This is England 90 [TV]

The This is england drama returns this sunday night at 9pm for the last series!
Set at the start of the rave scene in 1990
Essential viewing
Lovesmilie Lovesmilie

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Can't wait, all the previous series have been excellent.

watching as i post. Smile an avid fan from previous series over the years as well.

if you haven't checked it out, Vice interview with Shane Meadows.


The 3rd episode last week was where the shit really happened!!!
a heavy heavy episode for real, wont give away what happened....but some serious business

final part this week

Just watched the 3rd episode, seriously harrowing stuff.
beats are there to be broken

I didn't finish the '90 series, my project this week me thinks. Smile


Lol's momsie is a lesbian?  ... when did that happen again? 
' 90 was only 4 episodes, i guess 4 hours or so is enough
yet.. there could be more to tell?  

Some of the story seemed a bit rushed to a point, but enough to tie the loose ends together i guess. I didn't mind it.  I'd watch more if there was a new series.

I wish there was more of that series. It needed some filler episodes without the overarching plot.
beats are there to be broken

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