NEWS R.I.P David Bowie

my brother just texted me minutes ago.  

Life is happening.


Just read from rens FB page...damn Icon_sad
I was thinking about my dad's 'station to station' cd only the other day.

Icon_eek um...

i think its more freaky that we posted these threads at THE EXACT SAME TIME!!

Merging could be okay. There's a goldie collaboration called 'truth' on YouTube. Wonder what that sounds like.

A true innovator that's for sure.

(11th January 2016, 08:36)Muttley Wrote: Merging could be okay.


Damn....just heard it on the radio. He just had a new album out which I was intending to check out. Lighter
Music critic for the Tally Ho


What the hell?!

indeed Eek

I did not expect that at all! Icon_sad

this is remarkably good...


That new single that just came out really communicates that he was near the end
So sad...what a legend.
I saw him at the manchester MEN in early 2000's. He was running around the stage like a teenager. I was astounded at his energy!

Rest In Peace
No way 

Two comments I read struck me the most:

"I was not ready for this." and "I thought David Bowie would live forever." - I feel the same.

Currently listening to his utterly brilliant last album, I actually can't imagine a world without David Bowie. Some of his tracks are still pure magic to me.

For the first time after hearing a musician died, I feel real grief. Sad2

^^ Thanks for posting that new / last Bowie album Statts.  I just listened to it in its entirety. That's the first piece of music I listened to today.  Cheers.    Cheers

I have this sense, growing up in the 80's & 90's, that even though I hadn't listened to the majority of Bowie's music during those years, that Bowie was such a foundation for soooo many things, he just WAS. He was always, just "around". Always there, an image, a reference, an example. Dude was on the radio, TONS. Bowie's presence & influence was like.. breathing. His creative presence was already such a base for pop culture, for subculture in that time. How could popular music & creativity exist without his piece of the puzzle?  

It is outstanding to think about.

I may not have been the biggest fan, but truthfully, in the past year or so, hearing the earlier releases, Bowie as FULL ON R&B singer, it is a legacy that not many people reach. My aunts & uncles were / are obsessed with him, once again, just another example of how entrenched Bowie was in my larger, family based musical aura from a very young age for myself. I recall many glimpses, & conversations of David Bowie records from my aunts & uncles, as a young child. As mentioned, David Bowie just was. I know my aunts & uncles would be extremely moved by the loss today. Many of their earlier music tastes impacted my own. As it happens.

And yes, that new / last "Black Star" lp is great.  I dig it.  Bowie, still playing with dnb structures in places. One of the first pop artists to explore dnb at the time in the 90's. There's not many creative minds from his era that fully embraced popular electronic music sounds & explored them within their own catalog. An obvious example of how the man lived by taking chances. Which is his greatest legacy, imo. Bowie just got things done.  Let the audience decipher the sounds. 

Respects.   Xyxthumbs

RIP Lighter I still really love
as mates and I listened to it loads when it came out and it coincided with me insisting everyone listen to dnb. Took a while for them to listen though haha. There's so many great tracks on it and poppy heaviness with a few decent breaks and basslines.
beats are there to be broken

This is crazy to read, & say what you want about mainstream press and all that, but this got hard to read as it went on.

Life happened. Sir Bowie went through his times. Wow.


Absolute tragic news.
David Bowie was/is an Icon and a Legend, a unique artist, we will never see someone of his quality, diversity and longevity again.

Two obituaries worth reading;

He grew up in an area not far from where i live.
The three tons pub where he played one of his first gigs is now a chain restaurant, hopefully it will be turned back into a pub.

Buy the 'Black Star' CD. It's genuinely the best male pop album I've heard for the last 15 years. Total fucking genius.

It's as if a good friend has died. I felt similarly when John Peel passed away. Icon_sad

There was a tribute programme on a FM radio station in my area. but they weren't focussing on his hits, they had a very knowledgeable presenter who played rarities, b-sides, overlooked Album songs and so forth. I haven't listened to the radio for 2 hours that intensely in years. A worthy, worthy tribute.
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(11th January 2016, 08:36)Muttley Wrote: Merging could be okay. There's a goldie collaboration called 'truth' on YouTube. Wonder what that sounds like.

A true innovator that's for sure.

Here's a short interview about this collab:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

it's on Saturnz Return - not that good a track as I recall

(13th January 2016, 15:46)Muttley Wrote: Buy the 'Black Star' CD. It's genuinely the best male pop album I've heard for the last 15 years. Total fucking genius.

listening to this now – very fine indeed Yes
I wouldn't call it pop though

Maybe 'rock', then.

What an incredible musical mind Lighter

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