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Gilles Peterson's guide to record buying, bullies and beating the competition


Quote:I’m beginning to have doubts about Record Store Day. It’s doing my head in a bit. If you’re a regular record store person, you find a lot of shops are a bit of a desert for a few weeks beforehand. Everything is a bit focused on Record Store Day, which is great because it puts focus on selling vinyl, but also means nothing’s in shops because everyone is waiting until 18 April. I don’t give a fuck about Record Store Day! I’m not going to be queuing up for an hour beforehand to get that one-off piece! It’s the barrenness that worries me. Also, if you want to press vinyl, forget it – leading up to this day all of the pressing plants are booked. It’s put a whole new spin on everything.

In other words, it's a bunch of consumerist bollocks.

Like many things, Recordstore Day started out with good intentions, but has by now been turned against the ones which were supposed to benefit in the beginning (namely smaller - mostly independent shops/labesl) Icon_sad

The repercussions of "Vinyl Renaissance" (which caters to a big part to the hipsters' types who have no loyalty towards things that suddenly become "un"hip all of a sudden) have been discussed on here for instance also by Euphony, Dev/Null or Law who have difficultes to get their vinyl pressed properly.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Yep. I can confirm RSD is officially bollocks now.

Yeah it makes some deserved extra cash for indie shops, but it's not a very long term solution to the original problem is it?

Now all it seems to be doing is alienating indie labels and regular vinyl buyers - you know, the people that kept these stores in business all through the 2000s.

He mentions Haggle Vinyl on that article. It's closed now I think, at the end of last year, but the owner was a right miserable wanker. I did get some good finds in there though, after digging for about four hours.

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