Ganja Recs, True Playaz & 'ting..

fave bits?

one of my faves from back when.


I don't mind some of the recent Break joints. gets ya jumpin.

are the kids grinding to em? heh.


dang, I forgot about tunes like this. I have no idea if I still have some of these plates in storage.

"Toothbrush".. loved the original back when, remix was ill too. real ominous. I liked the slight distortion in the snare & break of the original.


I have very little of this stuff.

On Ganja, just... DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter

On True Playaz, just... Dope Skillz - No Diggidy; D'Cruze - Importance of Drums; Danny Breaks - Music for Martians

The Danny Breaks is my favourite there, but of course that's very atypical for Playaz and I was quite surprised when they released it.


I don't really like anything on those labels, apart from

DJ Zinc - Ska (2003)
DJ Zinc - Casino Royale (obviously)

My True Playaz Collection:

*) DJ Hype - Peace Love & Unity / And Remember Folks TPR 001 1996
*) Dope Skillz - No Diggidy / Break The Loop TPR12004 1997
*) DJ Zinc - Beats By Design EP (EP) TPR 12 025 1999
*) Pascal - A New P-Funk Era TPR 12 026 2000
*) Danny Breaks - Music For Martians And Other Extra Terrestrials (Album) TPR 12 028 2000
*) Eskobar - It's Yours / Return To 125th St. TPR 12 033 2001

After 2001 however, I stopped checking their stuff though.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Always liked "Science":

Also "Move On" and "Forbidden Fruit" from the same EP are/were pretty decent.

of the plates i had of the era, they were always fun to drop - suitable for different vibes, jump up to darker, more abstract, to even straight up musical tunes. as a casual listener, that's what I liked about Playaz stuff. the energy was always there. easy to blend into different moods as mentioned.

i was a Universal Project fan for the most part give or take, and these plates worked well. late nite radio times. fun!

**props to DaBlazingAsian youtube channel for posting these True Playaz joints. cheers! Smile



throwing this into breakcore sets was dope. Smile


Strangely enough, I have one single EP from Ganja records too. Some remix thing from late '95. I have no recollection regarding getting that one, let alone ever playing it.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:reachin..

throwing this into breakcore sets was dope. Smile

That was a good'un! I have a few Ganja Recs stuff in the vinyl vault. Would love to peruse but don't have the time lol

[Image: artworks-000104322228-ppvygb-t500x500.jpg]
Tyke - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix (Jan 2015)

Bass Brothers - Zombies - forthcoming Playaz 2015


[Image: artworks-000100535150-hrrlqp-t500x500.jpg]
Bass Brothers - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix

it was called breakstep back in the day.. either way, Zinc clearly delivers.

so good. i approve.

Zinc - Apples - structures vol 2 - bingo bass

good times from back when. nice to hear it again.

01 Jammin' - Kinda Funky
02 Shox - Monkey
03 Naughty - Mentally Ill 2 Kill
04 Jammin' - Point 23
05 Jammin' - Hold On
06 The Henchmen - Funktion
07 Jammin' - Treats
08 Shelltoe - Shelltoe
09 Sovereign - Carmen
10 Jammin' - Go DJ
11 Jammin' - Distraction
12 Quest - Overdose
13 Ghost - Express
14 Pascal - Just Swing
15 Naughty - Pussy
16 Darqwan - Come On
17 Wookie - Back Up
18 DJ Zinc - 138 Trek
19 Jammin' - Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix)
20 Tuned Air - Tuned Air
21 DJ Zinc - Drifting

I still have the Dj Hype, Naughty "Pussy Trak" remix 12", Zed Bias on the flip remix. ill plate. LOVE the energy.

the original Naughty stuff is aiight too. i rate it. o.g. stuff for sure.


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