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Left is the negative hemisphere of the brain. For years I thought it was the positive. The right hemisphere is actually associated with positive thinking in overall limbic function.

From 5th December 2015 I am no longer using the artist name Foci's Left for new material. It will be replaced by me Mick Robert Buckingham with 'Focis Right'. The right stuff; the right mix; the right elements; the right frame of mind to make music; and consistently, the right aesthetic to produce tracks with my own focal point of releasing them in the future.

There is no point in life being negative, or being negative in life. Constructive is important, positive is equally as good if not better. There was only one individual making the music under the Foci's Left name - Mick Robert Buckingham. Over time, cracks appeared, hacking of my Dropbox and PayPal happened, and all manner of other untold tales are sequestrated into pathological whispered history. Of course, everyone influenced the Foci's Left music, but only one man made it - Mick Robert.

So Focis Right feels like consolidation. I hope you enjoy the new EP. The idea of this one, besides working with a new mini Casio keyboard to produce some tracks of the five - bought in Sobell House Charity Shop, Witney, Oxfordshire like the Clavinova - is to work with my chord change skills accumulated since 2012 proper, and use an amounted set of majors and tactile pacing to create a more positive sound palette. Quite what lots of chart producers and proper disco and electronic musicians use to push a fuller sound that is arbitrary from the living room. I experienced this sort of vibe at 170bpm at The Cellar HQ events.
released December 5, 2015

Mick Robert Buckingham - everything. You - everything positive as influence.
tags: electronic casiotone electroacoustic emotional pianism vocal harmonies Oxford
all rights reserved

Tracks from 1 quid each. Smile

Full art image with the double text theme 'Life Is About More Than Black' / 'Life Is About Friends And Love' by me on

You can buy any or all of the full thing there for a fiver, or get my entire self-released discography for 35 dudeleroons.

Good luck with the name change, muttley. However I kinda got used to the Foci's Left moniker. Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Thanks ff. All the Focis Right will cotinue to go to one PayPal address, but I'm not worried about money, just happiness. Money is the root of all evil, as they have said for billions of years. Just be happy, yeah that's me.

What part of the brain is associated with happiness?

But fear isn't the only emotion that comes from this part of the brain. Pleasure (excitement, happiness etc) is also at least partly the result of limbic activity, though perhaps this is the time to emphasise that the cortex and the limbic system work together.
The Brain - Anatomy - ROOTS Project

Of course, I am happy to collaborate with people I know still as FL. But I won't be releasing anything in particlar in that Foci's Left (apostrophe or otherwise) guise for a fair amount of time. It didn't exactly look like a basket of fruit. So, Focis Right it is until decided otherwise. It's ultimately an aesthetic issue. When I get up in the morning and make music I want to think, 'what can I release this as - that doesn't associate with some sleepydust depressive feeling'? So it's down to that. Positive thinking has been a gradual process in the creation of new stuff, and humanity has overriden any exacting sheen of corporatisation.


Okay, okay, I went back and made a new Focis Left track. Oops because it sounded more negative, a delusion. But because it's more transcendent into the positive, it's a Focis Right piece.

New 16 minute EP today.

All Focis Right music will be free to enjoy.

I like the Right and Left idea, it's very abstract Xyxthumbs . Reminds me of Good Looking and Looking Good Records, in a good way.

Thank s Metal dr egs. Full album, produced, mixed and mastered in 2 days now online - including 'That' track:

Same cover, would be willing to make a few more if there is remix interest. And happy to bung a free download to anyone who kindly asks me at mbucki07 at hotmail dot co dot uk. I won't add you to mailing lists - I don't write any (perhaps I should). Hmm. More thought later.

It's pretty amazing, not to brag but ust for a personal lift, thst this debut album, in less than a day of release, amassed more purchases/plays/buzz than Foci's Left Bandcamp ever did for 1 release. It's had 33, that's crazy for me. But humbling enough without being completely wacko.

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