue
Some things are not fast and nifty
And knife crime costs more
Than one pound fifty.

Weakling Feelings

The touch of a flower, can empower
The whiff of stale sweat, can turn us sour
Conundrums of happy hour
Don't tell everyone to piss off!
Balls keep rolling moss
Wildness takes us for a ride
The weakling child in me
Wants to suspend disbelief
A little more British than Dawson's Creek
Or a hay bale
Home and away
Any chance to succeed, or to fail.

The Insult Of Humanities Crimes

As we grow up and out
We've got more to shout about
More bills, more loans, more clout
Sometimes debt comes to a head
Or the chimeras magically expense
The early life forms
They're driven by endangerment's death
The lack of requested health
Isn't it obvious humanity is something else?

Crusted encrusted

There's heat beneath those feet
There's fire within those fists
There's eruptions like cancer
And then the brain decides to give

Not all things are
Driven by power
Sometimes its the dance of an iron bar
Or the deception of a dancer
Never running too far
In the gestures of the entitled.


Sticks and stones today
Are the spiked drinks and parole of yesterday
The WHO would have no fear
In reinstating the law like Richard Gere
Womanising a role to be treated so dear
It's the final countdown
To slander in a cartoon land.

Shadows of the trees

Blindness is a debacle
Deafness is an embarrassment
You hold ten degrees?
Or are you seeing shadows of the trees
Of the paper saved by deforestation pitch
The tone is a withered one
It's like a crucifying of the black board
When every liver goes blind to bore
The deaf people with their handshake. / / / / 

I will never leave.

Do you like the Bug collabs?


(27th November 2021, 12:58)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Do you like the Bug collabs?

yes Xyxthumbs

I like the Bug collabs too.   Yes

I ain't no ferret...

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